Top 10 Bizarre Traditions in India

Previously we have listed Top 10 Bizarre Ritual in India and Here we comes with another List of Bizarre Traditions in India which performed here from many here to fulfilling wishes and Rain. Most of Indian Believe in Supernatural activities of God who fulfill people wishes when they make God Happy by Performing Tradition. We are here with Top 10 Bizarre Traditions in India .

10 Bachelor Boys are Beaten by Women

Bachelor Boys are beaten by Women

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There is a Tradition in Jodhpur of Rajasthan State where Bachelor Boys are beaten by Women. In this Tradition women comes out of their home Wearing colorful clothes and a stick . Women finds Bachelor boys and began to Beat. Guys silently bear the Sticks. the Reason behind this tradition is to marriage of Bachelor Guys. One who got beaten by Sticks, became married in one Year. This Tradition longs from many Years.

09 Offering Gourd for Children Good Health

Offering Gourd for Children Good Health

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There is another tradition in Shatan Devi Temple of Chattisgarh. Normally in Hindu Tradition, Flowers or coconut is Offered to God But in shatan Devi temple Gourd is offered by Peoples. The Reason behind Offering Gourd is pray for Good heath of their children. This Temple is also known as Children temple.

08 Donate Shiv Lings on the Relatives Death

Jangamwadi Math

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This tradition belongs to Jangamwadi Math situated in Varanasi of Uttar pradesh State. This is the oldest Monastery in India. Here is Tradition of Setting shivlingon from many years. Normally in Hindu Tradition People follow “Pinddan” ritual in India but Here Shivlingon Donation is followed by Locals.Here you can see Millions of Shivlings in this Monastery. People here donate shivlingon for Peace of their Relatives soul.

07 Wives Lives as Widow for Husband Safety

Gachhvah community of Uttar pradesh

If you See Indian Traditions you will find something different every time. Here I want to share another tradition of Gachhvah community of Uttar pradesh State. The women of this villages lives as widow for husband Safety. The Community of this Peoples main earning source is to remove Toddy from Palm Tree. If you can see this Palm tree are more than 50 feet in Height and Straight. The Man who climbs on that palm trees don’t use any protection methods. For the safety of their husband the Gacchvah women don’t makeup and don’t put Vermilion on their Head. In Hindu tradition it is mark of married women whose husband is alive. Women of this community pray from Tarkulha Devi for their husband’s Safety.

06 Sisters gives Dying Curse to Brothers

Bhai Dooj Festival

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If you read the title of this Tradition, you became wonders that How a sister want that their Brother will die. If you are thinking than It is wrong. There is bizarre tradition in North India on Bhai Dooj Festival. On this day sisters gave dying curse to their Brothers and just after that Penitence by Pricking throne on their tongue. the Reason behind this rituals is to Please Yama God for Long life of their Brothers.i

05 Daughters to Marry Dogs for Demon Removal

Daughters to Marry Dogs for Demon Removal

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This ritual is performed in Jharkhand State from Many years. In this Tradition Small Girls make marriage to Dogs . It is said by locals that Marriage from Dog will remove Demons from Girls. This Marriage is performed same as Hindu Tradition. All Hindu marriage Rituals and Feast is organized on this Day. All relatives also include in this Marriage.

04 Snake Bathing with Milk on Nag Panchami


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This is another popular festival in India where Snakes are worshiped as God Nagraja . The Hindu festival of Nag Panchami is a day dedicated to the worship of snakes.On this Occasion Lots of Devotees in all over India bath snakes with Milk. If Snake is not available then they visit Snake temples to follow the Tradition.

03 Marriage of frogs for Rain

Frog's Marriage Tradition India

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There is another tradition of Frog’s marriage in Nagpur and Jameshdpur area of India. Here most of time humid condition So peoples always be in risky If here in No Rain. In this tradition two frogs marry each other organizing ceremony by Locals. The Frogs brought from different ponds and take them at temple and follow the Rituals to Please the god of Rain.

02 Burying child Upto Neck

Burying child Upto Neck

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In a strange ritual, people of Mominpur in Gulbarga Where Parents bury their kids neck-deep in mud as they believe mud is too holy and it will cure the their Child of their mental and physical disabilities.This ritual can lapse from an hour to 6 hours.Parents believe that Solar eclipse under sun will remove disabilities from their child.

01 Indian Men Trampled by Cows

Indian Men Trampled by Cows

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This is the Most Scary and Dangerous ritual in India where Lot’s of cows passes over peoples in a Fair. This Ritual is performed on Gorvadhan Puja Festival in Madhya Pradesh where Devotees do so to Fulfill their wishes. This Ritual is so dangerous as you can see in pictures but Devotees don’t get much injured in this ritual that’s why this Ritual is performed here from Many Years.

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