Top 10 Embarrassing Things Indians Must Not Do

A very large number of tourists from all around the world visit India every year and with changing government policies; a definite hike in the number is expected. No matter how much endowed India is in terms of natural heritage; when it comes to several things; we Indians have a tendency of sticking to some very embarrassing things that a lot of Indians do which they must not. These things have become so much of a part of our daily life that we don’t feel their weirdness but for tourists visiting India; it sends a very bad image of the country. Here are the 10 embarrassing things that Indians must not do if we want to call ourselves a fully developed and cultured nation.

10. Elevator Etiquette

Elevator EtiquetteImage Source: visual

Looks like people from India are really missing the mobiles that were embedded with the buttons; and to make it up for those buttons the toll is taken on the Elevator buttons. We know that no one is going to complain about it but that doesn’t mean that we got the right to press both the buttons of elevators as much as we want. And who knows if the elevator is pissed off you would become the inspiration for the directors of Final Destination!

9. Breaking Signal If One Driver Does It

Angry young woman stuck in a traffic jam

Image Source: parade

We Indians are very competitive; you want to take a good look at the feeling of competition in adult Indians; just go and take a round of Indian roads and you will find plenty of people driving as if it is an audition for F1 race drivers. Even better take a look at the red signals; all it takes to make a mess of the traffic is one person who breaks the signal and keep driving; as soon as that happens all other sane people who were still waiting for the light to turn green; exert the pressure on their accelerators and traffic signal becomes useless.

8. Craze for Imported Brands and Showing Off

Craze for Imported Brands and Showing Off

Image Source: priceiq

We Indians have a simple mentality; whatever has been made in India is waste and whatever is imported is best. That is why when someone purchases any single thing from an imported brand (be it even the underwear); he would like to show it off in front of friends and family and in case the guy (don’t be happy; girls too) has completely lost it, they would show off in front of total strangers too. But you do need to understand that even the poor people in United States wear Zara, Walmart and Nike.

7. Fake Accents with Foreigners

Fake Accents with Foreigners

Image Source: ytimg

Now that is an epidemic in India; we consider it backwardness using our mother tongue. So we start talking in English which Almighty knows is simply more hilarious than all the collective episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil. And the situation only worsens when we talk with a foreigner coz at that time we talk with them in an accent that can’t be find anywhere other than India. It simply is a mixture of American English and British English with some traces of Indian Accent and Hindi is sprayed according to the taste.

6. Following Internet Trends Completely Unaware

Following Internet Trends Completely Unaware

Image Source: ytimg

What can be a better example of this other than ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice Bucket Challenge? The trend was started in US for spreading awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease or simply ALS but Indians started following it without even knowing why. Now it makes sense when Joseph Allen from New York takes ice bucket challenge; but what is the sense when Sushil Damle from slums suddenly empties the bucket of hand pump water on his head just to get a few more likes on FB!

5. Changing WhatsApp DPs and Statuses

Changing WhatsApp DPs and Statuses

Image Source: whatstatus

Recently a status on whatsapp which was “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo” was seen as a status of a lot of Indians; I can bet not even 25% bothered to look into it what it actually was all about. Be it posting a picture of candles or making a black dot your DP; for something evil happening in the society; it is irritating. If you actually want to help your society and your country stop this digital hypocrisy and do something real that can make a contribution to your country.

4. Staring at Women and Passing Lewd Comments

Staring at Women and Passing Lewd Comments

Image Source: ytimg

A very common thing among most of the Indians. We see an attractive woman in our way and next thing we know that our eyes turned into X rays and are glued on to that woman. Icing on the cake; take a look at the surroundings if you see a Foreigner woman and it is next to impossible if 90% of people are not staring at her. And then comes those who are not fed up from staring only; now these want to pass some lewd comments. Don’t know deficiency of which mineral and vitamin in the body is settled after doing this; but people got to do this.

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3. Tu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai (Do You Know About My Father’s Reputation!!!)

Tu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai (Do You Know About My Father’s Reputation!!!)

Image Source: cilory

This thing is pretty much a quite popular catchphrase of 99% of the spoiled wealthy brats of India. They use it as a weapon to scare the person opposing them and also to make things go their own way. And most of the times these things are pretty stupid; like they want to take entry only from the gate reserved for staff only and if denied, their reply; “Tu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai”. Invite Barack Obama to India and I can bet they would scare him too saying “Oye Gaddi Side Me Kar Tu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai”. (Hey Man, put your car in side, don’t you know about my father !!!)

2. Throwing Dump Anywhere

Throwing Dump Anywhere

Image Source: expertvagabond

No matter how much Modi’s ambitions to want to make a clean India; we are adamant that we would always throw garbage over the roads. It is like knowing that we have thrown the garbage on roads; we would be able to sleep peacefully at night. May be we are doing just so some poor kids can find employment collecting all that garbage; right?

1. Defecating and Urinating in Public

Defecating and Urinating in Public

Image Source: wikimedia

Now this one is the real embarrassment. Just imagine what any tourist from the cleanest cities of the world will feel about us after seeing that even after almost 70 years of Independence; public is still urinating and defecating openly in empty grounds and on railway tracks. And this is not only a point of embarrassment but also leads to a number of diseases too. And if all that is not enough there are people who enjoy spitting and making arts at the roads and public properties and even in buildings whenever they feel like.

So we are looking forward to get a place amongst the top 3 economies; but what will be the use if we don’t get rid of all these embarrassing habits of ours. These were the 10 embarrassing things that Indians must not do if we want to portray a good image in front of the world.

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