Top 10 Things you didn’t know about Hrithik Roshan

So our very own Bollywood superhero Krrish is going to turn 42 on the 10th of January. Hrithik has been a star who has maintained his distance with the controversies and not only that he has given memorable performances in many of his movies; his personal life is not at all any less heroic. He is a man of strong determination that can be seen from the transformation that he has gone physically. His dance moves and chiseled looks have created an army of millions of fans around the world for him and it will not be exaggerating to say that he is the most handsome looking man in the Bollywood.

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Though the journey of becoming the heartthrob of millions was never easy for him and he actually struggled and worked up a lot for this; here are a few things that you are definitely unaware of and would love to know about him:

10. Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette Addiction

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Though we all have seen how Hritik looks when he is not covered with a shirt and we are totally inspired by that look, little do we know that Hrithik was once addicted to smoking. He himself talks about living a healthy lifestyle and motivating other to do so too; but there was a time in his life; when he found it too hard to quit smoking. Allen Carr’sEasy Way to Stop Smoking” was the book that helped him quit this filthy habit.

9. Not So Disciplined

Not So Disciplined

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We know that this sculpted body and this effortless acting skill is all a result of following a disciplined routine. But in his childhood days he once was beaten up by his dad Rakesh Roshan for being too mischievous. In fact Hrithik was sitting on terrace with his friends and from there he was throwing empty bottles on strangers. Senior Roshan came to know about it and without any delay he started teaching a lesson to the younger version of Krrish.

8. His Dance Favorites

Handsome Hrithik Roshan Dance Favorites

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Dance is something that can’t be separated from Hrithik and various dance legends like Prabhu Deva, Saroj Khan and even Govinda have termed him as the best dancer in the film fraternity. But when it comes to the favorite of this hot dancer; Shammi Kapoor and the legend Michael Jackson are his personal favorites.

7. First Salary

First Salary

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Presently if he has to even make a guest appearance in a movie; it is definitely worth millions but Hrithik cherishes his memory of his first salary. He was 6 years old when he received his first salary and it was a mere sum of only 100 Rupees (though a big deal back then) by his maternal grandfather J. Om Prakash. This was the salary for Hrithik shaking a leg with Jeetendra in the movie Aasha in 1980. With this money; Hrithik bought 10 hot wheel cars which was a great deal amongst the kids back then.

6. A Wrong Prediction

A Wrong Prediction

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In a very young age of only 19; Hrithik was heartbroken to hear from his doctor that he will not be able to dance again. Imagine Hrithik not being capable of dancing! The thing sure sounds weird now but all this was made possible due to his efforts and determination. Not only overcoming that Spinal Disc Herniation but also becoming a dancing living legend was not any lesser than a fairy tell or fictional inspirational story.

5. Turning down Great Roles

Turning down Great Roles

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This actually is a fact about Hrithik that we would want to change if given a chance. Hrithik has turned down many great roles and most of them due to the “dates” problems. Farhan Akhtar first wanted Hrithik to play the role of Sid in the movie “Dil Chahta Hai”. Farhan also wanted him to play lead role in Don instead of SRK. One more role for which SRK was approached after Hrithik had rejected was the lead role in Swades. Other than these, Sidharth’s role in “Rang De Basanti” was also offered to him first.

4. Problem with Stuttering

Problem with Stuttering

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Hrithik’s fluency with dialogues seems quite effortless now but even since childhood Hrithik had a problem that he stuttered. It was so bad that he often used to bunk school as a kid at the times of oral exams. Even after being good at studies he was scared of answering the questions since other kids used to make fun of him when he stuttered. We are sure those kids would be themselves amazed by the confidence that he shows now in front of the camera.

3. Naming Him Duggu

Naming Him Duggu

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Hrithik’s very famous nickname Duggu was given to him by his grandmother. He was very affectionate to his grandmother and the reason why his grandmother named him Duggu is also an interesting one. Actually Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan’s pet name is Guddu. And while everyone was thinking of a pet name for Hrithik; his grandmother came up with the idea of naming him Duggu that comes as a sound when chanting Guddu continuously.

2.  Presence at Madam Tussauds

Presence at Madam Tussauds

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Hrithik is the fifth Bollywood star whose wax statue find place at the Madam Tussauds’ wax museum. His statue in a trendy denim jeans and a sleeveless red jacket emphasizes on his sculpted body mainly. He is also shown wearing a pendant in the neck and in all; the statue’s look has been inspired from his look and attire in Dhoom2.

1. His Own Stuntman

His Own Stuntman

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Now while most of the heroes in the film fraternity take help of the body doubles and stuntmen for their action sequences; Hrithik likes to do his own stunts. In his movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara; Hrithik did all of the stunts in the scenes of bull race, sky diving and shooting in the deep water; all by himself. He is said to be a great swimmer and has come to be known as having a natural flair at swimming.

So these were some of the lesser known facts about Hrithik Roshan that you might not be aware with. Not only that Hrithik has received awards for his performances in the movies; he has also received awards as a result of opinion polls and these awards include award for most stylish man, sexiest man alive and also gay icon award. Too flattered and humbly accepting all honors; Hrithik has kept improving himself and now it would be good to see how impressively he delivers his performance in his quite anticipated movie Mohanjo Daro.

Again Wish You A Very Happy B’day Indian Superhero!!!!!!!!!!!!

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