Top 10 Most Searched Indian People in 2015

We all have our specific purposes when we go Google. While there are numerous reasons and subjects that we might hit Google but one of the most common reason we go to Google is to search our favorite person. Now this person might be a celebrity; a singer, a politician or someone who has come in news recently. So the year 2015 that has gone now also saw people searching their favorite icons on Google.

We search our favorite people for numerous reasons; either we want to peek in their lives or we want to be aware of their lives and what is going on with them quite recently. Either they are in the news or we just want to download their pictures to set on our desktop in mobiles or laptops; we cannot name enough reasons why some famous people are searched on Google. So here is a list of top 10 most searched Indian People on Google in 2015:

10. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister, India)


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It is rather good news that internet population is diverting their attention on our honorable Prime Minister. This 65 year old man is the current and the 15th Prime Minister of the biggest democratic country in the world. Mr. Modi marked a tremendous victory representing BJP in the general elections of 2014. Indian citizens have great expectations from this man and hope to see India undergoing great changes and achieving new levels of success in the leadership of this man. Though methods of this man are opposed by many; but this doesn’t seem to make a deficiency in the popularity of this man who is followed by millions of Indians worldwide.

9. Alia Bhatt (Bollywood Actress)

Alia Bhatt (Bollywood Actress)

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The difference between the ages of this young lady and the man above him in the list is more than 40 years. But still at the very tender age of 22 years; this girl has made millions of people her fans with her acting skills and her cute looks. She is the youngest person on this list and a good look at her and the beauty will make you realize why she has found a place in this list. Girls want to know what Alia likes to wear and follow that while the guys search her on internet as they cannot just get enough of this unmatched beauty.

8. Kajal Aggarwal (Bollywood Actress)

Kajal Aggarwal (Bollywood Actress)


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This one is sure a surprise in the list. This 30 year old actress made it in the Bollywood after starring in a lot of South Indian Movies. Some of the famous movies in which Kajjal had starred include Magadheera, Singham, and Special 26 etc. Her simple yet beautiful look has made millions of guys her fans and one common assumption is that guys would just download her wallpapers from the internet and set it as their desktop wallpaper so this beautiful face becomes the first thing that they see when they turn on their mobiles or computer.

7. Yo Yo Honey Singh (Indian Rapper and Actor)

Yo Yo Honey Singh (Indian Rapper and Actor)

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Though this guy has made a distance from the media and TV since last few months; but the popularity this guy has gained amongst the youths is unparallel. This 32 year old Indian Rapper is basically from Hoshiarpur and has been the pop sensation in India since last few years. Just for instance; take a tour to the city where his latest concert is going to be organized and you will be confused whether there are preparations for a festival going on in the city. No doubt the rapper is searched on the internet for his upcoming shows, his hit songs and in some cases of the diehard fans; his pictures too.

6. Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood Actor)

Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood Actor)

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This 50 year old Bollywood actor is the uncrowned emperor of romance in Bollywood. Even at the age of 50; this man possesses the charm and magic that sweeps the women of their feet. SRK has given some huge romantic hits like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai etc. His pairing with Kajol has been termed up as the most romantic pair of the Bollywood. Though his last film Dilwale faced controversies in various parts of India; the film had done tremendous business at the box office.

5. Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress)

Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress)

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Is has not been long that this beautiful 30 year old woman had stepped in Bollyood. She rules the hearts of millions of her fans. Other than her great acting talent and good looks; her relationship with Ranveer Singh and her presence at the Roast from AIB were also a few that kept her in news in the 2015. She has also launched her brand named All About You quite recently and it is no surprise that she found a place in the list.

4. Katrina Kaif (Bollywood Actress)

Katrina Kaif (Bollywood Actress)

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This 32 year old British born Bollywood actress has been more famous in the industry for her love affairs with Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor than her acting skills. Often regarded as the Indian version of Barbie; this woman has given some super hit movies for her fans. Her pairing with Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan has brought huge number of viewers at the theaters.

3. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former Indian President & Great Scientist)

APJ Abdul Kalam (Former Indian President & Great Scientist)

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Also known as the “missile man” of India; this man is a great source of inspiration. Each and every moment from the life of this great man was an inspiration to millions of aspiring students and youngsters and in fact everyone out there. He was also the 11th President of India. Brilliant minds from all over the world loved to enjoy Mr. Kalam’s speeches and all. It was one of the biggest loss of India when we lost him on 27th of July last year when he was giving a speech in IIM Shillong. We all loved you Sir; RIP Sir APJ Abdul Kalam; our Missile ManL.

2. Salman Khan (Bollywood Actor)

Salman Khan (Bollywood Actor)

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It will not be wrong to say that this 50 year old man is the most popular man in Bollywood right now. Often known as Bhai amongst his fans; last year was great for Salman since not only both of his movies were huge box office success; he was also acquitted from his Hit and Run case. Salman has a huge army of millions of loyal fans and they would never miss an opportunity to take a look of their favorite star and to know about him and what better source than Google.

1. Sunny Leone (Bollywood Actress)

Sunny Leone (Bollywood Actress)

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The real name of this 34 year old Bollywood Actress is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. Born to Indian parents; Sunny spent most of her life outside India. This actress who is now acting in various mainstream Bollywood movies was once a porn actress and that ought to give us a clear understanding of why she has been searched the most on the internet.

So in the last year these were some of the most searched Indian people on Google and they all had their own share of fans and followers who want to know more about them via internet. But the year has gone and while some of these people will find again a place in the list; who knows it might be the time that some new additions will also be made in the list this year. So buckle up and keep searching your favorite making your contribution so that he/she can find a place in this list.

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