Top 10 Pakistani Singers Who Found Popularity in India

It is a truth that boundaries that work on man are an easy escape for various other things. The other things that we are talking here are art and talent and it is truth that music knows no boundaries. People like and love their favorite singers and stars regardless of what country they have originated from. Talent has wings and thus on the wings of the talent; the popularity of an artist spreads from one place to another. It is a very widespread fact that India and Pakistan don’t have equations that can be called good. Both of these countries share a history; the very foundation of which is laid on hatred. But still it is well known that the artists from one country find lot of respect and honor in the other country. Music is something that comes from the soul and reaches the souls of its true fans. There have been Pakistani singers who have found more popularity in India than their native home Pakistan. So here are the 10 Pakistani singers who found popularity in India

10 Atif Aslam

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People in India and everywhere else in the world who understand even a little bit of Hindi are fans of this Pakistani singer. Not only does he sing well; he has also been gifted with the looks that make him popular as a stage artist too. Atif was born on 12th of March in 1983 in the Wazirabad region of Pakistan. His popularity is indicated by the facts that his movie Bol was one of the highest grossing movies in Pakistan. Also, he was regarded as the most popular artist on Saavn app in 2013 and received “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” which is a Pakistani civilian reward. Some of his famous songs are Aadat, doorie, Kuch is Tarah etc.

9 Shafqat Amanat Ali

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This 50 year old man was born on 26th of February in 1965 in the Lahore city of Pakistan. This classical Pakistani singer belongs to the Patiala Gharana lineage (seventh generation) and thus one can see the reason that the music flows in his veins. Shafqat Amanat Ali was the lead singer of Pakistani rock band Fuzon and he has also received the award for President’s pride of performance civil award on 14th of August in 2007. Some of his best songs are Mitwa, Manchala, Bin Tere etc.

8 Ali Zafar

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The full name of this 35 year old Pakistani singer is Ali Mohammad Zafar and he was born in 1980 on 18th of May in Lahore of Pakistan. Granted with chocolate boy looks and a personality that is made for show business; this man has done a few Bollywood movies also in which his work was appreciated. Other than these traits of Ali; he is also known to be a good painter. Some of the best songs by him are Sun Re Sajaniya, Channo, London, Paris, New York etc.

7 Farhan Saeed

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Fans all over the world know him as the former lead vocalist of album Jal. Farhan Saeed was born in Lahore on 14th of September in 1984 and has sung in Hindi, Punjabi and English. He made his debut in the Bollywood when he was given a chance in Mahesh Bhatt’s Creature where he sang the song Naam-e-Wafa in which his co singer was Tulsi Kumar. Farhan’s famous songs include song numbers from his album Aadat, Boondh, Woh Lamhe etc.

6 Adnan Sami

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It was 16 years ago when we first saw the song Lift Kara De; a fun song in which a heavyweight man is complaining to God that he has gifted others with wealth and money while he is wandering the streets without a penny. Adnan Sami has a masculine voice and a keen knowledge of music. This 42 year old singer was born on 15th of August 1973; in London of United Kingdom. This man is so devoted to music that he is not only regarded as the fastest keyboard player in the world, but he is also known to be able to play 35 types of musical instruments. Some of the famous songs by Adnan Sami are Lift Kara De, Mehbooba Mehbooba, Jaan Meri etc.

5 Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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You are of course expected to be a talented singer when you are born in the family of legendary singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Born on 9th of December in 1973 in Faisalabad region of Pakistan; this 42 year old singer is a famous singer in Pakistan as well as India’s music industry. He has been receiving trainings of classical music by his uncle and father since the very tender age of 3. The first introduction of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Bollywood was done from the movie Paap with the song Man Ki Lagan and from that very song; Rahat made millions his fans. Some of his popular songs include Jiya Dhadak Dhadak, Bol Na Halke Halke, Teri Ore etc.

4 Noor Jahan

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The birth name of this fabulous Pakistani singer was Allah Rakhi Wasai and she was born on 21st of September in 1926 in the Punjab region of the British Raj at that time. For a long career that spanned 7 decades; this beautiful woman worked as a singer and actress in Pakistan. Her fan following is so much that she is considered as one of the most influential and greatest singers in India of all time; and in Pakistan she has been awarded with the honorific title of Malika-E-Tarannum. Some of her famous songs are Awaaj De, Aaj Ki Raat, Babuji Dheere Chalna etc.

3 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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If we are talking the legend of this Pakistani singer; let us just clear you with the title that he has been awarded and then we will move forward; It is “Shahanshah-e-Qawwali”. He was born on 13th of October in 1948 in the Faisalabad region of Pakistan. He was so famous that he performed in over 40 countries of the world. Some of the best known songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab were Saaya Bhi, Dulhe ka Sehra, Piya Re etc.

2 Ghulam Ali

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This 75 year old Pakistani singer was born in 1940 on 5th of December. He is a famous Ghazal singer of the Patiala Gharana and his ghazals have won lots of love and fame for him all over the world. Although this legend has cleared that he will not be singing in India again as he doesn’t want his name to be used for political mileage; his fans still love him for his incredible ghazals. Some of the best ghazals by him include Hangama Hai Kyun Barpa, Chupke, Kal Chaudhvin ki Raat etc.

1 Mehdi Hassan

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There are only slight chances that you would not be aware with the name of this person if you consider yourself as the Ghazal fan. He is famous for his haunting baritone voice and is given thanks for bringing the ghazals’ popularity to the world level. He was born on 18th of July in 1927 and died on 13th June of 2012 at the age of 84 in Karachi of Pakistan. Some of his best songs are Tere Mere Sapno Ki, Yun Zindagi Ki Raah Me, Aik Bas Tu Hi Naheen etc.

So, these were the famous Pakistani singers who brought their singing talents to their neighbor country and courtesy to their talents; they did not only win the appreciation, but they won the hearts of their fans. It is after a lot of hard work and rehearsal that these Pakistani singers found popularity in India.

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