Top 10 Bad Habits That Can Ruin the Charm of Your Marriage Life

Are you having a troubled marriage life? A marriage can fall into pit if you don’t make efforts and changes within yourself to sustain the marriage. It is up to the couple to make the marriage work which requires the constant efforts on both the ends. On one side one has to start doing things for a happy and charming marriage life whereas on the other hand there are things that must be avoided. Here are some of the bad habits that could be ruining your marriage life.

10 Telling Everything to Parents

Telling Everything to Parents

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No matter how close you are with your parents and siblings, you need to draw a line between the relations, when it comes to prioritizing the relatives. Also one must not spill out all the private details to their parents as it may result in the insecurity to the other half. Many a times, taking side of your family and to compare your spouse with your family member, makes your better half feel that you are more concerned to family rather than him/her.

9 Spending More Time in Friends, Work and Hobby

Spending More Time in Friends, Work and Hobby

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Having a personal space in life is important but not knowing the priorities can lead to hazards in marriage life. It is a fact that everyone love to spend time with their friends or might like to indulge in the work but these could sometimes create serious issues in the relationships if you are not aware of the limits. It may give a feel of secondary priority to your partner. If your husband or wife is wishing to spend more time with you it might be a hint for you to change the priorities. The crux is not to make your spouse feel lonely, alienated or disconnected from their marriage life.

8 Forgetting Basic Etiquette

Forgetting Basic Etiquettes

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Basic etiquettes mean the domestic manners or ethics one must follow while you are in the house. Ignoring the domestic ethics wreak havoc for your marriage. These etiquettes may involve small stuff like leaving dirty shoes outside the house entrance or keeping things back on place after using them or work as a helping hand in keeping the house dirt free and hygienic. But yes, things should be in limit, as excess of anything will freak your spouse’s mind out. One must put continuous efforts to keep the charm of marriage life like surprising your spouse occasionally with gifts and taking them out on vacation, which will light up the spark of your marriage.

7 Bringing Office Work At Home

Bringing Office Work At Home

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No matter how much time you spend in your office or how much hectic is your working schedule but bringing the office work home is not a good sign for healthy long lasting marriage. Your spouse expects you to spend some quality time with them when you are home. Working hard is good, it does provide one a standard life to live but that standard and classy life is not worthy without your better half and family. Spending considerable time with your partner also refreshes and rejuvenates your mind which ultimately helps you in your office woks.

6 Nagging Over Small Things

Nagging Over Small Things

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Any relationship works as a result of efforts from both the ends, a marriage life cannot work well when one is always playing the blame game. Blaming or nagging your spouse over every little thing is not a good sign. No one in this world is perfect and especially when it comes to marriages it is always about how well you manage to cope up with the differences. Marriage is all about the compromises you make, in return of the affection and love from your partner. So if you are nagging and disturbing you partner every now and then, it might result in he/she started hiding things from you.

5 Lying to Partner

Lying to Partner

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“TRUST” is the most important ingredient in any relationship for it to be happy and long lasting. And when it comes to marriage life, trust is the only thing that gives person courage to spend their whole life with someone which is shortly unknown or completely unknown for them. Lying to your partner for anything is never a good idea. It is said that trust once lost is hard to regain but truth is trust once lost is lost forever. If you are not feeling comfortable to speak about something to your partner, better stop doing that thing. It is always good to share then to hid things.

4 Lack of Respect

Lack of Respect

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It’s quite rarely that people realize the importance of respect and esteem of their better half. People usually underestimate the value of respecting their spouse and making them feel that they do have identity and existence of their own. One must understand that before being the wife or husband your spouse is an individual. The disrespect need not be verbal; not paying attention to your partner’s opinions is also form of showing disrespect to your partner.

3 Communication Gap

Communication Gap

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It is necessary for couple to understand that in order to sort out things one must talk out. Not talking after a fight or ignoring the talks for a long time is going to create problems for your marriage life. Someone needs to take initiative to go for a fruitful talk by keeping their ego out of relationship. Also spending more time with friends, work or in front of TV is only going to increase the trouble. One must spend some leisure time with his/her spouse to understand the day to day problems and what’s going on into their partner’s life. This will not only strengthen the bonding among the two but will also increase the charm of your marriage.

2 No Affinity and Love

No Affinity, No Love

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The foundation of any relationship is the emotional and physical intimacy, so is with a marriage. A loving hug lasting few seconds can make your partner feel relaxed and make them both feel good. It is said that love need no explanations and show off but it does need one to make your partner feel how important you are to them. Small gestures of love can prove to be a memorable mile stone in journey of a married life. A passionate and long lasting romantic session reduces day to day worries and is also the best way to show your immense love to your partner.

1 Arguing Over Everything

Arguing Over Everything

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No argument ever had a winner, because arguments create distance between the two hearts, which ultimately leaves both the parties in losing something or else. It is always better to talk and solve problem with mutual consent rather than being quiet and exploding out of frustration. Sometimes people, out of anger, speak out things which later make them regret. Arguments lead nowhere but to problems without conclusions. No problem in the world has ever been solved in aggression and anger but with love and compassion.

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