Top 10 Feel Good Bollywood Movies – Part I

What is the purpose of movie; frankly speaking for most of the viewers it is something that for a finite period of time takes them to another world virtually. And no matter how smart a generation becomes and how rapidly the likes and tastes of people change; every once in a while people want to see something that makes them feel good inside. A feel good factor basically is the feeling that somehow restores people’s faith in humanity.

And to simplify these are the kind of movies that make you smile in the climax with tears in your eyes. So here we have 10 of the best feel good Bollywood movies:

10 Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999)

Hum Saath-Saath Hain

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A family that laughs together, eats together and stays together. That’s the simple belief with which Sooraj Barjatya brought this 1999 flick to the viewers. A story with which most of the Indian families can connect, this film focused on the values and morals of the Indian society. Filming an ideal Indian family where all 3 of the brothers are ready to sacrifice their happiness for each other. But in the end faith defeats doubt and love defeats conspiracies and all ends well. Salman, Mohnish, Alok Nath, Tabu and everyone else delivered one of the finest performances of their careers.

9 Vivah (2006)

Vivah (2006)

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Though considered as a chick flick; this movie made the guys also go ‘aww’ in the end. This 2006 family drama cum romantic movie was brought to the screen by Sooraj Barjatya. A small town and middle class family girl engaged to a simple yet rich prince from a successful business class family. The movie serves all the typical Barjatya style wedding songs and a pinch of jealousy between families and some misunderstandings. The end is quite touching with the elder sister (Amrita Rao) risking her life for sake of her younger sister. And she gets rewarded for her good deeds when her fiancé (Shahid Kapoor) decides to marry her even after her medical condition due to the accident. But with Babuji’s (Alok Nath) Aashirwad and Sanskar; all comes to a pretty good ending!

8 Chak De! India (2007)

Chak De! India (2007)

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When Kabir (Shahrukh Khan) is blamed for match fixing and has to leave his locality after Indian team loses hockey match against archenemy Pakistan; there is a wave of sadness in the hall. Heroes come back; and so does Kabir in the movie with a new aim in his heart to make Indian women hockey team become the world hockey champions. But he realizes that he has a tough task when he sees that this team is divided on almost every important issue. But his determination and dedication makes him realize his dreams of making Indian women hockey team the world champion and thus he restores his lost reputation and earns his honor back.

7 Veer-Zaara (2004)

Veer-Zaara (2004)

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A love story beyond boundaries and beyond time. That is the charisma of Late Yash Chopra in this romantic movie. Of course you heart will ache when you will find that 2 lovers Veer (Shahrukh Khan) and Zaara (Preity Zinta) from India and Pakistan respectively are helpless in living their lives in misery for each other. But then comes Saamiya (Rani Mukerji) who fights for releasing Veer from Pakistani jail after finding out what a great sacrifice he has made so that Zaara can live her life with dignity. The end scene where they meet each other will surely make you cry. A love so great that it never let boundaries and time affect its purity; hats off to you Yashji.

6 Iqbal (2005)

Iqbal (2005)

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A deaf and dumb boy Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) from a very small village and a poor family makes his way to Indian cricket team. It may sound simple but once you witness the magical touch of Nagesh Kuknoor in its direction; you can’t help but being mesmerized from the movie. And when Naseeruddin Shah is given a role that does justice with his caliber; you know you got to get impressed. The song Aashayein will pump adrenaline in you at the times of despair. Watch this 2005 flick whenever you need a quick dose of inspiration.

5 Dor (2006)

Dor (2006)

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Another great movie from the bag of Nagesh Kuknoor. It is a story about the bonding between two women with the twist that the husband of Zeenat (Gul Panag) has his fate in hands of Meera (Ayesha Takia). Although both of these women are met due to a tragedy; the lessons they learn in each other’s company is a must watch. And you know you root for Meera in the end when she shows the quality of forgiveness in her character.

4 A Wednesday (2008)

A Wednesday (2008)

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A stupid common man. Yes, this is the movie of a stupid common man who takes things in his hand when he is fed up from the disturbances caused by terrorism in the society. This 2008 crime drama is one of the finest works by Anupam Kher and do we even need to say something about the acting skills of Naseeruddin. Hear the logics behind the action of this common man and you will surely feel good when he gets what he wants.

3 Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003)

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003)

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A goon with inadequate education but a good heart takes admission in a medical college to become a doctor. His reasons for taking admission and his ways of treating patients in the hospital will win you heart for sure. Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi deliver one of their finest performances. And the black jack of movie no doubt is Boman Irani. Watch it for the change of hearts that movie brings in characters and may be in you.

2 PK (2014)

PK (2014)

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Now this might be India’s answer to ET by Steven. An alien PK (Aamir Khan) is bound to stay on earth as his remote to call his space ship back gets stolen. His innocent questions to the Godman Tapasvi Ji and others take out the fraud and hypocrisy in the society. You will fight not letting your tears out; when he holds a shoe of his dead friend Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt) in his hand wondering why his friend was killed for no reason. Don’t know what alien technology is this but in the end when he hides his love and lies to Jaggu (Anushka Sharma); the hearts of people like us will skip a beat for him.

1 Anand (1971)

Anand (1971)

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Though not a lot amongst the present generation will be familiar with this movie; but this is the movie that is in true sense a timeless classic. A man; Anand (Superstar Rajesh Khanna) who is losing the battle of his life to a fatal disease teaches the way to live lives to people around him. Although the end of the movie is a sad one but as long as Anand is alive; he will not let you stop feeling bad about life or anything else. Struck in your mind after you watch it for once; even the memories of this movie will make you cry in the middle of the crowd; that’s its magic. Watch it for joy spread by Anand in the movie and you will not regret it.

So anytime in your life when you seem like losing your faith in humanity; you know what you have to watch for these Feel Good Bollywood Movies to restoring it. If life is about feeling good and there are no particular medicines for it; I think this prescription will help you any day of the year.

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