Top 10 Women Diseases Some Caused Millions of Death Every Year

For a woman every day is an action-packed day where they have to manage home and office. In such condition it is difficult for them to get attention for herself. Consequently disease occupy them quickly. Today we are telling you about top 10 women diseases which is the result of the negligence, unhealthy lifestyle and increasing age.

10 Extreme Menstrual Bleeding


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In all the women, it is common to face difficulties during menstruation cycle. It happens because uterine cells changed every month, and swelling come during menstruation cycle. The cells tend to become coarse and cause it pain. Sometimes in periods irregular bleeding, pelvic pain and pain in whole body is also considerable symptoms. This will cause complain of infertility in many woman.

Many of our readers asked that how menstruation leads to death, so here you go? Most of the disease arises in the women is due to improper menstruation cycle. This is not a general scenario, but extreme bleeding during menstrual some way leads to death because of Blood Cell Loss. It is called the condition of hypovolemic, where your body does not able to process oxygen to your organ system, and which leads to death. This type of cases mostly found in the developed countries where improper attention and treatment caused to death of woman from menstruation.


9 Vaginitis


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Vaginal Itching, Redness, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Smell in Vagina, Irritation during Urination and pain while having Intercourse (Sex) etc. may be signs of Vaginitis. In addition to these symptoms often women remain ill, wearing tight clothes, emerge cream-like substance from vagina, fecal contamination etc. also become cause of Vaginitis..

8 Bone Weakness


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Woman needs nutrition like iron, folic acid and calcium with their increasing age. Woman required these nutrition to overcome the effect of low calcium, fractures due to weak bones, vitamin D etc. However, too much exercise is also a reason behind bone weakness. To avoid this abandon the cigarette and alcohol. Also woman need to maintain their body weight and take the rich diet which has a higher portion of Calcium with Vitamin D.

7 Anemia


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With the start-up of your day do you feel tired?

The color of your skin become pale?

Is your nail become delicate (early rupture)? 

If so, then you may have Anemia. Actually handling the family, career and other such responsibilities, fatigue is common to women. But without any specific reason the exhaustion is the symptom of Anemia. In the Anemia, the volume of Red Blood Cells (RBC) in the blood decreases. Lack of oxygen in the hemoglobin become cause of decrease number of RBC. Because of Anemia the patient feel fatigue, irritable, red discoloration on the tongue, brushed lip edge, heavily blood flow during menstrual cycle and deficiency of B2, B6, B12 and folic acid. To avoid Anemia one need to take the iron rich food like Spinach, Beetroot, Red Meat etc.

6 Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

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It is the most common and dangerous disease in women. According to medical experts, four out of every five women in India suffer from this disease. However, according to the Cancer Registry, urban women have double the risk of getting breast cancer than rural women. The leading cause of Breast Cancer is poor diet, tobacco, alcohol, fitness slip, more than one relation, premature sex and late marriage. In India, nearly thirty three thousand women each year die from breast cancer. While in USA, 39,620 women has been died from this disease in year 2013.

5 Fibroids


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These days, every third out of four woman, living in cities has Fibroids. In this disease the problems arises like increase in menstrual blood flows, back pain and impairment in pregnancy. In uterus the fibers begin to grow. These fibers are shrunk sometimes during menstrual cycle. The weight of these fibers can be increased up to a kilogram, causing pain during intercourse and frequent urination (pee).

4 Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infection

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Much smaller urethra can become cause of bladder cancer in women. The probability of occurrence Urinary Tract infections is more in women than men. Starting from the kidney, move through tubes, UTI reaches at Urinary Tract and enters into the urethra to affect. This risk increases after menopause. The main symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections during pregnancy are irritation or pain while passing urine. In addition, pain or burning sensation in the vagina, pain during intercourse, frequent urination, stunk from urine, pain in the lower abdomen, urine color become yellow, blood flow, lower back pain etc. are also considered into the symptoms of UTI.

3 Depression


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Depression affects women more than men. In this condition everything seems negative to women. They fail to be happy. Unable to do enjoy anything. The main reason behind depression is psychological harm, difficulties in relations, genetic predisposition, alcohol habit, obesity, etc. However, in women after marriage also added some other reasons, such as hormonal change after pregnancy, menopause. Almost 80 percent of women suffered from postpartum depression (depression after giving birth). Some women are cured in a few days, some takes much time to recover. The proclivity towards suicide, frequent crying, sleepless, weight loss, felt to be guilty and not settled down with the surrounding things are such considerable symptoms of Depression.

2 Belly Fat or Obesity

Belly Fat or Obesity

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In obese people, diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk, creates scenario for higher chance of early death. Not only unhealthy diet, but also lack of proper menstruation in women, Infertility and miscarriage is also reason behind the obesity or belly fat in women. Women who are superfluous fat, feel considerable difficulties during pregnancy. They have higher risk of infection, hypertension and gestational diabetes. In India people become fat quicker than other countries. As per the Obesity Foundation of India more than three percent of Indians are clinically obese and 25 percent are overweight.

1 Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

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In the Metabolic Syndrome X, blood pressure become high, blood sugar become high and cholesterol become low, so the risk of heart diseases and diabetes increases. If the patient take healthy diet, regular exercise and treated at the right time, this syndrome can be cured. Closure of menstruation and by taking contraception drugs also increases the risk of metabolic syndrome.

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