Top 10 Celebrities We Wish Would Have Appeared On CNWK

CNWK or Comedy Nights With Kapil has been the most successful comedy show in the history of Indian Television. The show got so much popularity that there were people who were crazy and hell bent to see this show on the weekends no matter what was happening in their personal lives. Great comedy and an opportunity to interact with one’s favorite celebrities was something that added to the popularity of the show. From Amitabh Bachchan to SRK and from Deepika Padukone to Rekha; we got an opportunity to see almost all our favorite celebrities in the show.

But since this industry is so vast; there was always a possibility that somewhere someone will be left out and could not be present on the show. There were people that we wanted to see on the show but somehow; this wish of ours could not be completed. Here is a list of 10 celebrities that we were wishing to see on CNWK; but before this innocent wish of ours could be completed; the show reached its end:

10. CNWK with Sourav Ganguly

CNWK with Saurav Ganguly

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Saurav who is also known as Dada, thanks to his Bengali origin, is amongst the most successful captains for India. Indian cricket team got many memorable victories under his captaincy and I don’t think that any Indian would be forgetting the sight when Dada pulled off his shirt and waved it after winning a series with England. This was the charisma of Ganguly that people used to turn off their TV sets if Ganguly would be declared out, without caring for the rest of the match. We are sure we would have enjoyed it a lot when this captain’s untouched funny moments would be discussed in the show.

9. CNWK with Prabhaas

CNWK with Prabhaas

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After delivering the mega hit like Baahubali; he is considered to be the next big thing in film industry. And Baahubali’s box office collection in the North India was a signal that people this side are also liking this actor. Prabhaas has been endowed with tough looks and over the time his acting skills are also improved and same can be said about his physique after watching Baahubali. Though most of his movies are from South; it would be fun to see him answering funny questions of his fans in CNWK before the release of the second part of his mega hit. And one thing we are pretty sure that the viewers would have asked him in unison and that being, “Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Maara?” 🙂

8. CNWK with Kamal Hassan

CNWK with Kamal Hassan

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Kamal is a brilliant actor and his fans in the North also wait for his movies just like his fans in South. Even decades before he has done movies with stars like Amitabh Bachchan and with his awesome movies with great storylines; he would have for sure been loved on the show. The thing worth noticing here is that we know that Kamal doesn’t know Hindi but it would have been fun even getting answers from his side in English. Both of his daughters, Shruti and Akshara have also appeared as guests in the show for promoting their movies.

7. CNWK with Katrina Kaif

CNWK with Katrina Kaif

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Katrina is the Indian version of Barbie and her fans love her so much that they are ready to leave all their works and quit on their schedules just to take a look at her on the big screen. There is no doubt that her fans would have loved to see her appearing on the most watched TV show of this era. And with her movie Fitoor coming at the big screens in the near future; it would have been a great possibility too.

6. CNWK with R. Madhavan

CNWK with R. Madhavan

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Our own Maddy or Manu from Tanu Weds Manu; this man has made his acting skills realized in the Bollywood from numerous movies like Rang De Basanti, 3 Idiots, Tanu Weds Manu franchise and all. Though in his movies; his acting skills are awesome; we would have loved to watch him answering the funny and sometimes weird questions of the fans present in the show. Fans had anticipated his presence in the show for the promotion of his movie; Tanu Weds Manu Returns but he didn’t appear on the show at that time. But with his new venture Saala Khaddos ready to hit big screen in the coming weeks; fans would have definitely expected him to be appearing for sure this time.

5. CNWK with Rajnikanth

CNWK with Rajnikanth

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If there is ever a man born on earth that can do everything with a blink of his eyes; it is Rajnikanth. At least the memes made on him give us a hint like this of his personality. Rajnikanth has been the biggest superstar in south as far as we can remember. He is a living legend and we sure were expecting to see him in a very special episode of CNWK. Though he is from South and is said to know very little Hindi but since his son in law found it easy appearing on the show; we guess it would have been quite a simple task for Rajnikanth. And if Rajnikanth would have appeared on CNWK; it would have been known as Comedy Nights with Rajnikanth.

4. CNWK with Aamir Khan

CNWK with Aamir Khan

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Of course the actor has been in controversies by his statement over the topic of “#intolerance”; but his popularity is something that makes us all wait eagerly for his appearance on the show. Though he didn’t appear on the show for the promotion of his movies like PK and Dhoom 3 but with Dangal coming and his declining popularity might have made him change his rules for once. No matter what would have happened; but it would have been a great experience watching Mr. Perfectionist having a fun time in front of his fans.

3. CNWK with Mahendra Singh Dhoni

CNWK with Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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And now we come at the name of the person; who is known for his cool nature on and off ground. Captain Cool Aka Mahi is the most successful captain of Indian cricket team and fans love him a lot. Cricket is like a religion in India and seeing the emperor of this fraternity sharing the stage with the king of comedy answering some witty questions thrown from fans would be a once in a lifetime experience. And since a lot of cricketers have made their appearances on the show to promote one or other cause of theirs; we were finally expecting Dhoni to appear on the show.

2. CNWK with Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt arrives at a special court to stand trial amongst those involved in India's worst bombings in 1993 that killed 257 people in Mumbai June 19, 2007. Dutt, the most famous among the convicted, was found guilty of illegal possession of weapons and could face up to 10 years in prison. No date has been set for his sentencing. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe (INDIA) - RTR1QXR4

Image Source: ibnlive Credit: REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe (INDIA) – RTR1QXR4

No matter how many will keep trying; this man is the real bad boy of Bollywood. Famous with the nickname Sanju Baba even after crossing the threshold of 50 in his life; this man has never seen a decline in his popularity. Sanjay Dutt is famous for his devil may care attitude and fans love to see him on small and big screens. It would have been fun to see how Kapil could have made a man as serious as Sanjay laugh like he has never laughed before. And on the top; we would have loved to see the reaction of the fans after watching their favorite star from decades answering their questions and fulfilling their requests.

1. CNWK with Sachin Tendulkar

CNWK with Sachin Tendulkar

Image Source: bollyhollyinfo

Like we have discussed earlier; Cricket is like a religion in India and we are not anywhere near wrong saying that this man is God for the cricket fans. You cannot describe in words the craze the fans have for this man; and it would have been an awesome experience watching this humble man appear on a show where he could have discovered his funny side too. And we are sure that his appearance on the show would have been an overwhelming experience for both the cast and crew members on the show and his fans. And we all know how big a fan Sidhu himself is of this Master Blaster.

So these were the people who we would have loved to watch seeing on the TV show but since the show has been declared to reach an end; fans are disappointed with the lost hope of seeing these people ever on their beloved show. But if the rumors of continuation of the show on a different channel are to be believed; fans out there can still keep their fingers crossed for the possibility of these celebrities making their debut on CNWK.

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