Top 10 Most Dangerous School Routes around the World

Every parents wants their children to go School but If Routes of the school is dangerous than there will be difficulty for parents to send their children to Schools. There are many Villages in world which are struggling from Dangerous School. We have heard stories from our parents also that How much it is difficult to study in their time. In cities conditions are better but Some villages are still have scary routes. We are here to share you Top 10 Most Dangerous School Routes around the World.

10 Kerala, India


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Kerala is state of India where boats are major source of routes. There are many children in these villages go to school by boats . Sometimes bad weather make them unable to come at home for hours . There is no bridges between schools and their home but still they go school Daily.

9 Java, Indonesia

Java , Indonesia

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There is Village in Indonesia where children make their way to school on a Broken bridge on bicycle. This is only bridge which separates two villages Suro and Plempungan. If we see the picture cycling on dangerous bridge We surprised that How they make balance on this bridge. The Kids says that If they don’t pass from this bridge than they have to walk over 6 KM.

8 Rizal Province, Filipino

Rizal province, Filipino

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There is a village in Filipino where Students cross rivers by sitting in tube to Reach school. This way takes an hour daily to students of a remote village in Rizal province. Sometimes when flow of river is fast then they have to stay their relatives home in another village. Some students. There is also risk fro students to drown in river but Still there is no another option for parents in that Village.

7 Batu Busuk Village, Indonesia

Sumatra, Indonesia

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This is another Story of Dangerous School Routes in Indonesia where students have to walk over 30 feet above river to reach their school. If they don’t use this method of going school then they have to walk 7 Miles through forest root.

6 Gondola Bridges, Nepal

Dangeous Bridge Nepal

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These bridges are called Gondola bridges because there are Lots of mountains in Nepal and It is not easy to make Cement bridges everywhere. Here students use Ropes and Pulleys to pass the river without any safety. There are so many accidents appeared but there is no option to reach school.

5 Himalaya, India

Top 10 Most Dangerous School Routes around the World

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In himlayan Area of India there is too difficult to reach school in Ice Mountains. Here parents help their children to reach school safely. Weather is major problem for children to reach school on time. Wearing warm clothes with school bag , It is very difficult for students to reach school.

4 Pili, China

Pili, China

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This is another Dangerous School of china where more than 80 students live in boarding school in Pili. when students ends an term than they have to start journey of two days to back home in dangerous mountain areas as You can see in picture. In the way they have to pass freezing rivers and Broken bridges also.

3 Rio Negro River, Colombia

Rio Negro River, Colombia

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This is not a Stunt of any movie , Its a River valley area in colombbia where students have to pass from cable over 1300 ft river to reach school. In this picture a 9 year old girl daisy attching herself from pulley and passing from 40 MPH. There is a handbrake is also in another hand to stop between midway.There are 12 Steel cables to reach another part of valley from many decades.

2 Gengguan village, China

Banpo Primary School in China

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There is another Dangerous School Routes for students to reach school in china here 20 students of Genguun Village pass from mountian area from last 40 years. There is no other route beteen village and school. In this picture you can see Headmaster of school walking with children to safely passage from this dangerous route.

1 Banten Village, Indonesia -Most Dangerous School Route

Banten Village, Indonesia

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This is the Most Scariest and Dangerous School routes for students in the World. The pictures of these routes goes viral on social media from past few years. Students Pass from Ciberang River using a Broken suspension bridge to reach School. There is another safe bridge available here but it takes extra 30 minutes So children choose this way without any hesitation.

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