Top 10 Notorious Serial Killers in India

Some people have craze for something in their life; it’s something that they do it passionately & is the driven force in their life; but what if this driven force is to kill someone. It is weird that there is a criterion for serial killers and that criterion is that a person who kills more than 3 people is referred to a serial killer. Often these people do these killings due to some sort of psychological problems that they are facing. But whatever their reasons might be; it is sick to murder people in cold blood just to relief yourself psychologically. Here is a list of Top 10 Notorious Serial Killers in India that have over the time ashamed the humanity:

10. Gowri Shankar aka Auto Shankar

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This man did a horrendous crime of killing people in fully aware state of his mind to Well known Serial Killers from India. He was also involved in flesh trade and was a transporter of illegal arrack (coconut liquor). It was the year of 1988 when 9 teenage girls over a short period of 6 months were abducted and murdered by Auto Shankar. He did his crimes in the Thrivanmiyur locality of Chennai. Though he initially said that he committed all his crimes under the influence of Cinema but just a month before he said that he did all those murders for some politicians who were the actually rapists and while he only committed murder for them. In the central prison of Salem; he was hanged to death in year 1995.

9. Raman Raghav

Raman Raghav
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Now the area of crime for this psychologically suffering Serial Killers from India from Mumbai. In the late 60s the terror of this man was so much that people in the slums were scared of sleeping out at the night and also never kept their balconies and windows open. Psycho Raman was suffering from Schizophrenia and he also raped and stabbed her own sister to death. Being homeless himself; his victims also were people sleeping outside slums and those sleeping on pavements and he used to kill them with the help of a blunt object. He confessed doing 23 murders but police suspected him of doing more than that. Kidney failure transferred him to hell in 1995.

8. M. Jaishankar

M. Jaishankar
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Also known as Psycho Shankar; this so called mentally ill killer took lives of at least 19 women after raping them. Crime list of Shankar also include robbery and prison breaks. Often finding victims in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu; Shankar admitted that he enjoyed raping and torturing women before he murdered them with his machete that he kept in a black handbag along with him. He targeted prostitutes near dhabas, women from rural areas and others too. Currently kept in the prison of Bangalore; Shankar is also guilty of killing a man and a child. There was a reward of 500,000 Rs on him when broke the prison in 2013.

7. Cyanide Mohan

Cyanide Mohan
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Before being a psychological killer; Mohan Kumar aka Cyanide Mohan was physical education teacher at a primary school from 1980 to 2003. He used to lure those women who were incapable of paying dowries or were having trouble getting married. Then after establishing relations with them and marrying them he used to give them cyanide pills saying that those are contraceptive pills. Between 2005 and 2009; Mohan murdered 20 women and in the December of 2013 was sentenced to death.

6. Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit

Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit
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Every evil thing that can be considered done by a woman was done by these 2 women whore were sisters actually. No noble job was supposed to wait for them when their own mother trained them in their childhood to be petty thieves. They used kidnapped children as decoys while stealing and whenever a kid tried to raise his voice; they used to kill that kid. From 1990 to 1996; they killed six kids and confessed that they don’t even remember how many of them they had killed before 90s. They might be the first Indian women to be hanged for their criminal activities.

5. Doctor who Turned Serial Killer

Devendra Sharma
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What to say about an Ayurvedic medicine’s successful doctor who turned as a serial killer just to earn quick money. That is the story of Devendra Sharma who was a serial killer who used to steal cars and if drivers used to come in his way; he cold-bloodedly used to kill them. Between 2002 and 2004 Devendra killed at least 40 men which were all drivers from various regions around UP, Rajasthan and Gurgaon. In 2008 this doctor killer met his fate and was sentenced to death.

4. Nithari Killers

Nithari Killers
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Most of you would have remembered the infamous Nithari kand of 2006 when the skulls of missing children were found in Nithari. Quickly a connection was made with the wealthy businessman named Mohinder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli; later being Mohinder’s domestic help. While Surinder is found guilty of 5 homicides and is sentenced to life imprisonment while Pandher is awaiting his punishment in 11 murder trials going on under the same investigation. Believing media; these are also guilty of organ trafficking, being pedophiles, rape and cannibalism.

3. Charles Shobhraj

Charles Shobhraj
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There are 2 things that are different about Charles than other serial killers. First of all his modus operandi for killing was to rob his victims through which he could support his luxurious lifestyle and second there was something about him that was glamorous. Typical Bollywood style he used to help his victims from the problems that were created by him only. He murdered 12 people in different places of South East Asia out of which; 2 women were found dead wearing floral bikinis thus naming him Bikini Killer. From 1976 to 1997; he was imprisoned in India after which he shifted to Paris. He is now serving a second life sentence in Nepal since 2004. Upcoming flick Main aur Charles shows Randeep Hooda playing character of Charles.

2. Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada
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Reading about him will surely give you chills. At the age of 8; he was arrested for murder of 3 which included his own eight month sister, a six month cousin and his neighbor’s daughter who was also six months old at different times. Initially trying to hide his criminal offense; it was the murder of neighbor’s daughter that made Amardeep reach behind bars. Even when interrogated by Police; he just gave them smile which shocked the police too.

1. Thug Behram

Thug Behram
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Now this was the man; thousands of families wish would not have been born. Behram was the leader of Thugee cult in India where they used to target travelers. His method of killing was strangulation by a ceremonial cloth (handkerchief) and his targets were travelers. He is said to be murderer of 931 people from 1790 to 1840 before he was executed in 1840 by hanging. Behram confessed 125 killings while he admitted that in others he was just present at the crime scenes.
So these were the 10 Notorious Serial Killers from India and it can rightly be said that the world was better off without them being born. While most of the human are scared of even slight of blood; the blood that is one the hands of these killers just make one wonder how could they even sleep at night.

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