Top 10 Alok Nath Funny Memes

Alok Nath Jha which is also known as Alok Nath is a famous indian film and television actor. He was born on July 10, 1956 in Delhi. He has done many movies and mostly played ‘Babuji’ (father) role in that movies. Due to this scenario Alok Nath accidentally get hype by some big social networks and people started to sharing his appearance like “Sanskari Babuji” or “Person known for do the Kanayadan”. In this series we are going to present here “Top 10 Alok Nath Funny Memes”:

10 Ashirwaad Atta


Alok Nath only eat roti which is made by “Aashirwad Atta”

Favorite Song


Alok Nath is so sanskari that his favorite song is “4 baj gaye lekin aarti abhi baaki hai”

Friend Request


Alok Nath sends samdhan requests instead of friend requests


lol-alok-nath-jokes-52cbbd52224ffWhen I click Selfies, I make sure it includes 52 family members, 3 servants, kishan ji ki murti and 2 dogs

Temple Run

lol-alok-nath-jokes-52cbbd5092274Alok Nath removes his slippers before playing Temple Run and distributes ‘prasad’ after crossing each level.

Salman Khan


Because of Alok Nath’s sanskaars, Salman Khan is still a virgin.

Sunny Leone


Sunny Leone asked to Alok Nath “Babuji aap jo kahenge mein wo sab karne ko taiyaar hu.” Alok Nath answer “Chalo beti fir “Maata ke Jagrate” ke liye taiyaar ho jao…”

Bomb Detonator Machine

lol-alok-nath-jokes-52cbbd5625fd2When Alok Nath passes through a bomb detonator machine, it doesn’t beep – instead it says “paye lagu babuji.”


Alok Nath is so “Sanskari” that he bought a new phone and broke a coconut on it.

Gandi Baat


Alok Nath is so sanskari that when he heard the song “Gandi Baat”, he put gangajal in his ears.

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