Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Valentine day is a day to prove you love, if you have that special someone. This special day carries different levels of emotions and significance for different couples. It is a perfect day to show your beloved that you really care. Out of all the ways, what makes women most happy is gifts. It is not necessary to buy her an expensive gift, what matters is expressing your feelings and showing your attention through a small cute gift. The gifts always show your intentions and feeling toward her. Most women are romantic and just the sight of a gift can light up their eyes. Women love gifts because of the feelings with which they are give and not by its worth. Gifts are an easy way to keep that bond everlasting with your partner. A simple gift can do wonders for a relationship. So, here we are with a list of Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend which could be given to your girl in this month of love.

10 Valentine Greeting Card and Flowers

Greeting card and Flowers

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Greeting cards express the unsaid words and when someone has put an effort to make the card by their own, nothing in the world is worth that card. Greeting cards and flowers are the most pocket friendly gift if you are having some financial issue. Also Greetings cards are the best way to express your feelings if you are shy towards expressing your feelings. Flowers, especially red rose symbolize love. Be it a single stem of rose or a bouquet, it always say aloud “I Love You” like no flower. So, if you are an introvert, a greeting card along with bunch of flowers can speak your heart out to your girl friend.

9 Perfume and Fragrance

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If you want to gift your girl friend something that is “luxury” but within a fixed budget, then perfume is the best pick. However, choosing a perfume might be tricky, but it’s worth giving a try. One must choose the perfume that he would love her girl friend to wear and she would be more than happy to use it when she is with you. If your girl friend is brand conscious, make sure you do not disappoint her with some cheap perfume.

8 Matching Wrist Watch

Girl Wathes

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Women love to wear expensive watch. If you are gifting her watch on valentine day, make sure it is pair of matching watches for him and her. This way, you not only make her feel special but you also get something. This would not make you feel like having a hole in your pocket. Couple watches are available in almost all the brands in different ranges. Every time you and your girl would be wearing those watches, the memory of love valentine eve would revive in your thoughts.

7 Photo Frame

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A picture is worth a thousand words” and Photo frames are yet another best gift for a valentine day. Arrange the special moments spent together in a large photo frame or you can also buy her a digital photo frame, if your budget allows. Women are no doubt emotional creature and this extra effort of yours would melt her heart. If you are to propose her and you do not have images of time spent together, you can also get her a photo frame with a romantic poem framed in it. If you have tough time expressing your feeling, let the frame do the talking.

6 Lovely Teddy Bear

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Teddy bears are women’s best friend; you just need to find the cutest one for her. Every time your girlfriend would go to sleep she would have that teddy bear to cuddle up at night thinking of it as you. Whenever you would be unable to speak to her she will speak her heart out to her favorite teddy. When it comes to a teddy bear the bigger it is the better it is. So, if possible gift her largest teddy bear of 5 feet around. This huge teddy will be her going to her best friend in times of trouble and loneliness.

5 Beautiful Diamond Earrings and Pendents


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When it comes to gifting a girl, nothing could be compared to jewelry or diamonds. It is rare possibility for a woman to resist gold or gemstones. Apart from gold and gemstones, silver and platinum could also be gifted. When it comes to gifting jewelry, don’t opt for fakes. If you can’t afford to buy her 100 percent pure gold go for something less, but do not gift the fake ones. No doubt gold jewelry is not a cheap option, but it is surely fail-proof option. Even if your girl friend does not like the design, she won’t put the gift with the junk stuff she doesn’t use. The gift is precious in itself and also she won’t let go effort you put to buy her an expensive V-day gift. Also if you are planning to propose your girl on this special day, a platinum ring would do wonders for you.

4 Purse and Handbags


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Purse or handbags are most economical gift for a girl friend on a V-day. Purses are one of the most useful gifts that one could gift to his girl friend. Purses are also available in variety of range starting from just 100 bucks to tens of thousands. One can also order purses online according to their preference to their girl friends living away from them.

3 Mobile or Tablets

Mobile Phone

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Gifting your girl friend a mobile or tablet would not only make her V-day special but would remind her of your love each time she will use the mobile. This technological gift would keep her connected with you all the time. Mobile phones are the most practical gift that one could gift to his girl friend. If her needs point towards a laptop or computer you could also gift a tablet. If your budget does not allow you to gift her smart phone or tablet there are various offers and schemes available in the market as well as online, that allows you to pay for the product in installments.

2 Box Full of Chocolates


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The most tried and tested form of gift for a girl is chocolates. There are various assortments of chocolates available that are specially designed and packed in the heart shaped boxes for V-day. Also there are chocolates that have a special love message engraved on them for love birds. If your woman is health conscious you could also gift her healthy chocolates or sugar free chocolates.

1 A Romantic dinner


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If you want an instant “YES” from you girl, take her to her favorite restaurant at a candle light dinner, accompanied by a wine or champagne. The dinner should be in a private area with romantic music being played in the background. At times, feed her with your own hand and whisper the words of love in her ears. Make sure, you also get her some more gifts as chocolates and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Nothing could make a woman melt more than the words of love from the man she adores.

If it is an Indian date then you should go for a gol-gappa and ice-cream trip after food, Indian girls love it and at last if she like betel then go for that too.

By following any of one idea you can make this valentine special for you and your loved once. Happy Valentine Day !!!

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