Top 10 Famous People Who Died Performing

Fame; who doesn’t like it? People often envy the life of the famous people. The celebrities; be it the millionaires, sportsperson, movie actors, politicians etc. But sometimes, luck just doesn’t seem to go along with the famous people. Call it the curse or whatever but sometimes luck betrays some people in a very bitter and dramatic manner. There have been some fateful events in the history which snatched the fame from the winners before they could even enjoy it.

Here is an article 10 Famous People Who Died Performing what they were gifted .Somehow these performers’ last performance became their last activity.

10 Dimebag Darrel

Dimebag Darrel
Image Courtesy : Rollling Stone

Born in Texas; Darrell Lance Abbott was an American singer and musician who was one of the founding members of the famous bands Damageplan and Pantera. He was a renowned guitarist and considered the major reason for the popularity of the groove metal. The day was December 8 of 2004 when Darrell was performing with the Damageplan at the Columbus region of Ohio.

While fans were enjoying and moving on the music of these musicians; Nathan Gale entered with a 9mm Beretta 92 fs handgun and shot 3 bullets to Darrel’s head. He killed several others and when police officers killed him; they found 35 rounds of live ammunitions remaining with him. No clear reasons found on why Gale did something like this but he really snatched one of the finest musicians of that time.

9 Owen Hart

owen hart
Image Courtesy :  Sports Keeda

One of the Hart Brothers; Owen was a very popular WWF Fighter with a huge fan following. This legendary Canadian fighter is remembered for a great career and a tragic death. Owen met his end at the ring in Kansas of US. It was May 23 1999 and Owen had an Intercontinental Championship match with The Godfather.

Hart had a whole great entrance planned where he had to be lowered with the help of a harness in which he will act as being entangled and then fall flat for creating a comic effect in the ring. But due to some malfunction in the harness, Owen fell on his chest first on the top rope and then was propelled in the middle of the ring. Hart, at first sat for a while but then after being taken to the hospital, he died due to the excessive internal bleeding.

8 Brandon Lee

brandon lee
Image Courtesy :  Deviant Art

Brandon lee was the son of the legend of Martial Arts Bruce lee. The father son duo had a lot in common and that included not their looks but their interest in Martial Arts, acting in movie and most important; being their untimely death. Brandon died at a very early age of 28 in 1993 while shooting for The Crow in Wilmington region of North Carolina.

Lee died as a result of the mistake of the prop crew where they replaced the actual bullets with the blank round but somehow the bullet from the dummy round remained in the .44 magnum revolver and when gun was fired at Brandon; one of the most fateful accidents in movies occurred. Lee was taken to the hospital but unfortunately he didn’t know any art to cheat death.

7 Paul Mantz

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Paul Mantz was famous in Hollywood and air races. Born in California in 1903, Paul was a renowned racing and stunt pilot and also a great consultant. Winner of Bendiz trophy for 3 consecutive years and awarded a place in Motorsports hall of fame of America in 1992; Paul met end of his destiny during the shooting of movie The Flight of Phoenix.

While flying the specially designed aircraft for the movie; Paul hit a small hill resulting into the aircraft breaking into 2 pieces and causing an instant death of this magician of air stunts. Throughout his life Paul liked being called a precision pilot more than a stunt pilot. And the only time he lost his precision was the time when life deceived him.

6 Jon Erik Hexum

john erik hexum
Image Courtesy :  Fan Pop

What to say about a 26 year old rising star who just tasted his share of success? Jon Erik Hexum, The lead male actor of CBS show Cover Up; was the rising star who didn’t shone for way too long. This young lad was the heartthrob of the young girls and woman.

Jon’s own mistake took his life. He was shooting for an episode of Cover Up on 12th of October of 1982. As director didn’t found the master shot up to the mark; the scene was delayed. Jon, in this break tried rehearsing with the .44 magnum handgun which he was supposed to use in that particular episode. Jon didn’t unload one blank round and started playing Russian roulette and rehearsing; shoot the gun putting it on his own right side of the temple.
Although the blanks are not as dangerous as the bullets but since the distance from which the blank was fired was quite less; Jon was injured heavily. After 6 days Jon was dead due to the excessive bleeding in the brain.

5 Leslie “Les” Harvey

Leslie “Les” Harvey
Image Courtesy :  Dirty choronicles

Les was a Scottish guitarist who played as a guitarist in many bands between the late years of the 60s and early of 70s. Les was also a member of the unfortunate Scottish band Blue’s council. Also he played for bands like Cartoone and Spirit. Les was born for music and that was true. May be that is the reason that he reached his final destination while performing with the Stone the Crows. In that unfortunate performance of 1972, Les was killed due to the electrocution. A microphone which was not earth grounded became the reason for his death.

4 Edith Webster

Edith Webster
Image Courtesy :  ABC

A great acting is somewhat when audience connect with what you are performing and consider it real. It must be such intense. Works fine when it is a romantic scene but what about the death scenes. Now that is the story of Edith Webster. Performing in Baltimore; no one knew that this actress was performing her swan song.

Irony being that the song which she was performing was that “Please don’t talk about me when I am gone”. At the end of the song, it was scripted for Edith to fall and to act as being dead. But unfortunately this time when Edith fell; she wasn’t acting at all.

3 Kenneth Horne

Kenneth Horne
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Kenneth was also known as businessman and he ruled audiences’ heart for almost 2 years. His best works included his radio shows Beyond our Ken, Much Binding in the Marsh and Round the Horne. Call it an irony but this beloved artist died on the Valentine Day, when he was hosting an award function in the Dorchester Hotel of London.

Mr. Horne in his own unique style was appealing to the audiences to tune in to the fifth series of his show Round the Horne when he had his fateful second heart attack. Ken fell from the podium and was declared dead later. This comedian was actually a hero even after his death and was awarded and praised by many magazines and newspapers. And thus the very last performance of this unselfish personality couldn’t bring smile on the face of the people and rather made them cry.

2 Karl Wallenda

Karl Wallenda
Image Courtesy :  ABC News

Karl was 73 when he died performing. Karl was the founder of The Flying Wallendas; an act he performed generally without using the safety nets.

In 1978; Karl was performing his high wire walking act between the towers of the ten storey high Condodo Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico. Little did anybody know that it was Karl’s last performance! Karl fell to his death. The whole incident of Karl falling from 37 meter height was filmed by the WAPA-TV which was there to cover the dare devil act of Karl. But this time Devil or call Satan, won the dare.

1 James Irving Rodale

J.I. Rodale

Image Courtesy :  ericgoeres

James was getting interviewed in popular show “the Dick Cavett Show” when he had the heart attack. James was interviewed and when the host called for the next guest Pete Hamill; nobody knew what they were going to see that day.

James let out a snoring sound for which Pete reacted as “This Looks Bad”. Cavett; like any other host tried to get comic at the moment by asking him that “Are We Boring You, Mr. Rodale???? It was then that everyone understood the fatefulness of the event and two interns rushed to James but till then it was too late and James had gone forever. Call it an irony but James died just after he narrated the incident of falling from stairs and still felling better. Also he said that he knew he was going to live for a hundred years but this puppet of the almighty didn’t knew that his time on the stage was over. And that is what actually happened!

So that is how life betrayed all these famous fellas while they were doing things that they either loved or were very good at. Life of the famous people is a bit less glamorous now; isn’t it?

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