Top 10 Most Extreme Bizarre Body Modifications

Body Modification is the word with weirdest term with scary implications for those who have no personal interest in the subject. In the simple terms, “Body Modification” means to intentionally alter one’s physical appearance. It is assumed that it applies only to piercing and tattooing. But the term has much huge implication then just tattooing and piercing. At present almost all of us are involved in some kind of Body Modification. For Instance, Ear piercing by woman is most common, committed and long-term form of Body Modification. Body modification has at places had aesthetic values, which at times result in the modification at an early age whereas at some places some Body Modifications are so fierce in nature that they scare the hell out of people. Here, we have compiled a list of top 10 most extreme Bizarre Body Modifications.

10 Lip Plate

Mursi Ethiopia Omo Valley lip plateImage Source: afritrek-holidays

Lip Plate is a form of Body Modification in which increasingly large wooden disc plates are inserted in the Lower or Upper lip. The wooden disc is inserted with a pierced hole. This custom dates back to thousands of years, and is still practiced by tribes in Africa and Amazonia. It is generally performed on girls when they reach the age of 15-16 years. It is uncertain how this bizarre custom came into being as the lip plate deforms the face of the women and leaves her unattractive.

9 Pointing Ears

pointed-earsImage Source: quenya101

Pointing Ears or Ear shaping is a technique of Body Modification by altering the human ears into pointed ears like mythological creatures. The process is performed by medical procedures which reshapes the ears into pointed ears like that of Elves or Vulcans. It is believed that it not only enhances the appeal of one’s face but also increases hearing capacity.

8 Neck Stretching

Image Source: epicful

Neck Stretching is generally done by wearing bonze neck rings or neck coils around the neck. Today neck ring is worn by the Kayans living in the mountains bordering Burma and Thailand. Women are made to wear neck rings at an early age of 2-5 years and gradually the number of coils is increased. This results in the deformation and seems like elongated neck. This ancient tradition has unknown roots but the basic Idea about neck rings is ideal of beauty of having extended necks.

7 Subdermal Implants

Subdermal ImplantsImage Source: rarotopia

Also known as 3-D implant and pocketing, it is a process of implanting a foreign object under the skin with an object of affecting a sculptural change of the surface. Subdermal Implant is relatively recent development. The implants can be of any desired shape, usually made of silicon and sometimes of Teflon.

6 Human Tooth Sharpening

natural teethImage Source: my-globe

Being an extreme form of body modification, Human Tooth Sharpening or Teeth Chiseling involves manually sharpening of teeth. Bali is known for its teeth filing as it is believed that teeth represent various emotions. Normally the front incisors are filed in non-human shapes imitating animals. At some places tooth are sharpened also due to spiritual reasons. Tooth sharpening has its own drawbacks, as removing large amount of protective teeth leads to tooth decay and nerve damage.

5 Body Suspension

SuspensionImage Source: unter-anderen

Body Suspension is a process of hanging human body with the help of hooks that have been put through body piercing. People performing body suspension have different beliefs about it. Some do it to overcome their fear, while some believe it to be a new level of spiritual consciousness. Generally, people attain it to have some or other sort of “Experience”.

4 Tongue Splitting

10Image Source: blogspot

Yet another hardcore form of body modification is Tongue Splitting or Tongue Bifurcation or forking. This is one of the newest forms of body modification. In this process a person’s tongues is literally cut into two halves, starting from the tip of the tongue. It is possible to move both the parts independently after the split. The motivation for such act is still unknown as various people have different beliefs about Tongue splitting.

3 Corset Piercing

corset-piercingImage Source: epicful

Corset Piercing is the piercing in two vertical columns at the back of a person. The piercing is then laced up to look like a corset. Minimum number of piercing could be two and maximum depends upon the number of piercing length and the vertical space will allow for. Most of the corset piecing is of temporary form. It can lead to infections and is also difficult to keep clean.

2 Scarification

ScarificationImage Source: blogspot

Scarification is application of scars through scratching, burning or superficially cutting designs into the skin. Apart from being style statement, there are aesthetic, social and religious reasons for scarification. Usually, a mark or a symbol is burnt on to the skin of a living person, to leave the permanent scars. It is believed that the longer the wound would take to heal, the darker and more noticeable the scar would be. It is also known as Cicatrization

1 Eye Tattoo

Botox injectionImage Source: bodycandy

Also known as Corneal Tattooing, it is the method of creating a tattoo in the cornea of an Eye. In the 19th century it was a method to improve cosmetic appearance and improvement of sight. The most common reason for eye tattooing is to improve the appearance of eye cosmetically. These days it is performed less often, as there are options such as contact lenses, which are very effective at covering the eye defects.




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