Top 10 Weird Christmas Traditions around the Globe

Christianity is the most followed religion in the world and one can merely think about the number of the people who are following Christianity around the world. If sources are to be believed; one third of the population in the world follows this religion and with such a huge following; it is completely understood that there must be difference in the belief and the practices by the followers in the different parts of the world. So here are 10 weird traditions that are practiced in different parts of the world on Christmas.

10. Toss Shoes and Get Married (Slovakia)

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Every holiday is hard to celebrate for the single people since it’s the time you are with families and every family has people who are keen on the love lives of the singles. So here is a practice in Slovakia which is quite simple. Women tend to stand with their backs towards the door and then they throw their shoe over their shoulders. If the shoe somehow lands with the toe pointing to the door; kudos! It means you are getting married and would not be single on next Christmas. It looks like single ladies found a new destination for Christmas!

9. Christmas Cakes (Japan)

Christmas Cakes Japan

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Now if you would take a look at these cakes these are just your ordinary sponge cakes with the top consisting of whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate. But here lies the difference; these cakes are ordered and prepared especially for Christmas and are consumed on the eve of the holiday. If there is a cake left which is not sold after the 25th of December; then it doesn’t gets sold at all. Now one may call it a weird Christmas tradition; but I am sure Japanese health department would be happy with it!

8. Spider Web for Christmas (Ukraine)

Spider Web for Christmas

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This one goes back in history; according to local believes; there was once a poor woman who was unable to afford the decoration of the Christmas tree. So she didn’t, but the next morning she woke up to surprise seeing the tree covered with webs and when the first light touched it; it turned into gold and silver thus leaving the family more than enough for their lives. So people in Ukraine decorate their Christmas trees with artificial cobwebs and spiders; as they consider it lucky to see spider web on Christmas morning. Sure enough this weird Christmas tradition has an emotional past.

7. Wish fulfilling Pudding (Britain)

Wish fulfilling Pudding

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This is one tasty weird Christmas tradition that we are talking about. In Britain; members of the family (especially the kids) are made to stir the mix of the Pudding clockwise and while doing so they are supposed to make a wish. Earlier the practice included mixing a coin in the mixture and whoever got it in his serving was considered lucky. Same would go for the ring as the one finding the ring in his or her share of serving was supposed to get married soon.

6. Sauna Time for Christmas (Finland)


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Holidays are for relaxing and what better way to relax in winters than sauna bath. This is something that makes this weird Christmas tradition easy to follow. In Finland; almost every Finnish family has a sauna in their house as they believe that there is a ‘sauna elf’ that lives there. The elf is supposed to protect and teach inhabitants good behavior at the same time. So on the day of Christmas; people enjoy a nice sauna and that too completely naked. Although the sauna is left empty afterwards in the night for the spirits of dead ancestors. Yeah that might make this weird Christmas tradition a little bit like Halloween!

5. Colonel’s (KFC) Christmas (Japan)

Colonel’s (KFC) Christmas

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Japanese are disciplined and that implies to following traditions too. However; this weird Christmas tradition is rather commercial than traditional. Thanks to a 4 decades old advertising campaign; Japanese parents have passed this tradition over the generations to take the family at the KFC on Christmas. No surprise that the demands increase to 10 times of its monthly at the time of Christmas. You can bet this is one weird Christmas tradition that chickens are #intolerant to :).

4. Christmas in Graveyard (Finland)

Christmas in Graveyard

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So Finland has an equal score of weird Christmas traditions as Japan. Finnish families practice an annual visit to the graves of their dear ones on Christmas and while they do so they lit the candles on the graves as an honor to the deceased. It just doesn’t ends here; family members also leave food on the tables and rest on floor at the night giving the deceased a place to rest.

3. Shoes better than Socks (Philippines)

Shoes better than Socks

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Christmas is huge in Philippines since around 85 % of the population is Christian. Not only the preparations for the festival start from the September; festival itself lasts till January after the completion of “The Feast of three Kings”. Kids at night leave not only their socks but also their well polished shoes on their window sills so that the three kings can leave gifts for them (kids). Well it is not so weird tradition for Christmas after all as long as it involves kids getting gifts!

2. Sticky Pudding (Slovakia)

Sticky Pudding

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The eldest person in the house is often most sane and what if he starts throwing the edibles at the roof? Well; this weird Christmas traditions involves most senior man of the family throwing a spoonful of the “loksa” pudding at the roof and it is considered that the more the pudding sticks on the roof; the better it is.

1. Santa’s Postal Address (Canada)

Santa’s Postal Address

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This one is rather sweet than a weird Christmas Traditions as in Canada there is a postal address that has been specifically assigned for Santa Claus. H0H0H0 (just like HOHOHO) is the postal address in Canada where the letters mentioning the address Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, H0H0H0 are delivered. And not just these letters are received at this address, they are also replied too. Well if in dark times like today; if someone is giving kids a firm reason to believe Santa and merriment; we salute them for that.

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