Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Homes in the World

When it comes to goals and future, we do have a picture of our dream house that we wish to make in future. We all work wholeheartedly for a bright future and goals that come along. When we focus on bright future, only three of the things come in our mind in terms of success and those are Hefty Bank Balance, Luxury Cars, and an Expensive Home. With this thought, some of us started with the most little sources to the heights of success that each of us thinks to acquire someday.

It isn’t just about the race but about how much time, energy and money one manages to reach to heights in the one lifetime. Having the Most Expensive and Luxurious Home in Today’s time is not just necessary for the standard but very much investment for our future generations.

Now thinking about big expensive homes what comes to mind is lavish amenities and great views.  Somehow when someone manages to have both then obviously the price of the house makes the world utter about the shine of the butter. Obviously, it makes one feel lucky to have such a luxurious home that is often a dream of all.

We present you the Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE and LUXURIOUS Homes of Today’s Time IN THE WORLD!

Grab a seat to go gaga over the looks and obviously suppress the jealousy, my dear!

10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Homes of Today’s Time:

10. 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens in London

Value: $128 Million

Owner: Olena Pinchuk whose daughter of Ukraine’s Second President.

via BLDA

This was initially a prep school but this later turned into a mansion with a pool, sauna, gym cinema and ALSO A PANIC ROOM.

Well, this is my ever favorite after the Royal Palace. It’s not just a good looking house with great amenities but a very cozy architectural house.

9. Kensington Palace Garden in London

Value: $ 140 Million

Owner: Roman Abramovich.

via Wikipedia

He is a Russian Millionaire who is an owner of Chelsea Football Club. This house has a Tennis Court, Museum and Health Center.

Now that’s a big house, isn’t it? Not just the windows but the whole house feels sunny and warm in summers. Now I am being jealous of-course

8. Seven The Pinnacle in Big Sky (Montana)

Value: $155 Million

Owner: Edra and Tim Blixeth

via Smartpenguin

This includes a Wine Cellar, Multiple Pools, Heated Floors and a Gym.

I seriously wish I can get here someday. I mean watching the Snowfall from the room and a poetry book in one hand as well as wine glass in another. *LOST IN DREAMS*

7. Hearst Castle in California

Value: $191 Million

Owner: William Randolph Hearst


It includes 27 Bedrooms and was used in a movie The Godfather where the Jack and John Kennedy were featured.

Now, this is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. It isn’t just huge and antique but feels as if it’s medieval century.

6. Ellison Estate in California

Value: $200 Million

Owner: Larry Ellison

via WSJ

This is a beautiful house with the 23-acre property that has a tea house, a pond, a lake and also a bathhouse.


Nothing is better than a Bathhouse! I swear!

5. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens in London

Value: $222 Million

Owner: Laksmi Mittal

via Pinterest/Getty Images

This house is near to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Palace. This house has 12 bedrooms and a Turkish bath.

*HOOT HOOT* Here comes another Indian Empire Royal House which is one of the most beautiful houses in the world. A house near Prince Williams and Kate are like living life like a boss.

4. Four Fairfield Pond in New York

Value: $248.5 Million

Owner: Ira Rennert

via Pinterest

This house is stretched in 63 acres land and includes a bowling alley, a squash court, a tennis court, 3 Swimming Pools and 91 Foot Long Dining Room!

I don’t know about the acres but I’m sure 91-foot dining room means lots of food and that too tasty food. I AM COMING FOR YOU!

3. Villa Leopolda in France

Value: $750 Million

Owner: Lily Safra

Villa Leopolda in France

Via modthesims

This house is a 50-acre estate which includes a greenhouse, a pool, and a helipad.

Come on! Isn’t that just beautiful? I mean the view! I don’t know but a house in the middle of lots of trees kinda interests me.

 2. Antilia in Mumbai (India)

Value: $1 Billion

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

via Businesstoday

This is a 27 story home which includes six underground parking floors, three helicopters pads, a 600 person staff and it’s in front of the Marine Drive.

Now I have seen this house from my eyes and it is HUGE! I swear! The view from it and the whole decoration, as well as the landing of helicopters and all, is so dramatic that no one can ever resist. What makes it much prettier is the light decoration that is visible at night. *Deep Breaths*

1. Buckingham Palace in London

Value: $1.55 Billion

Owner: The British Sovereign

Buckingham Palace in London

via Visitlondon

This Includes 775 Rooms with 78 Bathrooms which includes 19 State Rooms, 52 Bedrooms, and 188 Staff Rooms.

Now, who doesn’t know the Royal Palace which everyone across the world visit to have a glance at? I mean it isn’t about just the royalty or luxury but the feeling one who lives in has.

So here were the Most Luxurious homes lists for you. Doesn’t it seem obvious now why everyone aims to work more? As it is said “Live Life King Size”, so true it seems now.

It isn’t just amazing but the whole thing is very much appealing. I mean, they got all this because they worked hard! Isn’t?

Anyway, If you Enjoyed then do comment in the section below with your views and do not forget to share.

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