These 12 Things are the Reason of a Complicated Relationship

Relationships are something which is essential for the survival of everybody whether it is between parents and their child, the bond between two friends or a relationship between a couple. People in today’s time often repel the terms and conditions just rather stay free from responsibilities of a relationship. They feel it as a burden and end up in many casual relationships like friends with benefits or no bond relationship.

It just isn’t becoming common but more opt-outs because the youngsters aren’t ready for the complications that come with that.

If we say that relationships are a packet of complications then it might be not wrong to say that if everything turned out simply simple then life would not be that much dramatic and interesting.

Today I have bought 12 Reason of a Complicated Relationship that exists in Today’s time.

These 12 Things are a Reason of a Complicated Relationship :

12. Too Much of Privacy:

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It is scientifically proven that people who ask for too much of space often create a sense of repulsion from their partners. Psychologists suggest that a healthy relationship is something which brings people close to sharing their secrets and duties rather than keeping secrets and asking space.

11. Keeping Locks on Gadgets:

Keeping Locks on Gadgets    via Huffington

When it comes to sharing life then it must not be an issue to share gadgets because when two people stay together and decide to share life than sharing a bed to gadgets to secrets all comes under the same umbrella.

10. Interference:

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It is a proven fact that people who ask for space and ask not to interfere are more sort of a reason to have a complicated relationship. Again, a sharing life is a happy life.

9. You aren’t “In a relationship” Because it’s “Casual”:

You aren’t “In a relationship” Because it’s “Casual”via WorldofBuzz

When it comes to real relationships, half of them are dead because they can’t afford the seriousness or some aren’t really capable of it. Many in today’s time are ending up having a causal relationship than the one they can have in a long term.

8. It’s a New One and You’re in a Rush:

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People these days are always developing and in a rush. Either they want to be successful soon or end the thing soon and don’t try further. It is important that we keep consistency and have a slow pace to understand the depths of a relationship.

7. Cheating and Cheats:

Cheating and Cheats       via Alternet

According to the latest survey, 80% of the population are cheating on their partners. Now we know why the complexity is rising because the trust, honesty, and dedication are lacking.

6. You are More into S3X:

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When it comes to the real deal, people are like “We want someone to be cozy” which is more of their priority than the actual belief of someone special in the life. Here it is! The Bang-Bang Theory which ruins the peace.

5. You “Hide” It:

You “Hide” It       via Onyx Truth

When it comes to sharing the life and being honest you promise to him/her yet hide the status from the world. According to a survey, people feel more “REAL” in hiding the status as it actually is letting them be a jerk with a bunch of others ultimately letting you cheat your so-called soul mate. *CONGRATULATIONS*

4. Letting Go What Must Not Be:

Letting Go What Must Not Be       via HuffingtonPost

Half of the people end their relationship before a month ends due to the difference of opinions and difficulty in understanding. I mean, why are you even wishing to date if you aren’t ready to be REAL AND TRUE for someone?

3. Friends Play a Major Role:

Friends Play a Major Role       via Shutterstock

These days whenever a person ends up having a fight with their mate, they end up blocking each other for a while if it’s temporary (depends) and then comes the friends who are always divided in the choice of yours and spoil your brain to make it more complicated. Hence it is always advisable to seek the help of a counselor or relative than the divided judgments.

2. You are Always Doubtful:

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Half of the relationships end due to a reason of lack of trust on each other. According to the psychologists, people who doubt much on their mate are more easily a victim of a complicated relationship.

1. You are Not Sure:

You are Not Sure      via WebMD

People these days, half of the time think of moving on to someone better. I mean, no one is perfect in this world so why to increase the list? Relationships are not something easy but yet the most beautiful and fruitful plant in a long run.

A relationship might make you dizzy or frustrated but what in the world doesn’t? If he/she has ever been there for you then it’s a duty of ones to be on theirs as a true mate.

A relationship no doubt is filled with complications yet the world exists on relationships and if there weren’t any, then we would not have been surviving happily.

According to a poll on Cosmopolitan, half of the crowd in the world are dating someone at the back of their mate and end up being alone at the end. When it is one it is one, when there are two then there is none.

In a recent study, it is proved that people are falling into depression and stress due to complicated relationships. The question remains the same. Is it worth to play? Is it worth to break? Is it worth to destroy everything? Ask the questions to yourself.

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