Top 10 Incredible Services by Google

With the advent of internet; there have been few things without which internet would not have been the same; if a list of such things would have been made, Google would be at the top. Since its foundation in 1998; Google has made itself an important part of everyday life of the present day population. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a teen; a man or a woman, young or old; the thing is you will have to come across Google if you want to be updated with the fast moving world. Bringing information and services from all around the world at your fingertips; there are various parts of this search engine that are becoming more and more popular with each and every passing day. Here we bring to you a list of top 10 incredible services by Google that find use worldwide:

10. Google AdWords

Google AdWords

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Google AdWords service was started by Google in the year 2000 on 23rd October. This service from Google falls into the category of online advertising. Through this service various advertisers are able to compete in order to display their brief advertising copies to the web users. Recently it has become the main source of income of Google when in the year 2012 its revenues were $43.7 billion. The advertisers gain their share of profit when web users divert their browsing at the advertised copy to gain more information about it; and also the partner websites get a part of the income that is generated this way.

9. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

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It is also a fellow online advertising service by Google that was originated in the year 2003; 3 years after the invention of AdWords. Through this service; various website owners (publishers) who have a website focusing on one or several topics can allow targeted ads to display on their website. Not only these ads are relevant and targeted; but are also engaging most of the times which can also be customized in order to match the look of the website. As according to the net earning estimated in the first quarter of 2014; 22.4% ($3.4 billion) of the total revenue of Google came by AdSense.

8. Google Photos

Google Photos

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It is the newest service offered by Google and was founded on 28th of May of 2015. It is basically a video and photographs sharing and storage service initiated by Google. It finds uses all on Android, iOS and Web. Through this service users generally take a back up of their photos and videos and then can access it in all of their devices that are using the service. It is a smart service that has inbuilt features of categorizing the photos on the basis of Things, Places and People. Considering the maximum resolutions for an average Smartphone user in 2015; this service supports 1080p videos and 16 megapixels photos.

7. Google Blogger

Blogger website

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Catching up the attention of the people quickly and maintaining that popularity over the years is one thing that young entrepreneurs in IT field can learn from this innovation of Google. It has been 16 years since this service was first started in the year 1999 on 23rd August. This service has been proved to be a boon to the writers and has given wings to the people to express their feelings. It is available in almost every major language that has been spoken and read in the world and the blogger addresses have also been specified according to the country.

6. Google Translate

Google Translate

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Internet makes it easy that is true on almost every ground for present day scenario but when it comes to understanding the language of another country; this is something you might want to look up to. It is a service that gets used by almost 200+ million people daily and has been launched 2 times; first in 2006 as a rule based machine translation and in 2007 as a statistical machine translation. The important feature about this is that it just not only translates text but also translates various real time videos, speech or images from one language to other. This service comes handy with support to over 90 languages in the world.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps

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This is also a multilingual service launched by Google 10 years ago on 8th February, 2005. The service was invented by Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and also co founded it together with Lars Rasmussen. It is basically a web mapping service and as very much can be understood by its name; it has proved useful in public transportation, in route planning for any kind of travelling e.g. by car, bicycle or foot, getting information and panoramic 360° view of streets (Street View) or getting info about real time traffic conditions (Google Traffic). It is also offers satellite imagery and as according to a survey in 2013; it was the most popular app for Smartphone users all around the world with about 54% users using it for at least once.

4. Google News

Google News

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Curiosity is a major trait of humans and what better way to quench this thirst than NEWS itself. Finding its origin in the September month of 2002; this service is available in 35 languages and its inception was laid by Krishna Bharat. Service functions by covering news articles appearing on various news websites in the past 30 days and it gathers its news from about 25000 publishers. Over the time; millions of people have witnessed gradual changes in the service and have found it quite useful.

3.  Gmail


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Now this does not need any introduction; it has been 11 years since it was first discovered and created by Paul Buchheit. A fun fact about this service that it was launched on 1st April of 2004 but other that every single thing about this webmail service is incredible. This user friendly web mail service has over 900 million users giving their approval to its services and also it was the first app on Google Play Store that reached a mark of 1 billion installation by android users.

2. YouTube


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And here it is the second most famous subsidiary of Google that has been launched on a famous date; 14th February of 2005 was the date when YouTube was launched. Now this was at first founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim but later in 2006; it was taken over by Google. It serves worldwide except for the countries where it is banned or blocked. It uses AdSense for advertising and according to Alexa it is ranked as the 3rd most visited website in the world.  

1. Google Web

Google Web

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No doubt can prevail regarding the position held by this service since it has got to be the uncrowned emperor of all the services by Google. Often referred as the Google Web Search; it is the most used search engine on World Wide Web. Results shown on Google are based on the Page Rank method and Google web gets its revenues by AdWords. This service is available in 123 languages and acquires a 1st position rank according to Alexa. It has been 15 years since it was first launched in 1997 on 15th of September.

So these are the various services that are owned and run by Google presently and are helping billions of people worldwide through one or other way.  Every innovation works for helping people as well as making money for the inventor and Google’s services were no exception while only in these case; they are not just widely popular but are also quite useful.

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