Top 10 ND Tiwari Funny Memes and Jokes

ND Tiwari aka Narayan Dutt Tiwari aka Old Age Playboy is an Indian politician related to Indian National Congress (INC). He became 3 times of chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and 1 time he became chief minister of Uttrakhand. In year 1986-87 under the prime minister Rajiv Gandhi he was the Minister of External Affairs. Before he captured into a sex scandal he was the Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

On the 3rd March 2014 he accepted Rohit Shekher as his son after a long 6 years battle between son and father. Rohit Shekher’s mother Dr Ujjwala Sharma had an affair with ND Tiwari and Rohit Shekher is the fruit of that affair. Due to this incident #NDTiwari trending in twitter and most of the people making fun of this incident, so going forward we have selected Top 10 ND Tiwari Funny Memes and Jokes brings out for you; here you go :-

10Oscar Award

ND Tiwari and Oscar Award
And the Oscar goes to ND Tiwari for become father to a 34Yr Old!!!

9Father of A Child

ND Tiwari and Father of a child
ND Tiwari has probably become the oldest person and took the longest time to become father a child.

8Shopping Mall

ND Tiwari and Shopping Mall
ND Tiwari never goes to Shopping Mall. Every time a child shouts “PAPA”, it gives him a nightmare.

7Bharat Nirman

ND Tiwari and Bharat Nirman
ND Tiwari become the father in the age of 85; “Bharat Nirman” ho raha hai !!

6ND Tiwari Wealth

ND Tiwari Wealth
Agar ND Tiwari apne baccho ko aise pahchanne lage… toh unki jayadad toh chavaniyon me bategi.

533 Year Old Son

ND Tiwari and 33 Year Old Son
Nurse (To Pensive Tiwari): Mubarak ho 33 saal ka ladka hua hai!!!

4Yo Yo Honey Singh

ND Tiwari and Yo Yo Honey Singh
If ND Tiwari is product of 60’s mistake than Yo Yo Honey Singh repercussion of his effect.

3 Abba Jaan, Abba Jaan

ND Tiwari and Abba Jaan
Aisi ho apni shaan, jis gali se gujre aawaj aaye Abba Jaan, Abba Jaan …

2Father’s Day

ND Tiwari and Father's Day
ND Tiwari iklote aise shaksh hai jinhe har Father’s day per hazaron anjaan numbron se phone aate hai !!!

1Father of the Nation

ND Tiwari = Father of the Nation

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