Top 10 Technologies Going to Extinct by Invention of Mobile Phones

The history of the mobile phone is not very old; if its early traces in the past have to be traced; it would be about 40 years old when the first mobile in the world came to existence. In 1973 a two kg (4.4pounds) mobile phone was revealed by Martin Cooper and John F Mitchell of Motorola Company. It was in the year 1983 that the first mobile phone was made available in the market. Over the time mobile phones’ technologies evolved but it didn’t stop there only; the widespread use and Invention of Mobile Phones resulted in the extinction of other technologies over the time.

Let us see what technologies were there that faced an earlier demise due to the invention and prevalence of mobile phones. Here is Top 10 Technologies Going to Extinct by Invention of Mobile Phones.

10. Telegraph and Telegrams


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A telegraph was actually a messaging service in which the messages were delivered after a specific process. In this process; an electrical telegraph operator or telegrapher used Morse code to deliver messages. This sent message was called telegram. Various types of telegraphy included electrical telegraphy, radiotelegraphy etc.

With the Invention of Mobile Phones and inbuilt message sending services by mobile phones; telegraphs and telegram services have ceased to exist in their various older forms. Countries like India, New Zealand, Pakistan and many others have ceased their telegraph services.

9. Fax


Image Courtesy: apbc

Fax or Telefax is the short form for Facsimile. It follows the procedure of scanned printed material’s telephonic transmission to another phone number that is connected to a printer. In case of official contracts and all where the printed paper signature is mandatory; fax machines still find their place. Otherwise; the machine and the technology has lost its past respect and uses with the competition arising due to the internet services and all.

But what proved to be fatal to fax technology was the invention of messaging service like WhatsApp.  Now Whatsapp facilitates sending of any document instantly to any place in the world and the receiver can take the print of that document in his office thus limiting the use of Fax.

8. Pager


Image Courtesy: tektone

Pager or Beeper reminds us of good old 90s. However the first existence of the use of Paging Services can be traced back to 1950s in its very ancient form. One way and two way beepers were the 2 types of pagers that were popular back then. As the name suggest the former was used only in receiving messages the later was able to receive and even reply to the received messages.

The beepers came in trend in 90’s and were so popular that even mainstream artists like ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ depicted its importance in one of their singles. Since mobiles satisfied the needs of users by providing them with message sending services; its use now is limited to a few of the places including some hospitals, restaurants and areas of public safety.     

7. Video Games

Scattered Videogames Gamepads of Many Brands

Image Courtesy: cogito

This one is no brainer. Remember the time when kids, we saw on journey in buses or trains were busy playing on their portable video games. That has changed now. As Smartphones nowadays have much more sophisticated games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds etc; these portable video games have lost the love of their beloved children. Not just the smart phones only; even the low price mobiles in the market offer gaming according to the features made available in the mobile.

6. Calculator


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We cannot say that calculators are facing their extinction yet with most of the mobile phones providing in built applications of calculation; these have faced somehow downfall in their popularity and sales. A calculator on desk of the office replaced by mobile in pocket was a thought of a genius I guess!

5. Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

Image Courtesy: watchalyzer

There was a time when wrist watches were not only the status symbols but were also the necessity to all. It is not long past when some passerby used to ask you for time and you used to look at your wrist watch to answer him. Things have changed as first of all most of the population today possess mobile phones and even if they don’t and have to ask for time, there are high chances that answer will come after stealing a glance on mobile phone coming out of pocket.

4. Letters and Postcards

Letters and Postcards

Image Courtesy: 360dpi

This invention in particular is a distant relative of direct technology but still it was implemented after applying the scientific knowledge for particular purpose. In times when Whatsapp and other instant messaging services deliver messages in the blink of an eye; use of postcards and letters became obsolete. Be it the news that has to be delivered to someone or the congratulations sent to someone by their well wishers; postcards and letters these days are just like ghost talks.

3. Mp3 Players, Radio Players, Walkman

Mp3 Players, Radio Players, Walkman

Image Courtesy: ytimg

One important thing to pack while having a journey in older days was a walkman or if we are not going that back; it was an Mp3 player. But then came the mobile phones with built in Mp3 players (first one was Samsung SPH -M2100) and after that mobiles with built in Mp3 players became so popular that it took over the Mp3 players and Walkman’s market single handedly. Even Apple said that the major reason behind the release of iPhones was the demand for such phones including Mp3 players.

2. Cameras and Handycam

Cameras and Handycam

Image Courtesy: amazon

We do remember tourists that came to visit historic and popular places with cameras hanging in their neck. Invention of mobile phones with inbuilt camera phones has made the former described scene look like a picture from a vintage movie. With the latest mobile phones giving pictures of resolution almost equal to and even better than that of professional cameras; cameras have been facing their extinction. Same and even worse can be said about Handycams as these mobile phones are also providing the video recording services to their users.

1. Laptop and PC

Laptop and PC

Image Courtesy: 1clickcomputers

Now this may come as a surprise to you but the names of Laptops and Personal Computers are also in the list of endangered technologies. With all the facilities provided by Laptops and PCs coming handy with the mobile phones; there has been seen replacement of the former with mobiles.

You can make conference calls and use Skype on your mobile phones, you can check emails on them and also if some documentation has to be done; mobiles are providing you with that facility too. With all these technologies coming from something that you can keep in your pocket; even laptops are seeming to be too big to many a people.

So these were some of the former beloved and popular technologies that are now on the verge of extinction and if not even that, are facing a downfall in the popularity. Well, since change is the rule of the nature; may be soon it will be time to say Adios to these Amigos.


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