Top 10 Bizarre Rituals in India

In Our Top 10 List India We comes Here with Top 10 Bizarre Rituals in India . We Provide Deep Details of this most Popular Bizarre rituals in India. India Is Country where we go from north to south there are different festivals held at their Areas But Did you know that Some rituals in india are So Creepy that we cann’t be able to think of performing it . There are Lots of Bizarre Rituals in India but We are here to Tell most Popular Bizzare rituals in india If You Like the Article We try to Find another strange Rituals from India Till then just read below Article.

10 The Sati Pratha

Sati Pratha

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Sati Pratha a Bizzare ritual in Older days in India. In this Ritual If Any woman’s Husband died then She also to sit in Fire with Him Called “SATI”. These Rituals Takes life of many wives in India. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Stopped this Rituals and make the life happier of Indian wives.

9 Fire-Walking

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Theemathi Festival Which is Popularly known as Fire Walking is an International Festival which is Not only Celebrated in India But Also in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Some Parts of South Africa. This Festival is Celebrated by South Indian to get blessing from Draupadi an Epic Part of Mahabharata. This Festival Runs for about one and half month. In This Festival Firstly Priest Put Sacred water on his shoulders and traverse from burning Pit. After Priest All other Devotee pass from that Burning Pit to Fulfill their Dreams.Devotees Sometimes got Injured from Coal but they Never Give up as Belief in Goddess Daraupadi.

8 Baby Tossing from Roof

Baby Tossing India copy
This is an Bizarre rituals of Karnataka which Popularity get spread from its YouTube Video of Baby Tossing. In this Ritual More than Hundred Babies with their Parents are Gathered in the Temple every year in December. The Age of 6 Months to 2 Year child are Tossed from Roof of Temple [about 30 Ft. or More] and group of man stands below the temple with stretching a piece of cloth to Catching Children. One by One Many Children are tossed from roof by Priest of Temple. Family of the children gathered below to take child after Ritual This is said by Locals that From this Ritual ,Children and their Family get Good Health and Luck . This Ritual is Still Performed in Some villages of Karnataka and Maharashtra but Govt. didn’t Ban this Ritual yet Because there is no Report of Death is reported here.

7 Bull Fighting

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We have heard about Bull fighting of Spain yet but Did you heard about bull Fighting of India. Bull fighting of India which is Known as Jallikattu Celebrated eery year during Pongal Festival of south Indians.Youth Participate in this contest to get Reward. Participants have Strive to either hang on Bull or tame the bull to Get Reward of Money. There are about 200 Peoples are died & Thousand of injuries reported in Past Two Decades in this Festival So after taking action from Tamilnadu Govt started to take caution money for venues in Lakhs . After taking caution money Lots of people Decreased to perform this ritual but Still it is a Bizarre Ritual of India.

6 Varuna Yajna

Causing rain with ancient Vedic rituals

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This is another ritual performed in South India in Which 5 People or Priest Sits in Barrels filling with water to Please the God of Rain “Varun”. This Ritual is performed in South India and Gujrat Area.

5 Mourning of Muharram

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Muharram is an Festival Celebrated by Shia Muslims not only india but also All over the world. This Festival is celebrated on First Month of Islamic Calendar. This Festival is celebrated as anniversary of Imam Hussein ibn ali who was Killed in Battle of Karbala. In This event Shia Muslim community gathers at a Place and Flog their naked bodies as Performing “Matam” a Gesture of Mourning . Some Muslims Carry Taziya [ theatrical re-enactment of the Battle of Karbala] on their shoulder to perform Muhharam but Many Parts of India and Pakistan perform flagellation of their Body in Memories of Muhammad’s Grandson Imam Hussein.

4 Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing

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This Festival of Tongue Piercing performed in South India in which Peoples puncture their tongue with Long and sharp Wooden or Steel Needles. After Piercing People Enjoy and Danced to celebrate this festival.

3 Hooking

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There is another bizarre Festival named “Thookam Festival “celebrated in South India in which Hindu Devotees pierced their body from sharp hooks from Back lifted on scaffold using ropes. This Ritual is Performed to Please Goddess Kali in South Indian part Specially in South Kerala. Some Death and injury accidents are reported in this rituals but It is Performed Still Yet.

2 Narabali

Narbali in india

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Narbali ritual detail will noted find officially anywhere but there are Lots of reports came under this category. In this ritual Tantrik wants to sacrifice children or People to Please Goddess Kali to Get Power or more energy of Black Magic. In Past decades Lots of Report have been submitted but after Police investigations lots of Tantrik are Arrested in this “Narbali Pratha”.

1 The Aghori Sadhus and Cannibalism

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In Our List first Position goes to Aghori sadhus of India Who Performed a ritual which no one wants to do in his Life. You have watched Bear Gryll of “Man Vs Wild” eating flesh of Different animals but he also can’t be able to perform to eat human flesh. Aghori Sadhu liked to Live alone and Perform strange ritual which comes in “Aghor pratha “. In Aghor Pratha they have to drink water in human Skull and have to eat human flesh. Aghori’s can been seen near Burning hindu person as they after people leave that place they eat some part of that dead body flesh. There are Lots of interviews and Shows are broadcasted on Various TV channels of India. Let’s Watch One of Them.

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