Top 10 Indian Comic Protagonists Inspired From English Comics

Inspiration is a tricky thing and when it comes to art; it becomes more twisted. Now there have been instances in history when one artist has tried to copy the work of another and then simply calling it an inspiration. There are lots of movies that are taken by one film industry from another. While movies being the bigger source of entertainment catch almost every eye when it is “inspired” from another movie; comic book characters’ inspiration from another can only be noted by comic book fans or what we can simply call “Geeks”. There are a few adaptations in Indian comics that clearly show a resemblance from the characters from Marvel and DC Comics and some other sources too. So here is a list of top 10 Indian comic Protagonists that are inspired from English Comics:

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10. Bhokal and He Man

Bhokal and He Man

Before we even start comparing their characteristics and find out how similar they are; let us just take a good look at their appearances. Both of the heroes are princes from their respective places. Both of them use swords to fight their enemies. Bhokal received his mystical sword from his master and He Man also had a power sword which is not only magical but half a key for entering the Castle Grayskull. Bhokal is a character from Raj Comics.

9. Yoddha and Thor

Yoddha and Thor

Looks like both these warriors were separated at birth while one was adopted by Marvel Comics and the other by Raj Comics! Both these superheroes are the warriors of God and to be precise; Son of Gods (ahem ahem). While Thor comes to earth willingly; there is not much detailed light thrown on the origin of Yoddha on earth. Both have magical hammers as the weapon to fight enemies.

8. Anthony and The Crow

Anthony and The Crow

Anthony again is a work of art by Raj Comics and just after a second of taking a look at the attire of both these fictional character; you will be able to connect the dots. The Crow is work of imagination of an American artist named James O’Barr in the year 1989. Both of these protagonists have been brought back to life to work as vigilante. While Anthony wants to avenge his own murder; the motive of the Crow is to avenge his own death and death of his fiancée. And how can one forget; the crow connection.

7. Fighter Toads and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fighter Toads and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT and Fighter Toads; the biggest thing common in them; a group of 4 turtles fighting the crime in the city. Both these groups are experts in martial arts and yeah it is not to forget that both of these groups have one technical expert in them. Obviously both of the comics belong to an action comedy genre and are quite popular among their fans. While TMNT are mutated; Fighter Toads are created by Dhanjaya who is a friend of Super Commando Dhruva.

6.  Shakti and Wonder Woman

Shakti and Wonder Woman

The biggest point of similarity between these two is that both of them are feminist icons and amongst the other crimes they fight; they find the crimes against women as the most horrendous ones. Both of them have magical powers while the powers of Shakti are originated as according to Hindu Mythology; the powers of Wonder Woman find their origin in accordance with the Greek Mythology. While Shakti from Raj Comics has a headband on her head; Wonder woman from DC comics has Tiara.

5. Inspector Steel and Robocop

Inspector Steel and Robocop

Both of these superheroes are from police department as can be taken from their name. Both of these law enforcers have mechanized bodies with the help of which; they are able to fight crimes. The bulky look of inspector steel of course makes him look more rigorous but the original; Robocop is light and thus offers faster movement. Also both of them were transformed to the Cyborg bodies after getting killed by criminal gangs. Inspector steel again is a lead character of Raj Comics while Robocop is from Marvels.

4. Atom and Parmanu

Atom and Parmanu

I think this is as far as it can get; even the title name of the superhero is a Hindi translation of the name of the protagonist of DC comics, “Atom”. Parmanu has a suit that gives him all his powers which was gifted to him by his uncle. Atom also uses atomic powers and their similarity of atomic blasts and using atomic power to shrink and resize their bodies as per the needs really tell the tale. Indian superhero is a gift from Raj Comics while the Atom belongs to the DC Universe.

3. Captain America and Tiranga

Captain America and Tiranga

The biggest (and of course applaud able) point of similarity in these 2 superheroes is that they both have a great sense of Patriotism. Both of these superheroes use shields as their defense and to attack every now and then. While Tianga works for X-squad; Captain America is shown working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Tiranga is brought to fans by Raj Comics and as we all know after watching Avengers; Captain America belongs to Marvel Comics.

2. Super Commando Dhruva and Batman

Super Commando Dhruva and Batman

They both started to act against crimes after a result of losing their parents to criminal activities. The strict code of non killing of criminals is followed both by Dhruva and Batman. Their detective skills and working styles are strikingly similar. Not only this; Dhruva has equivalent of Batarangs with him as his Star Blades. The superhero without a superpower is the thing that is the most popular trait common to both of these. Do we even need to say that Batman is from DC and Dhruva of course comes from the Raj Comics?

1. Nagraj and Superman or Spiderman

Nagraj and Superman or Spiderman

Ok first of all the way Nagraj travels with Nagrassi shows striking resemblance to the spider web of Spiderman. And when we are talking about the resemblance with Superman; let us just say that both of them have timid alter egos. Raj (which was the 1st alter ego of Nagraj) is clearly inspired from Clark Kent which is the alter ego of Superman. Both of them pretend to be timid reporters. Nagraj is the most popular superhero from Raj comics and same would be true about Superman from DC comics.

So these were 10 Indian comic Protagonists that are inspired from English Comics. Now we don’t intend to start a war between the fans of Raj Comics and comic fans all around the world! Everyone has their own choice and it never means that an inspiration of art can’t be better than the original. But point of concerns for the Indian comic protagonists and their fans actually; is that while movies based on the superheroes in USA are earning millions of dollars worldwide; never a serious initiative has been taken to make movies on Indian superheroes.


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