Top 10 Things that makes India Different from the Rest of World

Hello Friends we are here with Top 10 Things that makes India Different from World. As we know that Population of India is more than 120 millions and every Religion have its different culture. There are thousands of visitors comes India to see historical monuments, temples, culture and many more. We are here with list that how India always in eyes of world with top 10 things that makes India different from the Rest of World.

10 Indian Music and Classical Dance

Indian Dance

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Indian Classical dance is oldest dance culture in the world. There are many folk dances organized in every region of India. Kathak, Kuchipudi, Ghoomer, Bharatnatyam are popular formats of dance in India. Foreigners always keen to see this folk dance when they visits India.

9 Historical Art and Craft

indian craft and art

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There are many large amount of production of textiles. Many peoples make colorful item to decor home which attract foreigners to buy. There are lots of handicrafts items are exported from india every year.

8 Indian Monsoons

Indian Mansoon

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Indian monsoon is another topic to discuss in India for every Indians because 80 % of Indian population lives in villages and their agriculture depends on monsoons. If monsoon don’t came on time than there will be huge loss for Indian economy but foreigners always enjoys Indian monsoons when they visits India.

7 Bollywood


Bollywood plays an important role in Indian economy because whole world likes to watch Bollywood movies. Bollywood industry is largest in world after Hollywood. Bollywood attracts movie lovers all over the world.

6 Indian Festivals


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If You are Indian then you can know that Every day in india is celebrated as Festival. In every religion and caste their are different festival are organized in different region. In Hindu religion Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Navratri, Ganesha Chaturathi, Janmaasthmi , Onam, Pongal and more than 1000 festivals in every region is celebrated in India. Other Religions also celebrate Christmas, Eid, Guru Govind Jayanti etc. So whenever any Foreigners visits in India they Like to enjoy these festivals.

5 Indian Hospitality

Indian Hospitality

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Indian Hospitality is top class in the World. Wherever You go everyone greets with joining their hands and put their head down. You will welcomed by every region in different manner So you will never forget Indian Hospitality in your life.

4 Yoga an YogGuru


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India is the father of Yoga and now its spread all over the World. There are many Yoga Guru among that Baba Ramdev come’s on top, Spread this Indian yoga to all over world. Every person love to yoga for good health. There are many yoga centers in India where you can take training of Yoga.

3 Indian Tea

India Tea

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Whenever Indian wake up then Firstly they like to sip a Cup of Tea. There are Lots of Tea farm in east India .You will find tea Shops in every 100 meters in India and you can enjoy tea of India. You will never forget the taste of Indian Tea forever in your life.

2 Indian Clothes

indian clothes

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Indian like to wear colorful clothes and every Region you will find different clothing’s. If you go in West Region you will see colorful turban on their head which you never find in anywhere in world. English culture is only followed by youngsters but Older still like to wear traditional clothes.

1 Indian Food

indian thali

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Indian Food comes in top of our list because you will lots of variety of foods in India. You can taste variety of Foods when you go from north to south. In North India mostly wheat food products are made while in south region you will find Rice Products. Every Foreigner always praise Indian food and never forget the tasty foods. There are lots of dishes like Dal-Bati-Churma , khamman dhokla, Ricce Kahri, Uppam, Masala Dosa and many more. So Here you see that these ten points that makes India Different from World. If you know any other specialty of India then must put your vies in comment.

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