Top 10 Least Visited Uninhabited Places on Earth

So we all know that the first step of man on moon was like almost 50 years ago. Man has even landed on mars. Great steps we all can say; but have we ever thought that there are places remaining on earth which still needs to be discovered by the modern civilization. Places that are still kind of the mystery to the world. World is a small place they say; is it? To be precise there are still least visited uninhabited places on Earth which are either uninhabited or being populated by kind of the tribal people who have no idea what actually is going in the world.

Here is some information on top 10 uninhabited places on earth which are not spoiled by the shoe clad feet of humans.

10Vale do Javari

Vale do Javari

Image Courtesy : Fox News

Home for about 14 tribes; this place lies in the Amazon region of Brazil. To simplify the place actually means the Javari valley and is named after the most important river that flows in that region; Javari. The place is a highly forested valley and people live a life totally unaware of the things going on in the outside world.

Funai which is the Indian protection agency for Brazil, states that there are more than 60 tribes distributed in different parts of Amazon. The only pictures of tribal people living in this area are taken from the airplanes by Funai. And definitely it will not be easy for the tribal people to get themselves adjusted to the modern lifestyle and the climatic conditions of the urban areas.

9 Tibetan Plateau

Tibetan Plateau

Image Courtesy : Youtube

Well now this is huge. If we are talking about the area of this region it is huge and if we are talking about the height of this region, it is huge in that way too. With an area of 25,00,000 square kilometers and an average elevation of 14,800 ft, this place is rightly called “the roof of the world”. Due to the high uninhibited nature of this place it is often also called “the third pole”.

For those who are willing to take any adventure, this plateau is at a place from where if you have to reach the nearest city, it takes you 3 days walking on various uneven terrains and even after that it takes one more day in the car to get to the nearest city. This place in Tibetan Plateau is surely waiting for more and more human footsteps. Invited are those who love challenges.

8 Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island

Image Courtesy :

Well this is a place which when is left unvisited is surprising to all of us. Lee Abbamonte, the world traveler has rightly called this place as the “perfect paradise on earth”. To describe each and every part of this island, just one word is sufficient and that word is perfect. The island which is situated in the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia is approximately of 15 square kilometers.

This island is a collective composition of around 28 islets, rocks and islands. Worth notable among the various parts of the island is Admirality Group which is a group of seven small sized uninhibited islands. The uninhibited Ball’s Pyramid and Neds Beach are also among some of the worth seeing parts near the island.

7 North Sentinel Islands

North Sentinel Islands

Image Courtesy : DailyMail

These islands occupy one of the fiercest tribes all over the world. It is ok to love your surroundings and to stick to the way you like to live your life. But killing people who are entering your surroundings just for the sake of the myth that they would contaminate you and your people is simply senseless and brutal. The same thing applies to the Sentinelese which are aptly termed as the world’s most isolated tribe.

Living with zero idea of the life in the outside world; these people kill anyone who tries to contact with them. Due to their stubborn and unsupported nature to the help offered by the Indian government; now government has stopped every help offerings that it used to offer to these tribal people.

6 Seychelles


Image Courtesy : Seychelles Prestige

Situated in the Indian Ocean, this group of 115 beautiful islands is a beautiful country and is often known as the “Lonely Planet”. The Official name of this beautiful group is Republic of Seychelles and its capital is Victoria. About 50% of the area of this beautiful country is declared as the reserved or the conserved area. It also constitutes one of the world heritage sites.

This country holds the record of the least populated African state. With a beautiful flora and fauna to flaunt; this place has now started attracting tourists now but still has places which are until now untouched by the human beings.

5 Cape Grim

A 26723

Image Courtesy : Australian Traveler

If someone tells you that there is a place on earth where the sea air touches the land once in a few weeks; will you believe it? Well it has been proved by Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization that not only this but also very high purity of rain water is guaranteed in the Cape Grim region of Tasmania. And that too, of such high quality that it can be bottled and sold globally without being rejected for impurity.

This place can be nominated for being one of the least polluted places in the world. Also being located in such an isolated place; this place has got to get a place in one of the least visited places in the world to the date.

4 West Papua/Indonesian New Guinea

West Papua Indonesian New Guinea


Tribal people have always been a matter of mystery for the modern man. And what about a place where the chances of finding a single modern and civilized man is about 0% in between 44 tribes that have never shared an actual contact with the civil society? Definitely you will not enjoy going there. After all it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

West Papua is made by the integration of the west half of New Guinea island along with some other small islands. As for the tribal people; major occupations of theirs include agriculture and fishing. Not just the tribal people but the impenetrable forests along with the many unknown species of animals also give birth to the interest of the surveyors.

3 Greenland Icecap

Greenland Icecap

Image Courtesy : Earth Observatory

Now what to say about a place which is larger in area than most of the countries in the world and is still not penetrated by humans? Well it’s not the inefficiency of the humans but sometimes the conditions are not favorable. Greenland Icecap Where no residents of its own and also there are just a few visitors coming to visit the biggest national park in the region; North East Greenland. It is not that it is quite hard to reach; it’s just that with the glaciers as the constituent for the non living and polar bears, musk ox and whales as the living constituents; this place doesn’t leave any scope for the visitors.

2 Madre De Dios Region, Peru

Madre De Dios Region, Peru

Image Courtesy : Telegraph

It is the second name in the list that is named after a river in its region. The region is situated at the borders of Brazil, Bolivia and some Peruvian regions. Now it is the chosen place of those tribes who have at their own will decided to not have a contact with the outside world; so here is an advisory, whatever you do; be aware of the poison dipped arrows aimed at you. The region along with the unexploited rainforests in the West Peru is shelter to 15 elusive groups. Though they are still not exploited by the authorities; the area is said to be a developing center for the criminal activities.

1 Antarctica


Image Courtesy : Youtube

Well no brainer and surprise hidden in guessing this name; the one and only continent on earth that has been less populated than most of the cities in the world. There is no permanent population to boast of and the only human evidence seen mostly is some scientists from scientific expedition. With more than 96% area being covered by ice; this place is actually the coldest place on earth repelling most of the guests thinking about visiting the place. Though the natural beauty spread in the region is a treat for eye; it is still advised to avoid seeing them live.

So these were the top 10 uninhabited places on earth that you may plan to visit if all you are looking for is some kick and adventure. Though most of the population will not dare visiting any single place mentioned in the article; some people love to face the challenge; isn’t that Right?

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