Top 10 Least Rated Most Unfriendly Cities in the World

Everyone must have heard about unfriendly person or animal, but very less people have ever heard about unfriendly cities. There are cities in the world which are tagged as not so friendly cities for the various reasons. It is hard to explain the term “Unfriendly”. It is quite a vague term, as different people have different perceptions about “Being Unfriendly”. It could be due to the political perception, location or due to the people or language barriers. Here we have compiled a list of least rated destinations by tourists.

10 Nassau (Bahamas)

Nassau (Bahamas)

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At number 10 is Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas. Despite of having a number of wonderful beaches and considerable bars, the city is not so tourist friendly. The reason behind is lack of infrastructure and feeling of insecurity outside the tourist areas and big hotels. Formerly known as Charles Town, there is high rate of crime in the city at present and most of the victims are the tourist, who are normally robbed by tricking them.

9 Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco)

Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco)

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Monte Carlo is known to be the “City of Glamour. It is a government district of Monaco. The principality has no such natural resource to exploit and has lovely climate and location. In spite of being extraordinarily developed, it has been rated as one of the most unfriendly cities in the world due to the unreasonably high food and lodging expense. The exorbitant restaurants, hotels and casino create a huge hole in the pockets of tourists. Also it has been commented as extraordinarily ostentatious and overcrowded.

8 Milan (Italy)


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Milan, a paradise for shopaholics, is the marketplace for Italian fashion. Compared to other cities, Milan has high lifestyle of enjoying worldly delights. Milan is famous for its Nightlife, Opera and Football. Albeit all the above mentioned attributes, Milan lacks is the traditional Italian amiability and warmth. Also some places in Milan are unsafe at night.

7 Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt (Germany)

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Everyone seemed cold, except for the tourists” is what one of the tourists said about Frankfurt. Though Frankfurt is the business and financial center of Germany, it has the highest per capita crime rate for years in the Germany. Frankfurt is located on a river front and has the busiest German airport. The local population at Frankfurt are said to be very rude and not very happy.

6 Beijing (China)

Beijing (China)

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The capital of China, Beijing, is one of the most populous cities in the world.  Beijing is rich in historical sites and is the centre of cultural, political and educational activities. As Beijing has huge population, the pollution at Beijing is also high. The streets are dirty and overcrowded. Most of the problems arising to tourist in Beijing are due to its excessive population which also results in traffic congestions. It has been said that people of Beijing are also not so friendly in their behavior.

5 Marseille (France)

Marseille (France)

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Among three of the France’s cities in our list, Marseille is at fifth place topping among three of France cities. It is the second most populated city in France. The city has cool street arts and is a historical city. But what make the city unfriendly are the reported activities of pick pocketing and mugging. The city also faces drug related violence in some areas.

4 Paris (France)

Paris (France)

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Another most unwelcoming city from France is Paris- the City of Romance. Even after being the dream destination for many people, Paris has been very unfriendly to its visitors since long. Despite Paris being most romantic and fabulous city, Parisians are cold and aloof. People are downright rude and hostile. The city is so much unfriendly that its tourist board launched an initiative called “Do you speak to tourist” to motivate the locals to be more attune to visitors and tourists.

3 Moscow (Russia)

Moscow (Russia)

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The Russian Capital Moscow is at third spot in most unfriendly cities. Moscow has a very rich history and dominant role in the world politics, but still is very unfriendly to its tourists. The city has stood unfriendly due to the hostile behavior of locals. There are language barriers as people do not speak any other language apart from Russian. It is said to be worst place for cabbies, taxis and shopping and also it is highly expensive in terms of hotels.

2 Cannes (France)

Cannes (France)

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Back to France, Cannes is second most unwelcoming city in the world. Once Cannes was a small fishing village and now is a glitzy and expensive seaside town. The visitors have called its inhabitants as “Disappointing” and “Unfriendly”. People also called it as “European Vegas”. In spite of the hypes about Cannes and its glamorous film festival (Cannes Film Festival), visitors named it as forgettable city. Although the city has high lifestyle, astonishing nightlife, casinos and high end restaurants but it does not suit all sorts of budgets. 

1 Johannesburg (South Africa)


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The least welcoming city on the earth, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. Johannesburg landed at the bottom of the list and got the unfortunate title of most unfriendly city in the world mainly because of the high crime levels. Though it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the city is regarded as dangerous by visitors. Safety always remains a serious concern for people.

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  • I am actually surprised that all of these high falooting cities are on this list! I have only been to one and that is Nassau and must agree. The non tourist areas were kind of scary, but the tourist areas were great!

  • Surprised to hear that some of the prettiest cities do not have very amicable locals.. maybe they do not prefer too many tourists disrupting normal

    • I think the reason behind that if you started to familiar with sth you started to ignoring them, it is same like, if one day no tourist visit the Paris then the people started seeming it in different way, and they will started thinking about the importance of tourist; it is inspired from “law of attraction”

  • Having only been to one on your list I found Paris to be particularly unfriendly towards tourists and rather stand offish with each other. Not somewhere I will be rushing back to, perhaps I will try Brussels or Amsterdam and get friends who live there to show me around. I believe a city is much nicer through the eyes of a resident, showing off their fine city than as a tourist following the masses.

  • France as a whole is unfriendly but what I came to realize after a few visits and getting to know locals, is that they are unfriendly to each other as well. So it should be better viewed as a cultural phenom more than simple put down as unfriendly.

  • It’s not the first time I hear the unfriendliness in Paris and France… Well, I guess you can do a list where people are unfriendly to only certain people (you know racism~) It’s definitely a wet blanket for those who had been dreaming to go these countries!

    • Hi Fernando, we always welcome the end user review whether it is negative or positive. Actually the list is not complied by us, it is compiled by a very reputitive travel agency, and we tried to find out the reason behind this list. And if you read the all comments on this article, most of them also agree with this perception

  • Hi, there, I am Vanessa Ally. I do agree for Paris since I lived there for a long time and my impressions coincide with your observations, too. I would even put Paris on top of this chart!

    • They got very less point in the friendliness destination around the world, and these point resembles the most unfriendliness (or you can do the vice-versa) I think now you got the meaning

  • I’m not surprise Beijing is on the list. The people there do need to change their attitude and character. However I’m shocked that France is on the list.

  • it’s surprising to see a lot of scenic attractions in this list! i agree with milan though, i’ve read horrible stories of discrimination specially in the upscale shops where they wouldn’t let a black or asian person in! >XS

  • Johannesberg topping this list! I thought the most criminal places are in South America like in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela. They have high crime rates even more than these I think. Anyways, France is very disappointing. I mean where else should I go then in France?! The best are in this list. 🙂

    • a100websolutions, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela consider to be countries and this time our list only limit to cities which is also tourist hot spot, we will take care of these nation when we generate the list for countries, thanks for the suggestion.

  • I would have to agree with Beijing. I was there during the Olympics and yes, they are rude. Paris, I was on my honeymoon so I was in perpetual bliss then and did not notice their rudeness, haha! I am disappointed to see Johannesburg in the list though. – Fred

  • I’m surprised to see Paris as part of the list considering the country by nature as romantics. Or maybe, on a much-serious second thought, maybe it was due to a lot of people annoyed to the so-called Public Display of Affection (of course, I’m kidding)/

  • Very interesting… Some I expected, and others I didn’t. France seems to be represented more than 2 times… what a shame. The french can be friendly once you break the ice.

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