Top 10 Weird Reasons People Got Fired

People work so that they can earn their bread and butter. Now there might be some people who can be careless about their jobs and work but most of the people around the world work their asses off so that they don’t just get laid off. It is a different thing when recession hits hard an economy and people are fired without a reason but we know that world is full of all kinds of people and so there have been cases when people have been fired for the reasons that would sound utterly nonsense after you’ll read about them. So here is a list of top 10 weird reasons people got fired :

10. Kimberly Swann – The Woman That Got Fired For Updating Her Facebook Status

Kimberly Swann - The Woman That Got Fired For Updating Her Facebook Status

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Facebook is the most popular source of social media today and every now and then. People share whatever they are doing and feeling on Facebook with their friends and families. But what if someone gets fired for updating Facebook status? That’s what happened with Kimberly Swann; a teen from Britain who got fired after her boss read the status “bored at work”. The boss said that it was not going to work out as she was clearly not happy at work and thus the decision was justified. Well, it looks like Mark Zuckerburg owes a job to Swann!

9. Ellen Simonetti – The Flight Attendant Who Was Fired For Blogging

Ellen Simonetti - The Flight Attendant Who Was Fired For Blogging

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Looking at the reason above and this one; maybe you will have to believe that internet is taking a toll at the jobs of people. In this case; Ellen Simonetti was fired from Delta Airlines after the authorities found out on her running a blog named ‘Diary of a Flight Attendant’. In their defense; people from airline stated that they took this decision as Ellen took inappropriate photos in which her bra was visible when she was still wearing her uniform and was on plane. Ellen later renamed her blog as ‘Diary of a Fired Flight Attendant’.

8. Melissa Nelson – The Dental Assistant Fired For Being Too Attractive

Melissa Nelson - The Dental Assistant Fired For Being Too Attractive

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Melissa Nelson is a woman with exceptional circumstances. While a huge number of woman all over the world are getting job due to their attractive features; she got fired for having one. Dentist James Knight fired her as he feared that he could not resist Melissa as she was quite sexy. Though Melissa charged James back for harassment at work by showing his text in which she was asked by him, “how often do you experience orgasms”? The court however gave decision in James’ favor saying that she was actually too sexy for that job. Once again laws in Iowa surprise all.

7. Dan Leone’s Facebook Feed Got Him Fired

Dan Leone’s Facebook Feed Got Him Fired

Image Source:  philly

Dan Leone (no, he is not a relative of Sunny Leone 🙂 ) was fired from work at Philadelphia Eagles for letting his feelings out at Facebook. Dan worked for Philadelphia Eagles and when Brian Dawkins resigned from Eagles and joined Denver; Dan got upset and let his feelings burst out on Facebook. The Employers of course didn’t take it well and Dan as a result was sacked. Looks like Kimberly (at number 10) and Dan both need to learn to control their feelings on FB.

6. Seinfeld Joke Repetition Got Man Fired

Seinfeld Joke Repetition Got Man Fired

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Many of you out there would be familiar with the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and Elaine kept saying “you are so good looking” whenever somebody sneezed. John Preston from Cedar Falls was fired when he aimed this dialogue at a pretty female co worker. Though there other co workers who joined John in this teasing incident but since John continued this for long even by sending her emails about the same; he was fired for the charges of sexual harassment.

5. Filippa Hamilton – 120 Pound Model Who Was Actually Too Fat

Filippa Hamilton - 120 Pound Model Who Was Actually Too Fat

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Filippa Hamilton is a 29 year old Swedish French model. At the age of 16 she got her first campaign with Ralph Lauren and since then had considered the company her second home. Now this 5ft 10 inch model was just 120 pounds (54.5kg) when Ralph Lauren fired her for being too fat. What started as a photograph edited by the company wrongfully resulted in the termination of Filippa instead. After being mocked out worldwide for the photo; Ralph Lauren apologized for images poor retouching and imaging but shortly fired Filippa stating that she didn’t fit into the sample clothes that she needed to wear for the company.



Image Source: bestofmicro

Now the name of this woman is Vicky Walker who liked writing all her emails in capital letter and if that was not irritating enough she wrote them in bold red and blue colored fonts. She was however fired from Pro care health on the grounds of disharmony in workplace caused by her. Later she won the case and was given a compensation of $17,000 for being dismissed in an unfair manner. Did I wrote the heading in all caps too!

3. Stacey Fearnall – Waitress Fired For Shaving Her Head

Stacey Fearnall - Waitress Fired For Shaving Her Head

Image Source:  imgur

When Stacey Fearnall decided to shave her head for a cancer fundraising event; she was in for a big shock the next time she showed on work. She was a waitress at Nathaniel’s restaurant and there the owner Dan Hilliard fired her after she refused to wear a wig. Dan however said in his defense that restaurant had a strict policy about the standards and also didn’t allowed male staff to wear earrings and expected staff members to maintain appropriate hair lengths.

2. Micah Grimes – Coach Who Was Expelled After Making His Team Win With 100-0

Micah Grimes - Coach Who Was Expelled After Making His Team Win With 100-0

Image Source: oddee

Coach Micah Grimes in 2009 helped his team of covenant school for girls make a win over the other team with a mark of 100-0. However the other team was of an academy that helped kids suffering from learning difficulties like dyslexia. The school authority though of their win not a “Christlike” win and told coach to apologize and when he didn’t he was fired.

1. Juan Canales – Waiter Fired After He Saved Carjacking

Juan Canales - Waiter Fired After He Saved Carjacking

Juan Canales worked in a Thai restaurant situated in the city of Fort Lauderdale. On a day when he was at work he noticed that a 22 year old woman Massiel Marquartdt was carjacked by a man who was pointing knife towards her. Juan tackled the attacker and held him until police arrived and took him under the arrest. After this heroic act; when Juan returned to restaurant he was stunned to know that he was fired from the work for leaving his work in between. Even after he explained what he did the restaurant manager said that he might have done something heroic but was not a good employee as he left his shift in between.

Now people might have authorities in their hands for hiring and firing other. But firing people over such ridiculous and weird reasons is going to get you find a place amongst the world of weirdo too.

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