20 Indian Actors/Actresses Turned Politician

A man must do something that he enjoys; a very wise man once told that one is in a confusion about what he should and should not to do; the best thing to do is follow his/her heart. An actor is someone who plays the characters that are either fictional or are inspired from some incidents in the society. In any way an actor can only be a good actor if he puts his heart in whatever he does. Acting can be learnt or can be a talent that a person is born with.

Politics on the other hand is completely different as a man has to be either very shrewd and manipulative or he must have his heart in the benefit of public. While politics is one of the oldest professions in the world; acting is also a centuries old profession. But for a successful man; entry into one thing is quite easy compared to others no matter if that new field is completely different. In the history of India, there have been many actors/actresses who have moved to the field of politics after having a great inning in acting. So here are 10 Indian actors/ actresses who have turned politicians after their innings in acting:

20 Govinda

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This 52 year old actor was born on 21st of December in 1963 in Virar and is known till date as one of the funniest actors in Bollywood; Govinda reigned in Bollywood in 90’s as the king of comedy and was a sure shot success for producers. Govinda became the MP of North Constituency of Mumbai from 2004 to 2009 after winning the seat with great majority. Though politics could not be something in which Govinda succeeded as his filmy career as he was failed to live up with the promises that he made while fighting the election. He was also criticized for not reaching to the people in his constituency when they faced the crisis of floods in 2005. And thus it was all for him as he decided not to contest in elections in 2009 and said goodbye to the politics.

19 Late Shri Rajesh Khanna

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He was the first and the original superstar of India and the success he received from movies was unparallel. He was born on 29th December of 1942 and died at the age of 69 on 18th July of 2012. He was known to be close to Rajeev Gandhi and thus he began campaigning for Congress since 1984. He fought against L.K. Advani of BJP for the New Delhi seat in 1991 and lost the elections. In the by elections of 1992 he defeated Shatrughan Sinha by 25000 votes. He was the MP for New Delhi seat from 1992 to 1996. After that he decided not to contest for the elections but kept being a part of the campaigns of congress.

18 Rekha

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This yesteryear actress is one of the most beautiful and most successful actresses in the Indian Cinema. She was born on 10th of October in 1954 in Chennai. She has been known to be a tremendous actress and like other people in Bollywood there was a time when her personal life gained more attention than her professional member. Rekha however became a Rajya Sabha Member later in 2012 by Congress.

17 Shabana Azmi

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This 65 year old actress was born in Hyderabad on 18th of September in 1950. She has done both mainstream and art films in which her work has been appreciated by both fans and critics. She is also an activist other than her filmy career and as an appreciation of her work towards society; Shabana has been given a nominated membership of Rajya Sabha by the Congress Party Government.

16 Jaya Bachchan

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She is a 67 year old yesteryear actress who had done many a movies in Bollywood and is the wife of Amitabh Bachchan. She was born on 9th of April in 1948 in Jabalpur. She is joined with Samajwadi Party and is a Rajya Sabha member from Uttar Pradesh. This Padma Shri award winner actress however doesn’t have an active political career.

15 Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan is for sure the biggest star in Bollywood and this can be reflected from an army of millions that he possesses. This 73 year old actor was born on 11th of October in 1942 and has been known to be close with Gandhi Family as reportedly his mother was a close friend with Indira Gandhi. In 1980s however Amitabh was attracted to Politics and after a short span of 3 year political career he said goodbye to the politics. He won the seat of Allahabad in the 8th Lok Sabha elections with one of the highest margins and was MP for the seat for 3 years before he resigned regarding politics as cesspool.

14 Pawan Kalyan

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This may be a new name for fans of Hindi cinema but he is a living legend in Telugu cinema. This 44 year old actor was born on 2nd September of 1971 in Bapatla. Many of the South Indian movie fans and others also recognize him as the youngest brother of Chiranjeevi. He has founded the Jana Sena Party in March of 2014 and has also been listed by Google as the most searched celebrity politician in India.

13 Late Vinod Khanna

Image Source: independent

Vinod Khanna is one of the most popular actors in India and was born on 6th of October in 1946 in Peshawar. He has been also regarded by some as the unlucky as he could have the place of Amitabh had he not gone on the path of spirituality at the peak of his career. This 69 year old actor is also an active politician and is a sitting MP right now from Gurdaspur.

12 Kiran Kher

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This beautiful 60 year old actress was born on 14th of June in 1955 in Punjab and is the wife of the very talented Anupam Kher. She has done notable roles in many of the Bollywood movies and some other regional movies too winning critical acclaims and appraisal of fans too. She has been elected as MP from Chandigarh in the last Lok Sabha Elections.

11 Late Sunil Dutt

Image Source: indianexpress

Modern generation may recognize him as the father of Sanjay Dutt while the older generation doesn’t need his introduction as he was one of the biggest stars at that time. Born on 6th of June in 1930 with a great personality; this man joined Indian National Congress in 1984 and has been known to win five terms from the constituency of Mumbai North West. He was also the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in the Government of Manmohan Singh from 2004 to 2005 as he unfortunately died in 2005.

10 Raj Babbar

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Raj Babbar was never a big shot actor in Bollywood like his other contemporaries but whatever movies he has done; his work was appreciated in them. Raj was born on 23rd of June in 1952 and has acted in Punjabi movies too along with Bollywood movies. He is a reputed politician from Indian National Congress party. In General Elections of 2014; he was defeated by Gen. V.K. Singh (Retired) from BJP on the seat of Ghaziabad. Raj has been member of 3 political parties including Janata Dal and Samajwadi and from the later he was suspended after which he joined congress. He has defeated Dimple Yadav who is the wife of current CM of UP in the general elections of 2009. He has also been known for giving statements that have led him to controversy.

09 Shatrughan Sinha

Image Source: intoday

This 70 year old actor turned politician was born in Patna on 9th of December in 1945. He is also known in the industry with the name of Shotgun and associated with his famous dialogue Khamosh. He debuted in the politics after defeating Shekhar Suman in the fight for the seat of Bihar’s Patna Sahab Constituency. In Atal Bihari’s government he was the Union Cabinet Minister of Health and Family Welfare (2003-04) and Shipping in 2004. Elected in 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 and was reelected in 2014.

08 Hema Malini

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Known as the dream girl of Bollywood; this 67 year old actress was born on 16th of May in 1948 in Tamil Nadu. Hema is wife of Dharmendra and has delivered a lot of hit movies in her peak time. Known for her incredible beauty and impeccable dancing skills; she has also been appreciated in her second innings in movies like Baghbaan and others. Hema is also a social worker and has been elected by BJP to Rajya Sabha in 2009. She was known to be a supportive of BJP since long and in the general elections of 2014; she defeated Jayant Chaudhary claiming the seat for MP.

07 Paresh Rawal

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It will not be wrong to regard Paresh as one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. This 65 year old actor turned politician was born on 30th of May in 1950 in Mumbai. He has been known as one of the best comedians in India and has also done some serious roles in which his work was also appreciated. Paresh doesn’t have a very old political career but he won the Ahmedabad East seat in the General elections of 2014.

06 Chiranjeevi

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This 60 year old actor was born on 22nd of August in 1955 in Mogalthur. Though he has done some roles in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada Films but his main field of work is in Telugu cinema. He started a party named Praja Rajyam in 2008 in Andhra Pradesh. He has won elections as MLA and in 2009 he won election from the seat of Tirupati while he lost in Palakollu as he had contested from both the seats. He is a big name in both politics and movies if we consider the scene of Andhra Pradesh.

05 Jayaprada

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This 53 year old actress turned politician is one of the most beautiful actresses from south who have done quite well in the movies of Bollywood too. Jaya was born in Andhra Pradesh on 3rd of April in 1962. She has done a lot of regional movies too including some superhit Bollywood movies. In 1994; she joined Telugu Desam Party after she was invited by NTR. In 1996 she was nominated as Rajya Sabha Member from Andhra Prdesh. She won the seat of Rampur in the General elections of 2004 and 2009 although she lost the seat in 2014 general elections.

04 Smriti Irani

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She is the youngest member of the list and is the most popular “Bahu” of the TV serials. She has done the most successful soap opera in the history of Indian TV; Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Her work in the serial was appreciated so much that her popularity at that time was equivalent to many of the Bollywood stars. Born on 23rd March in 1976; this 39 year old actress turned politician is currently the Minister of Human Resource and Development in the Modi Government. She also represents the Gujarat state as an MP in Rajya Sabha.

03 NTR

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Full Name Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao; this man is the epitome of the success. He was a great and a very popular hero in the South Indian Cinema who was also a writer, director and producer. He was born on 28th of May in 1923 and died in 1996 on 18th of January. He was the founder of TDP in 1982 and later completed 3 terms as CM of Andhra Pradesh. He was also a big face in the national level politics.

02 Jayalalitha Jayaram

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It will not be wrong to say that she is currently the most powerful of all the actors/actresses who have turned to politics. 67 year old Jayalalitha was born on 24th of February in 1948 and has done over 140 films that include movies in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu language. She is currently the CM of Tamil Nadu and has been the 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th CM of Tamil Nadu which itself is a record and is one of the most powerful and strongest persons in India.

Edit: The following person has been died on 5 December 2016 at Chennai.

01 MGR

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His full name is Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran and was born on 17th January of 1917 in Madras. He founded the ADMK (Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) in 1972 and when in 1977; he became the CM of Tamil Nadu; he was actually the first Indian actor to be the CM of a state. After being elected as the Cm; he remained CM till he died in 1987 on 24th of December. He was also awarded with Bharat Ratna after his death.

So these were some of the actors/actresses who have turned to politics after a career in movies and serials. Though actors and actresses from the South Indian Cine World have written new versions of success in politics; Bollywood actors and actresses have not been proved so lucky.


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