Top 10 Weird and Crazy Laws in Iowa

Often people in west are ridiculed by the things that happen in India; they regard many of Indian practices and rituals as weird and crazy. While they are mocking at some of the traditions that are started by people that were less educated and informed in the old times; there still are things in their own continent that are weird and irony being that they are called laws and are regulated by a jury of highly educated members. If you have a habit of surfing internet for at least a few hours a day; there are high chances that every now and then you would have come across people mocking at various laws in Iowa. People have often made fun of Iowans as their state has some weird and crazy laws. Let us look at top 10 weird and crazy laws in Iowa:

10. Ice Cream Vendors Not Allowed

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If you are a kid or you got one who is fond of eating ice cream regularly; Iowa might not be the place you would be looking to take him. As in the town of Indianola; it is a law that states that no ice cream vendors are allowed. I know people got scared after incidents happening when child traffickers disguised as ice cream vendors lured kids; but this is beyond understanding to ban the whole business of ice cream vendors.

9. Fire; It can Wait

Fire; It can Wait

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So you are not an ice cream fan and you still find a way to visit Iowa and be their guest. If that is the case we suggest you take full precautions while you are in Fort Madison region of Iowa as the fire department in the region does something you can’t even think about. Just imagine that someone calls the fire department and tells them that a building has caught fire; imagine the response of fire department. Well the fire department quickly starts practicing for 15 minutes before taking on the actual fire; we salute you Iowa!

8. No Palm Readers Please

No Palm Readers Please

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They say that curiosity is a good thing and what might be the biggest point of curiosity for a normal person than his own future. But mind it; this curiosity has to be controlled if you are in the Cedar Rapids city of Iowa; there are high chances that your curiosity towards knowing the future will get you behind the bars. It is clearly stated in their crazy laws that no palm readers can be allowed in the city limits in the city of Cedar Rapids. You are reading the palm of another man; one thing about your future; you are going to jail!

7. Hello 911; He Just Winked At Me

Hello 911; He Just Winked At Me

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If you see a woman dialing 911 or lodging a police complain against someone who just winked at her in city limits; you know that you are in Ottumwa city of Iowa. Well the heat will only arise if you are in the city limits and you are winking at a strange woman. You can think of this city as place working for the women empowerment. So next time you feel the urge to wink at strange woman; make sure she is outside the limits of Ottumwa city!

6. Free Performing One Handed Pianists

Free Performing One Handed Pianists

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Everyone who performs and is skilled at an art must be paid and honored. The place of the artist gets higher in our heart if he is physically challenged and still maintains his skill. But no; this respect can be considered as criminal offense in the Iowa state if you are offering to pay a man who has only one hand and plays pianos. Oh come on you got to be kidding on this one!

5. Do Not Throw Bricks without Permission

Do Not Throw Bricks without Permission

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People all around the world who have ever taken part in any sort of mob activity will be pleased after reading this. Pack your bags and move to Mount Vernon in Iowa; there you can throw all the bricks and stones that you want on highway after you have received a written application from the City Council; as simple as that!

4.  Do Not Let Your Horse Eat Fire Hydrants

Do Not Let Your Horse Eat Fire Hydrants

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Pet animals are loved by their owners and no surprise in that. However they can often do things which can irritate or embarrass person who owns them. But how can Iowa not be one step ahead for regulating laws against them too? So if you are in Marshalltown of Iowa and you own a horse; the first thing you teach it is that your horse should never eat a fire hydrant! Now just stop wondering how the jury even thought that Horses have such strong teethJ.

3. Tax Stamp for Drug Dealers

Tax Stamp for Drug Dealers

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Looks like Iowan government has taken the ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ motto of Modi quite seriously. Now the drug dealers in Iowa can sell drugs and narcotics all they want as long as they have a drug tax stamp. Last thing we heard Oliver Queen AKA The Arrow spared the drug dealer selling drug after checking the drug tax stampJ

2. Wanna Kiss? Get Rid of Moustache First

Wanna Kiss Get Rid of Moustache First

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Public Display of Affection can be a problem to someone. But specifically prohibiting mustached man from kissing woman in public is out of logic. Yeah it is a rule and crazy law that when you are in Iowa and you have grown a moustache; you cannot kiss a woman in public. So the thing you need to do before seeing your girlfriend; find a barber and get rid of your moustache first!

1. Hello, Gonorrhea Patient Sighted

Hello, Gonorrhea Patient Sighted

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While doctors all over the world are promising their patients that their problems and diseases will be kept secret, doctors in Iowa make an exception. Well here in Iowa; doctors have to report to the local health board in case they are providing treatment to a patient who is suffering from gonorrhea or Herpes and it doesn’t end there; they also have to describe them about the origins of the patients’ disease. It looks like there is not a lot on the plates of local health boards in Iowa!

We check a lot about any particular part in the world if we are planning to travel there; guess these are the important weird and crazy laws that one should be aware about if he is planning to visit Iowa. Or the next thing he knows the first thing he will be visiting and checking in at Iowa will be a police locker room. So these were 10 weird and crazy laws in Iowa that are ridiculous and in some cases hilarious too.

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