Top 10 Worst School Teachers Ever

School time is the time when our personality is under development. What we learn and see there is an everlasting impression most of the times in our minds. Kids are impressionable when they go to schools and that is why their parents and guardians take care at home that what kind of things that they must come across and what not. However they feel relaxed when kids are at schools since parents believe that it would be the last place where the kids would be witnessing anything that can be wrong for them. There is a very tough screening while the schools select teachers for kids. And teachers are also very cautious about what image and example they are setting in front of the kids. But this world is a vast sea of humans and like everywhere else there are ought to be some bad fishes that are present to ruin the essence, purity and ambience of the water. So here we bring to you some of the worst teachers in the history of schooling and no we will not be needed to go in distant pasts to look for these worse teachers.

10. Drunk Teacher

Drunk Teacher ( Tonya Neff, Toro Canyon Middle School)

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As we have already discussed that kids are impressionable and thus everyone no matter how badly they are addicted to something; try to avoid it in front of kids. But here is a teacher in California named Tonya Neff and this unfortunate incident happened in Toro Canyon Middle School in Thermal town of Southern California. 47 year old Tonya was showing signals of being drunk and the school administration then informed police. The police however believed that Neff had taken some of the prescription pills combined with alcohol. Not only she was asked to leave school but she also faced charges of child endangerment.

9. McDonald Job Application

McDonald Job Application

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It is one thing to inspire the kids by setting an example of successful person in front of them and even scaring them a little bit about their bad future in case they don’t study well; that is also okay. But attaching a McDonald job application with the failed results of the students is a completely unimaginable thing. The picture of this has gone pretty viral and there has been a mixed response from people on this particular step of the teacher. Some people are saying that it is mean towards the McDonald workers while others are thinking it as a harsh but not so bad move to motivate kids.

8. Let Us Spray You

Pictured: Seven year old Hafod Primary School pupil Cory Andrew (correct) with his mum Karen, one of the complainants against teacher Elizabeth Davies, at their home in Swansea south Wales. Tuesday 15 February 2011 Re: A General Teaching Council for Wales disciplinary hearing is being held in Cardiff about nursery teacher Elizabeth Davies who was sacked in 2009 for spraying 'smelly' young children with air freshener. 48 year old Davies, was accused of 'humiliating' children aged between three and six who accidentally wet themselves. An investigation by education chiefs found she forced young children who had soiled themselves to remain in their dirty clothes.

Image Source: dailymail

Children never discriminate; they have a pure heart that gives them a vision of equality towards everything. It is the elder people who discriminate and create differences. So here is this teacher named Elizabeth Davies who was found guilty of spraying her students from age 3 to 6 by aerosol. This teacher who had a 20 year experience said that she found them smelling like onions and curry and that’s why she took this step. The students who became the victim of humiliation by her were all Bangladeshi. 48 year old Mrs. Davies was then sacked from her 3400 £ job from the Swansea’s Hafod Primary School.

7. Sex Tape of Teacher

Sex Tape of Teacher

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This one definitely sounds worst of all and to some extent it is as the children that could be affected from this were fifth graders. A teacher named Crystal Defnati from a school in Sacramento made a mistake of distributing her own home made sex tape to the kids instead of giving them a DVD of crash course on Birds and Bees. The teacher later found it out and called the parents she knew to stop them from showing the DVD to the kids. However in this one the parents took the side of the teacher saying that it was an honest mistake as the teacher is quite well respected and a good woman who did an embarrassing mistake unintentionally.

6. Your Punishment: Eat on Floor

Your Punishment Eat on Floor - Charles Summer Elementary School

Image Source: foxnews

This incident happened in the Charles Summer Elementary School in New Jersey. In this case; fifteen students of fifth grade were given punishment for spilling a jug of water and the punishment was to eat on the floor of gymnasium. The main reason that the incident came into lights was because school was already infamous for its racial division between African American students and Hispanic. And to make things worse the Vice President who punished the kids was an African American person while all the fifteen kids were Hispanic. While the dismissed teacher received a sum of 75000 $ as a settlement; parents of 7 students received an amount of 500,000$.

5. Teacher’s Erotic Novel Starring Students

Teacher’s Erotic Novel Starring Students

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It looks like this teacher has to learn to control her instincts. This one British teacher named Leonora Rustamova wrote a novel named “Stop Don’t Read this” and published on a self publishing website. Nothing seems wrong with it but what is wrong was the content of the novel. In that novel she centered the story on her own 5 students and described how they steal, swear and even flirt with their teacher. She also termed 2 of her students as ‘Gorgeous Mr. UK finalists’ and wrote that it was hard for her to see those students as just kids with every passing day. She also added that the orgasmic moans of the students sounded a lot like the soundtrack of teenage gay porn. The weirdest thing however about it was that even after she was sacked by the governors; her pupils and their parents stood in her favor.

4. There is No Santa in Real

There is No Santa in Real

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We all love Santa and he definitely regards kids as his favorite. So imagine someone saying to kids that Santa is not real. This utterly stupid thing was done in the Blackshaw Lane Primary school in Royton Oldham where the substitute teacher told kids that their parents and not the Santa placed gifts for them on Christmas. Parents complained about her and as a result Head Angela McCornmck not only apologized from kids but also cleared it to the agency that she doesn’t want that teacher to work there again.

3. Two Teachers; One Chair

Two Teachers; One Chair

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Yeah that is the name that has been given by the students to the teachers’ dance in a spirit rally that took place in Churchill High School at Winnipeg. These 2 teachers out of which one was recognized as a physical education teacher named Chrystie Fitchner were performing a lap dance in front of a group of 100 students that included students as young as 13 years old. The dance included the male teacher doing things like the graphical representation of oral sex and was clear enactment of hips gyrating, butt slapping and many weird things. After this the teachers were fired without even given them there salary. The video of this dance later had gone quite viral on the YouTube.

2. Taping the Mouth Shut of the Student

Jazlyn Freel, a student at New Renaissance Middle School, is claiming a teacher taped her mouth shut because she wouldn't stop talking during class.

Image Source: dailymail

In this particular incident; the teacher taped up the mouth of her 13 year old student named Jazlyn Freel. Her Mother; Leah Freel then complained to the administration of the New Renaissance Middle School that the teacher taped her daughter’s mouth when she didn’t stop talking in class. Leah was then told that the teacher was reassigned but it definitely caused a traumatic impact on the mind of the young girl.

1. Teacher Who Ordered Hit on the Student

Teacher Who Ordered Hit on the Student

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Dru Dehart was a teacher in Florida and she was fired back in 2013 when she allegedly made her 6 students to hit their classmate who dared to talk back to Dru. The shameful incident happened in the Northport K8 School where it was clarified by the recordings on the surveillance camera that she ordered a hit on Rodravious Williams by encouraging 6 bullies from his own class to hit Williams. Dehart also said to Williams that she has her ‘eighth grade boys on him’ and he ‘wasn’t so tough now’. Looking at the incident like this you just wish if there were a system to give them a piece of their own cake sometimes.

So these were some of the worst school teachers that we have come across. Of course there are even more heinous incidents in this world that either have not come in the lights or we are not aware of that but what we wish is to see an end coming to things that can cause take the innocence from the kids in any way.

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  • Why are you only slut shaming the woman who did the lap dance?. The man in that video was also a teacher and only the woman got fired ….. the man is the one who actually did the worst parts yet he gets away with it!

    Perfect example of Male privilege…….

    Shame Adeil Ahmed as well. He’s even more to blame because he started it .

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