Top 10 Amazing Facts about Burj Khalifa

They say some of the most beautiful things in the world you see are the ones that consist of an element of surprise. What makes it more beautiful is if the element of surprise stands at a height of 828 meters; yeah you guessed it right; we are talking about Amazing Facts about Burj Khalifa. Although it’s the height of the building that is most talked about; there are a lot of other things about this man made miracle that can make your jaws drop on the floor. Let us find out what they are:

10 Height


Image Courtesy: Traveljee

At 828 meters (2,716.5 feet); it is the tallest building in the world. And if we are having the need for precision; its height as measured from tip is 829.8 meters or 2723 feet. To simplify; let us just say that Burj is 3 times taller than Eiffel Tower and stands at twice the height of Empire State Building. So if you are in Dubai but even once in your life you have experienced Acrophobia; I think you must avoid visiting this building.

9 Visibility

Burj Khalifa Visibility

Image Courtesy: CITYDUBAI.COM

Its right that Chinese can boast of a structure (Great Wall of China) that is visible from space; but one can easily see the tip of Burj Khalifa from a distance of 95 kilometers. So next time you feel like you are suffering from short sightedness, I think you take a visit to Burj Khalifa and I guess it will boost your confidence up!

8 Time to Build

Burj Khalifa Construction Time

Image Courtesy: ILTWMT

With the world’s finest technologies used in its construction; it still took about 6 years for Burj Khalifa to be built. Looks like Emaar Properties (proud owners of Burj Khalifa) did not want to leave any stone unturned in the construction of this architectural wonder. Started on 6th January of 2004; the building got completed on 30th December 2010. Like they say; patience yields a very sweet fruit.

7 Manpower

Burj Khalifa Manpower

Image Courtesy: Construction Week Online

It took thousands of workers to get a building this vast completed. In the peak of its construction days; about 12000 workers shed their sweat every day for its construction. It took about 22 million man hours to see the building in its current form. It is an amazing fact about Burj Khalifa considering the fact that such a huge manpower was required even when some of the mightiest companies were involved in the construction using all the advanced technologies. Machines replacing manpower; not going to happen soon!

6 Elevators


Image Courtesy:  e-architect

This architectural marvel makes use of 57 elevators out of which 55 elevators are single deck and two of these elevators fall into the category of double deck elevators. And since everything in this building had to be the finest of its kind; Otis Elevator Company provided some of its fastest elevators that go at a speed as fast as 10 meters per second. And no doubt Otis did a great job delivering the world’s highest elevator. It was bound to happen when the leading technology in elevator services met the minds behind the architectural miracle of the century.

5 Material Used

Burj Khalifa Material Used

Image Courtesy: Construction Week Online

A total of about 55,000 tons of steel rebar is said to be used in the construction of this building. Let us just say that if the total amount of the rebar that was used in the building was laid down end to end; it would have covered about one fourth of the total way across the world. Not only this but if the total concrete used in the building had to be weighed; it would come equal to as much as 100,000 elephants. And the total of the aluminum that was used in the construction of the building would be equal to the collective weights of the five A380 Airbus aircrafts. It is a good thing that all this stuff was not ordered at the same time!

4 Water Requirement

burj-khalifa-Water Requirement

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You will doubt that the Burj Khalifa is located in a desert country once you will hear how much water it takes to meet the general requirements in one day; 250,000 gallons of water is supplied daily to the Burj Khalifa. Now if someone throws “money can’t buy you everything” in your face; I think you have the perfect example to cite in front of him against his point!

3 Floors Plan

burj_khalifa_Floors and Floor Area

Image Courtesy: Voyance Aline

One of the amazing facts about the Burj Khalifa is its divisional pattern. Building consists of about 154 floors that are usable. Other than these, there are 9 levels specifically used for maintenance. And to accompany all these, there are 46 spire levels along with 2 below ground parking levels. The floor area for the building counts to 309,473 m 2.

2 Entitle Journey

burj-khalifa-Entitle Journey

Image Courtesy: JENN’S LENZ

What if you come to know that the name by which you recognize the tallest building in the world was not the first choice by its developers. At first the building was supposed to be named as Burj Dubai but later was given its present name in order to honor the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

1 Record Count

Record Count Burj Khalifa

Image Courtesy: CTBUH

Burj Khalifa seems to have a hunger for place; like the place on the ground was not enough for the building that it wanted numerous places in the record book. The building has numerous records in its shelf, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It holds the record for the tallest existing structure and tallest structure ever built while the records previously were held by KVLY-TV Mast and Warsaw Radio Mast
  • It holds the record for the tallest freestanding structure and the tallest skyscraper previously occupied by CN Tower and Taipei 101
  • It is the building with highest number of floors with 163 floors in its bag.
  • It also holds the record for the world’s highest elevator installation.
  • It has the world’s highest indoor and outdoor observation desk.
  • The building also keeps records when it comes to leisure and fun activities since it has the world’s highest nightclub situated at the 144th floor and world’s highest restaurant at the 122nd floor of the building.


So the next time you are in Dubai, you yourself can check some of these amazing facts about the Burj Khalifa. And even if you are not an architectural geek; you may visit to admire the toil and hard work of thousands of labors that have risked their lives while building this architectural gem. After all, creating something this beautiful from nothing; these architectures somehow deserve the title of magicians.

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