Top 10 Modern Day Patriotic Songs

Since times way back in the history; songs have played an important role in movies; and especially in Bollywood movies. There are songs that are made to suit every specific mood, genre and emotion of people. The reason that songs specific to every type of mood are made is a little bit commercial and logical and also at the same time their reception is completely emotional. Fans of music and movies love to listen to their favorite songs which suit the occasion or the situation in their lives. Of course the songs are mood and situation specific; I mean who would like to listen a sad song in weddings and marriage functions, like wise who would care for a song devoted to deities when you are having fun time with your friends?

The thing is that to meet with each and every specified mood of people out there; music directors and singers have worked quite hard with lyricists and composers to deliver the mood specific songs to music fans out there. So here we bring to you Top 10 modern day patriotic songs on the occasion of Republic Day.

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10. Desh Mera Rangeela (Fanaa)

When you are going to watch a movie starring Mr. Perfect (Aamir Khan) in it; you ought to know that the movie will be carrying the taste of perfectness in it too. So this song which was characterized on Kajol was also kind of perfect. Kajol who is portraying the role of a blind girl in this movie is shown having deeper concerns about her country and giving it a place higher than her own love life. The song explains the colorful diversity in the country and is a must watch for the beautiful choreography and beautiful voice of Mahalaxmi Iyer.

9. Kandho se Milte hai Kandhe (Lakshya)

This great movie not only shows the acting skills of Hrithik Roshan to a new level but also confirms the magic of Farhan Akhtar behind the scenes. And this particular song depicting the unity and strength of Indian army is epic in every sense. There are various faces in the song which are used as the Indian soldiers and officers and the voices for them have been given by various singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam etc. the song is beautiful and meaningful to its core and presents a great picture of Indian army’s strength in front of the world.

8. Des mere Des (The Legend of Bhagat Singh)

There have been many movies made to honor the memories and contribution of great Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and this one was the favorite amongst the youths of India. the portrayal on the screen is done by very talented Ajay Devgan who plays the role of Bhagat Singh in the movie and to accompany him is the versatile Sushant Singh. Of course the song was destined to be great when it had A R Rahman as music composer and Sukhwinder Singh as the singer of the song. And the history is witness that there has never been a chance when these 2 have gathered and have not delivered a great hit.

7. Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walo (Das)

This one song appealed a lot to the youngsters and we are not going to deny that the physical attributes of the 2 only hunks of that time in the industry was a big factor. The song was sung in the beautiful and compelling voice of Shankar Mahadevan and had each and every element in it that was needed to make it a hit. The sad thing however about it was that it could not be seen on the silver screen as the movie was never released. But still the way these 2 hunks roar and challenge and threaten the world not to confront Indians was incredible.

6. Ye Jo Des hai Mera (Swades)

This song is shown in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Swades which was a critical acclaim and also a huge success at the Box Office. This is a slow song when you are comparing it with other Rahman songs but the way this song grows on you is awesome. And Mozart of Madras (A. R. Rahman) gave his own voice to the song making it a sure shot hit number.

5. Aisa Des hai Mera (Veer Zaara)

SRK is known as the king of Romance so you can easily make a bet that he delivers his best in a romantic movie. But this romantic movie was taking with itself a hint of patriotism and there was no question of failure in front of King Khan. Through this song SRK who is Indian in the movie is showing the beauty of his nation to his love interest who is from Pakistan. The voices in the song were given by Udit Narayan, Gurdas Man and the owner of the most magical voice in the world, Lata Mangeshkar.

4. Mera Rang De basanti Chola (The Legend of Bhagat Singh)

Even a 5 year old true fan of Music can tell that the song is going to be a great hit when its music is composed by A R Rahman and the voice of Sonu Nigam is used in it. the song really takes you to a whole different world where you feel connected with the freedom fighters.

3. Rang De Basanti (Rang De Basanti)

This movie is a change of an era movie in India which also has patriotism as one of the main ingredients. The song is filmed on the rehearsals of the youngsters who are preparing for a documentary by a foreigner woman on the story of freedom of India. The song is quite energetic and voice of Daler Mehndi sure makes it a song to be remembered for years and once again you got to give your thanks to Rahman for the music.

2. Chak De India (Chak De India)

This one is yet another presentation by King Khan where he has portrayed the role of a patriot. Here SRK is inspiring his Women Hockey team to play well in the grounds and to prove themselves as above all. This high on energy song has used the voice of extremely talented Sukhwinder Singh and he has made it so important that this song is sure to be played whenever Indian wins a match.

1. Maa Tujhe Salam (Vande Mataram)

A R Rahman is truly the genius when it comes to music. He gave us one more incredible and magical way of saying Vande Mataram from his album of the same name. The song’s popularity can be estimated from the very fact that it has been selected as the second best from the list of 7000 songs in a survey conducted by BBC in 2002 for choosing the 10 most famous songs from all time. It was way too earlier before Rahman won Oscar or anything and even to this date; this album is the largest Indian non-film album. We Indians love out mothers and motherland very much and so this one was bound to be successful.

So these were some of the famous modern day patriotic songs that are enjoyed by young generations of India. The reaction and response that these songs got is a true indication that even now people like enjoying good patriotic songs if they are given the best options to choose from. We just for now want to wish you guys out there a very Happy Republic Day in Advance!

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