Top 10 Ambitions and Dreams of Common People

It isn’t just a fact that every person desires some or the other thing in the world than just what they have. If we say it is quite ordinary then it wouldn’t be a false statement.

When we say that “I wish I could buy that” doesn’t mean that “that thing” comes under a luxury but a dream or ambition we are setting for our next standard life. When we state that “I hope I ever visit that place” we aren’t again just setting our dream but a course that we mend to acquire in future.

Today I have brought up 10 Ambition or Dreams of a Common Man in today’s time. It wouldn’t be a false statement to say that these are the small wishes that decide a new chapter of our life. The EVER first Common Ambition and Dream of a Common Mass is:

10 Dream House

Dream House

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This is something that every person who belongs to the world (also an alien) desires for. I mean a house with a pool or a golf yard is mine at least.

9 A Job

A dreams Job

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Well, some of you might say that it’s an obvious thing but look at this way! 40% of the mass population is yet unable to have that ONE JOB THEY ONCE HAD A GOAL FOR. Some of you think of a government job yet another thinks of a Book Writer either a Cricket Player. It is sad that yet in the 21st century only 60% of them are able to live their dream in real YET.

8 Luxury Car

Luxury Car

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Then here comes another thing which all of us do have in common. I mean, who doesn’t think of buying a Mercedes or BMW but it is sad that life always doesn’t give you what you plan because it also does give LEMONS.

7 World Tour

World Tour

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Now here comes the best part of my dreams (our dreams). WORLD TOUR! Wow! It sounds so amazing because I am actually hearing Avicii playing at SUNBURN. For me, dreaming big is not ordinary because we live once and we have to bang our lives to make best out of it. YUS!

6 Adventure Trips

Adventure Trips

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I don’t think this is quite common but yet people who like to live life on the verge are adventure seeker. I wish I could fly with the parasailing and jump like a giant kangaroo with the jumper. Life with dreams is everything.

5 A date night at Eiffel Tower with Your Charms

A date night at Eiffel Tower with Your Charms

Image Source: dateboxclub

Well, I won’t say I am imaginary or very dreamy but why not? Looking at the eyes and holding a glass of wine in one hand and holding his/her hand from another. Okay, I am DREAMY! STFU!

4 Dating your Crush

Dating your Crush

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Now, this is something we all have but end up dating someone else because that Crush is already taken or is a Casanova. Yes, we love jerks because bad boys are sexy. *eyeroll*

3 A Long Drive to a Never Ending Destination

A Long Drive to a Never Ending Destination

Image Source: thezebra

I know we all want that but dude! Petrol and Diesel are very costly so it has to end. Now you can officially call me Dreamy but it’s relaxing to drive and have a sip of Starbucks and see the wonders of the world.

2 A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

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FU*K! Yeah, I am Dreamy but someone who we just met and you have a heart throbbing eye on asks you for a walk in late night is like YES! I am coming no matter how far you tell me to walk.

1 A Marriage with Someone we ACTUALLY Love

A Marriage with Someone we ACTUALLY Love

Image Source: ladyleemanila

Now, this is NOT dreamy. I actually want to marry him like you want to marry her/him. But we don’t know the future so let’s just hold our finger cross and be sweet to the person until we actually agree him to marry us. (emotionally or hook yet by crook). Now don’t call me mean because we all have that one person in mind who we are NOT GOING TO CHANGE EVER.

So here were the most amazing yet spicy ambitions and dream we all wish for. Don’t forget to say hi to your wish-list from my side.

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