Top 10 Corporate Clashes or Rivalries

Often the term corporate is seen as a culture; where people are supposed to have the level of etiquettes which come out as a result of long term grooming. What happens in the walls of the well built and equipped board rooms is a different thing but sometimes the conflicts between various corporate houses come out in the form of ugly spats.

Here is a list of the top 10 corporate clashes which when came in front of the world; brought a very different face of these corporate houses.

10 Hero and Honda

Hero and Honda

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I think the world would have stood still when the world’s largest 2 wheeler manufacturing company decided on the split. The company’s reputation can be easily estimated from the fact when Forbes in 2006 listed Hero Honda at 108th position. There were various reasons that were responsible for the split ranging from the restrictions on the exports for the Hero Group to the royalty based issues faced by the Japanese partner Honda while being in the partnership.

Both the companies however are holding good records in sales and profits but still every split has some adverse affects too. Hero group needs to worry after the split since it depended completely on its Japanese partner for the technology sector of its motorcycles.

9 Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung

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The 2 tycoons in the world of the Smart phones; apple iPhones being the legend since the last decade and the Samsung being the newly evolved best in class. Both of these companies occupy a major portion of the overall smart phone market. While Apple’s iPhones have been a symbol of sophistication; Samsung has emerged as the first choice of youngsters. In all there are more than 50 cases ongoing in various countries that are being fought on the issues of Smartphone patents.

Although the decisions were in favor of Samsung in the courts of South Korea, UK and Japan; Apple won rulings in the courts of US. And after paying a sum of US$ 1.44 billion; Samsung realized that this half bitten apple wasn’t as juicy as it seemed from far.

8 Procter & Gamble Vs Unilever

Procter & Gamble Vs Unilever

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Both Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and Unilever belong to the class of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) category of companies.  Both of these companies have been struggling to engulf the share of other in the developing economies. Unilever has India while P&G has North America and China as their target countries. Even though Unilever has brands like Dove, Axe, Vaseline, Sunsilk, Ponds, Surf etc in its bag; it is a smaller than P&G when it comes to turnover. Some of the well known brands from P&G are Head & Shoulder, Pantene, Gillette, Oral B, Tide etc.

7 McDonald Vs Burger King

McDonald VS Burger King

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How many ideas one can think of experimenting on Hamburgers when it comes to extinguishing the fire of hunger of Burger craving people? So when McDonald launched Big Mac in opposition to the Whooper from Burger King; things turned ugly. It became so fierce that Burger King released an advertisement that claimed that people preferred Whooper more compared to anything offered by McDonald; thus leading to legal notices sent to each other by both companies. Though in the first round it may seem like McDonald has won; Burger King’s new venture “Coffee Wars” with Starbucks is supposed to be a hard strike for rivals.

6 Airbus Vs Boeing

Airbus VS Boeing

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If fight at the ground level was not enough; here is one taking place in the skies. Even after having its foundation laid almost after 50 years; Airbus seems to be giving tough competition to Boeing. Both of the companies have accused each other of receiving unfair support from their respective governments. One thing common in these otherwise fighting aircraft tycoons; is that they are both late in deliveries, while Airbus from year 2004 to 2013 has delivered 4,824 out of 8,933 orders; its 4,458 orders out of  8,428 for the same time period. Major turn in this was when WTO found it out that Boeing received an unfair help by government.



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When it comes to technology; sales are not the only measure by which success of a company is measured. May be that is the reason that IBM offers more reliability even after coming second to the HP in sales since 2006.  The rapid change of CEOs in HP is also one of the factors where it loses popularity compared to IBM. Five year plans of IBM are more preferred choice of business experts as compared to the aggressive moves taken by HP.

4 Apple Vs Microsoft

Apple VS Microsoft

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Sounds interesting; yes it is! Not any lesser than watching a Hollywood movie; this conflict involved 2 of the geniuses of the 20th century. Apple and Microsoft are in fact the companies which changed the dimensions of technology over the last few decades. The dispute between these 2 technological giants arose when apple sued the Microsoft for the use of the visual graphical user interface which showed resemblance to the Macnitosh operating system.

The case was filed in the year of 1988 and the ruling for the case came out in the year of 1994. After a number of trials and verdict coming out; both the companies settled on having agreements on patent cross licensing for mutual benefits.

3 Nike Vs Reebok

Nike Vs Reebok

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Two sports brands fighting so hard their only aim is to bring other to their foot. This is almost a 30 year old war between the 2 companies and has of ‘bad dirt’ on their shoes. It was never that Nike has been at the top since always. 1987 was the year for Reebok as Nike was struggling after losing its Number 1 position to Reebok. But then Nike signed Michael Jordan as its ambassador who later became the most iconic athlete in the history. 1992 Olympics when Jordan draped US flag to hide Reebok logo and when Shaquille O’Neil went to a meeting with Nike wearing a Reebok jacket were some of the moments describing the intensity of the war between these companies.

2 Ford Vs General Motors

Ford VS General Motors

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Arch nemesis; yeah that would be the right word to use for describing; how these 2 companies might feel towards each other. The foundation of Ford was laid in 1903; 9 years earlier than that of General Motors (GM). You may call it an irony that even their headquarters are only 1.1 miles away from each other. This more than 100 years old rivalry had many ferocious moments like when Ford’s marketing chief Jim Farley said in 2011 that “I hate them and what they stand for”. And from GM; its Chairman suggested to sprinkle holy water on Ford Lincoln claiming that its time is over.

1 Coke Vs Pepsi

Coke Vs Pepsi

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Coca Cola has a history since 1886 and after 7 years; Pepsi was born. Now that’s may be as far as the rivalry between 2 companies can date back to. Over this huge span of time; Pepsi became Number 1 in1979 when its sales in supermarkets overtook sales of coke but mostly it was Coke that was glued to the Number 1 position. The rivalry was so much in the roots of these companies that while Pepsi presented the motto of “Beat Coke”; Coke’s representatives denied to cal Pepsi by its name. The term used by people from Coke for Pepsi was “the imitator”, “the enemy” and commonly as “the competition”.

So the next time you take a look at the renowned companies with respect and disgust upon the people fighting on the street; I think you may have a visual to remind yourself of how even the biggest corporate houses have themselves been the victim of rivalry.

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