Top 10 Most Liked Hindi Comics Book Characters

If American Comic Book characters such as, Batman and Spider Man, would pack their bags and come to India, then they are surely going to face tough competition with our Indian comic book characters. Most of the Indian children have once been die-hard fans of “Chacha Chaudhary & Sabu” and have laughed the hell out while reading Lotpot. But now, the scenario has changed drastically, the present young generation is not much aware of Comics books and various characters; as a result of the Satellite Media. Children now are more interested in TV and watching Cartoon series. So, recalling our good old days, let’s have a look at the top 10 most liked Hindi comics book characters in India.

10 Lotpot


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Lotpot is a Hindi Comics Book, Published by Mayapuri Group of Publications. It was first registered in 1969, by Mr. A.P Bajaj. Initially, it was a Fortnightly Magazine but due to its increased popularity later switched on to weekly. It’s most popular character were Motu Paltu, two brothers one fat (Motu) and another Lean (Patlu). Both the brothers were seen involved in idiotic activities and were shown as Morons. Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj was the person behind the creation of Motu Patlu. Another famous Character of the series was Pran’s Chacha Chaudhary.

9 Pinki


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Pinki is one of the creations of famous cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma. In this Hindi Comics book, Pinki is a 5 year old girl, who is mischievous and troublesome. Other notable characters of the comic are Tuk Tuk, the pet squirrel of Pinki and Jhaptji, Pinki’s neighbor, Champu and Bhiku. The character of Pinki seems to be inspired by an American comic, Dennis the Menace, who is also as notorious as Pinki and creates a lot of trouble for his neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Similarly, whenever Pinki tries to help her neighbor Jhaptji, she messes everything. The comic is published by Diamond Comics. 

8 Tenali Raman


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Tenali Raman, also known as Tenali Ramakrishna, was a court-poet at the Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar Empire. He was known for his Wisdom and magnificent Poetry. Based on his Character, various Hindi Comics series in many languages have been published by number of Publishers. Three movies, a television series and a Cartoon series have also been broadcasted on the character. All the stories are from 16th century Vijayanagar Empire, where Tenali used his wit to solve matters.

7 Akbar Birbal


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Akbar was the greatest Mughal emperor of all times, while Birbal was one of the nine gems (Navratna) in the Akbar’s court. The stories of Akbar and Birbal are liked both by children as well as adults, due to the witty answers of Birbal. Birbal was thought to be most intelligent man in the court of Akbar. It is believed that he, at times outwitted Akbar. In contrast to other super hero comic book, Akbar Birbal acted as a primary source of moral teachings for children. Akbar Birbal stories were written and published by numerous authors and publishers. There are couples of movies and cartoon series on The Adventures of Birbal.

6 Parmanu


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Parmanu, a super hero Hindi Comics is published by Raj Comics and creation of Sanjay Gupta. The more than two decade old Super Hero is still on run. Parmanu aka Vinay is a Super Cop who works for Delhi Police Department, and is gifted an atomic suit by his maternal uncle. The suit has special atomic powers, which enables him to fire atomic bolts through chest and wrist. The belt of suit contains various gadgets, which helps him to Teleport, resize and transform him into Atom. Parmanu receives back up from a robot, names Probot, who keeps an eye on Delhi through numbers of cameras fit by him.

5 Billoo


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Published by Diamond Hindi Comics and created by Pran Kumar Sharma, Billoo is an Indian comic created in the year 1973. The character of Billoo resembles to an American comic character Archie. Just like Archie, Billoo is Jolly and also friendly with girls. Billoo has a pet pup named Moti and has a gang of friends which include Gadbu, Jozi, Monu and Bishamber. He is disliked by Bajarangi, a Wrestler and Jozi’s father Colonel Three Not Three.

4 Doga


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Doga is the only anti-hero of Raj Comics, who conceals his identity with the help of a dog mask and acquired name DOGA. Doga in his childhood days has faced a lot of cruelty and has lost everyone whom he loved, that left a lasting impression on him. He tries to avenge the brutalities faced by him in past and uproot the evil from the society. He does not believe in laws and rules, as according to him whole system is corrupt. Doga was created by Tarun Kumar Wahi and Sanjay gupta and designed by Manu. The film maker Anurag Kashyap declared that he would make a movie on Doga, which is still awaited.

3 Super Commando Dhruva

Super Commando Dhruva

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Super Commander Dhruv, first appeared in 1987, and since then, has regularly appeared in Raj Comics. He was created by Anupam Sinha as Super Commando Dhruv, with his original name being Dhruv Mehra. He is the only character so far which is not inspired by any other character in the world. Dhruv barely carries any sort of ammunition and hits his targets with the things from the surroundings. Dhruv was born to circus artists, who were killed as a part of conspiracy when he was merely fourteen. He learnt his entire stunt training himself in the circus itself. The two unique things about this character are that he does not possess any super power nor he hides his face behind a Mask.

2 Nagraj


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Nagraj, “The King Snake”, is a comic book superhero, whose character has been derived from old hindu mythological stories about shape shifting snake. Nagraj was created by Sanjay Gupta in the year 1980, and was published in Raj Comics. Nagraj has numerous powers as snake bite, snake spit, venomous breath, super human strength and instant healing powers. Nagraj, lives in a fictitious city, Mahanagar and works as an employee to a TV Channel, which is actually owned by him.

1 Chacha Chaudhary


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The comic at the top of our list is none other than, Chacha Chaudhary. Chacha Chaudhary was created by Pran Kumar Sharma in the year 1971, and is published by Diamond Comics at present. Unlike other Comic lead characters, Chacha Chaudhary is an old man. His only weapon is his extraordinary intelligent mind, which helps him to fight against crime and evil- robbers. Chacha Chaudhary is accompanied by Sabu, a 15 feet tall unearthly character from planet Jupiter. Other characters include Bini (Chacha Chaudhary’s wife) and Rocket (Chacha Chaudhary’s faithful Dog). There have been a number of cartoon as well as serial series on Chacha Chaudhary.

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