Top 10 Best Street Foods in the World You Ever Want to Eat

It is not necessary to dine in some fine restaurant to get the best of local authentic cuisine at any place. One might have the best food experience by eating on street stalls and food carts and wagons. The street food is both heart and soul of any cuisine in the world. By spending less one can get best of the cuisine of any place in the world. However, restaurants try to imitate the street food, but they fail to provide the feeling that one gets while eating in the paper plates and eating while standing. Out of the thousands of world delicacies, we have compiled the list of world’s 10 best street foods that will leave everyone mouth watering.

10 Mango Sticky Rice, Thailand

Mango Sticky Rice, Thailand

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Mango Sticky Rice is an Asian cuisine or could be said as Asian rice pudding. The dish originates from Thailand and is basically a desert. It is a vegetarian dish made of sticky rice prepared with coconut milk served with coconut milk sauce and mangoes cut in slices. Mango Sticky Rice is arguably most popular Thai dish also known as “Khao Niaow Ma-Muang”. Mangoes are available there year round and the sticky rice is sort of rice grown mainly in southeast and East Asia. One can even find the dish in the streets of Bangkok.

9 Frites, Belgium

Frites, Belgium

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Frites is the most famous delicacy of Belgium that is served in paper cone with mayonnaise spread all over. Frites are the deep fried potatoes cut into long sticks, served best when hot and crispy. One can get Frites in Belgium in the stalls, stands, carts and wagon and will have best experience on the street. It is famously known as French Fries or Finger Chips all over the world.

8 Pierogi (Polish Dumplings), Poland

Pierogi (Polish Dumplings), Poland

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Pierogi, the polished dumplings, have its origin from a beautiful country Poland. Pierogi are more or less like dumplings which are first boiled and then sometimes baked or fried in butter. Pierogi is thin rolls of dough with various different feelings. One can eat the dish as snack, appetizer or desert as it could be filled with variety filings. Most popular filling for Pierogi is ground meat, mushrooms and cabbage or if used for desert, assortment of fruits is used as filling. Also Pierogi is known to be one of the national foods of Poland.

7 Doner Kebab, Turkey

Doner Kebab, Turkey

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Doner Kebab is a Turkish delicacy, made of meat mostly lamb. The dish is prepared by grilling the meat on a vertical skewer. The grilled meat is then sliced and cut into thin crisp shavings and is served with flatbread such as pita bread. Doner kebab is presently liked and preferred by people in almost all the countries in the world with little variations as per the taste of the inhabitants.

6 Ceviche (Cebiche), Peru

Ceviche (Cebiche), Peru

Image Source: perutravelerblog

Often known as the Peru’s national food, Ceviche is seafood made of raw fish. Ceviche is prepared by marinating raw fish in citrus juice, salt and chilly. The acid in the citrus juice cooks the fish leaving a delicate flavor in the fish. The dish is served in many different ways along with some dishes as sweet potato and sweet corn. Ceviche is prepared throughout the world in variety of ways.   

5 Currywurst, Germany

Currywurst, Germany

Image Source: 123countries

The German dish of Currywurst is street food including cooked sausage. The pork sausage is first steamed, then cut in two and fried and seasoned with curry ketchup. The pork is drowned in a thick spice tomato sauce with curry powder spread over. The dish is the icon of German culture and is the favorite snack of the people of Germany. Currywurst is often complimented with French fries.

4 Bánh Mì, Vietnam

Bánh Mì, Vietnam

Image Source: sg24h

Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese sandwich and is known to be the best sandwich in the world. Bánh Mì literally means the bread made of wheat that was introduced in colonial period by the French. The key component of the dish is thin and crispy Vietnamese style Baguette. The baguette is filled with a smear of mayonnaise, fresh and colorful mix of coriander, pickled carrot and meat. Meat ranges from pork belly to chicken. It is then seasoned with soy sauce and a spicy chilly condiment.

3 Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

Image Source: wiki-travel

Whereas Jerk Chicken is a dish, the term jerk is a method of cooking meat. According to jerk style, meat is dry rubbed with a hot spice mixture (a mixture of salt and spices) known as Jamaican Jerk spice. The style is traditionally applied over pork and chicken. Jerk chicken could be found all over Jamaica in small smoky jerk huts. The meat is left for a day or two to absorb the flavors, which are later grilled over pimento wood.

2 Dumplings, China

Dumplings, China

Image Source: netiap

Dumpling is a dish native of China and look like small balls of dough with fillings. Dumplings are made of dough filled with vegetable or meat and folded into various shapes. They might be cooked by steaming, boiling, frying or baking. The fillings also vary according to the taste as vegetables, pork, chicken or it may be sweet filling. Also dumplings can be eaten with soup, with gravy or with spicy garlic chutni or schezwan chutni. There are many varieties of Dumplings available all through China.

1 Pani Puri, India

Pani Puri, India

Image Source: theculturetrip

Pani Puri is an Indian street food with different names for different regions as Gol Gappe, Phuchka, Gup Chup or Pani Bataashe. Pani Puri is made of two words “Pani” meaning water and “Puri” is the fried puff balls. The dish consists of deep fried round hollow balls that are filled with spicy smashed potatoes and flavored water. The dish is famous all most whole of South Asia. Pani Puri is liked by people of all the age groups in India, be it a little kid, a teenager or an old age couple. Depending on the reason there are variations in the taste and flavor but it never stops one from consuming Pani Puri.

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