Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

If someone has to be asked what is the oldest mode of recreation and also the oldest form of exercise; no doubt the answer will come out as the name of some sort of a sport. Sports have become more important in the present day scenario when the world of a person is confined to the walls of his own home with mediums like play station, Facebook, Internet etc. Sportsman spirit, discipline and team work are amongst the few qualities that a person can include in his character and personality by being a sportsman. So here is brought to you a list of top Most Popular Sports in the World:

10. Ice Hockey (Dominant in Canada)

Czech Mate Tomas Rolinek of the Czech Republic, left, fights for the puck with Jakob Silfverberg of Sweden during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Semifinal match in Bratislava, Slovakia. Samuel Kubanis/AFP/Getty Images 003

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As the name of the sport will suggest itself to you; it is the game somewhat like hockey. The basic schematic of the game is that it is a contact team sport which is generally played in an ice rink between 2 teams. 6 skaters from both teams try to shoot the puck into the net of others and at the same time stopping the other team to do so.

Regarded as “the fastest game on earth”; ice hockey is the national winter sport of Canada where it is widely popular more than any other sport. Included in Olympics in 1920; the game is quite risky and involves great threats of injuries to the players. The highest governing body for the game is International Ice Hockey Federation having headquarters in Switzerland and the best team in sports is that of Canada.

9. Athletics (Dominant Globally)

Athletics (Dominant Globally)

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Basically the athletics here can be referred to the sports of running, jumping, throwing and walking. Just to be clear; we are talking about the running and that too track running athletics here. It is the most watched sport in Summer Olympics which itself is the biggest sporting even internationally and thus gaining its popularity.

Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt is the best in the class and has proved it from time to time in Olympics where he became the first person to hold the world records in both 100 and 200 metres. With headquarters in Monaco; its highest governing body is IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation). 

8. Golf (Mostly Popular in US, Japan, Korea and UK)

Golf (Mostly Popular in US, Japan, Korea and UK)

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It is a sport that has its roots as back as 15th century. Played with a simple mechanism where the ball has to be hit by the club and has to be put in the holes on the course in as less strokes as possible. The biggest events in the game are the 4 majors and the Ryder cup that is played between the US and Europe. Often considered to be a game of Elites; the game has gained high popularity with Tiger Woods who has been considered one amongst the greatest golfers of all time.  With headquarters in Lausanne of Switzerland; International Golf Federation (IGF) is the highest governing body of this sport.

7. Formula 1 Racing (Mostly Followed in Latin America and Europe)

Formula 1 Racing (Mostly Followed in Latin America and Europe)

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Since its origin in 1950; this single seated auto race car has attracted more fans from all over the world over the time. The game gives such an adrenaline rush to its viewers with the roar of the engine; that they feel connected with the cars speeding as fast as 360 km/hr. After the 2014 F1 world championship; Lewis Hamilton became the champion while racing from Mercedes. While about $3 billion are spent by the F1 constructors; around 500 million viewers watch it on televisions and other media when it’s broadcasted in more than 200 countries.

6. American Football (Dominant in America)

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 16: The line of scrimmage is seen between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on December 16, 2012 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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So you will not have to guess the name of the country that this game is dominant in. Played between 2 teams one of which is offense; the one that possesses the oval shaped football. And the other team being defense (one without the ball’s control); trying to stop the offense. The popularity is much higher in the domestic market itself and Super Bowl is officially the most watched annual even over the years.

5. Baseball (Dominant in US, Japan and Canada)

Baseball (Dominant in US, Japan and Canada)

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A bat and ball game with nine players in each team; the game is the most popular one in Japan. MLB (Major League Baseball) and Nippon League are the 2 most attended sports in the world and also pays the players at a quite high rate. Finding roots at the mid 18th century; the headquarters of the highest governing body of Baseball which is World Baseball Softball Confederation are in Lausanne of Switzerland.

4. Cricket (Dominant in Indian Subcontinent)

Cricket (Dominant in Indian Subcontinent)

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The game is like a religion in the subcontinent of Indian Subcontinent. A simple bat ball game with 11 players in each team; the game is all about the team that score more runs by running and scoring boundaries than the other. Various formats of the game (T20, test and ODIs) depend on the number of overs played. Sachin Tendulkar; the iconic player of the game was a former Indian team player and is worshipped like God in India. The headquarters of the highest governing body International Cricket Council (ICC); are in Dubai of UAE.

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3. Lawn Tennis (Dominant Globally)

Lawn Tennis (Dominant Globally)

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A game played with racquet and ball either between 2 single players or between 2 players from each team against each others. With Wimbledon in the list of the 10 most watched sports event annually all over the world; the game is in top 7 games listed in most of the countries. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafel nadal are one of the best tennis players of the present generation. Its highest governing body is the International Tennis Federation with its headquarters in London, England.

2. Basketball (Dominant in US and China)

Basketball (Dominant in US and China)

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A game finally whose players you can identify from quite a distance (all above 6ft in general). Basketball is highly popular and is played with 5 players on each side and the team that shoots more balls in the basket wins the game at the end. The highest level of professional basketball is NBA and it boasts of the world’s highest paid sportsmen with per person’s annual income. Michael Jordan is the most popular player of the game. The highest governing body of the game is FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and its headquarters are in Mies Switzerland.

1. Association Football or Soccer (Dominant Globally)

Association Football or Soccer (Dominant Globally)

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Well no guesses for the first position holder as the place is reserved for soccer. Played between 2 teams of eleven players including goalkeeper; the game has to be played with a spherical ball where no one other than the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with the hands. Its popularity; let us just say that any team getting the opportunity to host the FIFA world cup gets a boom in its economy. Die hard and crazy fans all over the world the soccer has seen some legends like Pele and Maradona while present day stars are Lionel Messi, Neymar, the famous soccer players who wore jersey number 10, and some other jewels. The highest governing body is FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) with its headquarters in Zurich of Switzerland.

So these were some of the Most Popular Sports in the World that are making sure that the people looking for entertainment and an adrenaline rush get some for sure.

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