Top 10 Signs You Are Dating an Emotional Psychopath

Dating is like the first step you take while proceeding for a relationship. It is the step that you take while you are looking for your “The One”. And just like everything else most of us are bound to hit some speed breakers in our way while we are pursuing our heart to find our loved one with whom we want to spend the life. Now there are many times when you will regret dating someone and that is obvious due to its try and then opt for policy but the fact being that there are people who are so destroyed emotionally that dating them can be a huge mistake.

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Now we are all surrounded by our well-wishers who always hope for the best to happen with us and those groups are often regarded as friends and families. We know that they are always there for us and whenever we are having issues with these kinds of persons; they reassure us that in the end everything is going to work out but sometimes that is not the case. So here is our suggestion that what signs should alarm you that you might be dating an emotional psychopath:

10. Lacking Empathy

Lacking Empathy

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We all are human and thus we crave for the partner that has the sensitivity towards us of understanding our feelings and the one to whom we can look up when we need to share our feelings. The thing that is wrong with this kind of people is that they will never bother about sharing your feelings let alone be compassionate about them. No one is asking for an emotional wreck but even a robot is not required by anyone.

9. Lying All the Time

Lying All the Time

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Emotional Psychopaths are habitual liars; they have a tendency of lying about each and every single little thing. These white lies are shaky foundation for the relationship and no doubt you will end up regretting the time you spend with such a person. Straight lies to your face not only will hurt you but it is going to make you a doubting Thomas too.

8. Humiliating You

Humiliating You

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The person who loves you is supposed to stand by you no matter what adverse conditions life is offering you. They take your side even when you are cranky and are showing quirks but this is not the case with emotional psychopaths; they tend to insult and humiliate you in front of other people. And while a healthy relationship requires people who stand by each other all the time; these emotional psychopaths will rather tear you down than build you up.

7. Attention Seeker and Attention Denier

Attention Seeker and Attention Denier

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You cannot just clap with one hand and this idiom is rightly used for the relationships too. Here comes the exception when you are dating an emotional psychopath. Not only that this psychopathic partner of yours will crave for attention from your side but when it will be you requiring the attention in the moments of distress and at your special moments; they will deny it straight face.

6. Placing the Blame

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A healthy relation is one where both the partners opt for taking the blame for other on their own from time to time. It is not you; it’s me, this is the building block of a loving and nurturing relationship. But never while you are dating an emotional psychopath; you can understand yourself of being right; as no matter what you do; you will always end up having the blame aimed at you. And this is not needed to be told that no one requires that type of relationship.

5. Isolating You

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How can emotional psychopath afford when you give even the slightest of attention to anyone else. So they start applying a full stop at your social life as they try to convince you that all you need is them and thus they start isolating you from your friends and families. And what starts from selecting people with whom you can have the permission to socialize becomes a restriction on you of leaving the house.

4. Blackmailing You

Blackmailing You

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Only an emotional psychopath can think of the way of keeping his partner with himself with the mode of blackmailing and threats. These can blackmail you of harming themselves physically if you don’t go the way they want. You would think that this is at least better than an abusive partner who would rather hurt you but we recommend you to think again.

3. No Remorse and Repentance

No Remorse and Repentance

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We are humans and we are bound to make mistakes in our lives for which the genuine people are given the option that when they do realize what their mistake was; they would feel guilty and say I am Sorry. But you would think that sorry is in their vocabulary but you could not be more wrong about that. Even after all their frequent ways of hurting you; they will always in the end point out that the problems in the relationship are due to you and not due to them.

2. Evil Sense of Humor

Evil Sense of Humor

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Psychopaths are creepy and disgusting equivalent of bullies you find in your life but only that the strange humor that they like is creepy to a whole new extent. They take pleasure in many weird things and hurting you can also be one of them. They also enjoy in the grieves and discomforts of others which any sane person will find difficult to cop up with.

1. Charming Quotient

Charming Quotient

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Now this one is surprising as hell that even these emotional psychopaths have a quality of being such a charmer that they sweep the ladies off their feet at their best times. Even when you think that you have had it all and are supposed to put an end on your relationship; they will become extremely charming and will try to pull you back to the relationship and this will be the time that you will have to mustard up the courage to say no.

So these were the 10 signs that you have to look out for your partner making it sure that you don’t fall for an emotional psychopath. And even if you do; there is never too late to pull back and put an end over the things that are making you uncomfortable and turning your life in a misery.

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