Top 12 Things Which Make Indian Parents More Orthodox

India is no doubt a diverse country. From different cultures to different beliefs, India has a lot in its basket since ages. Frankly stating, India has been orthodox from starting. Being a state where Women were always in Pardas yet free enough to choose husbands in Swayamvar, It has been always a base of debate. Today I have got 12 Things which Make Indian Parents More Orthodox which finally gives us a brief about the wedge between the child and the duo.

Even today, in the 21st century, Indian Parents never leave an option for young children to be what they wish to be. Even today, being true to ourselves and choosing a lifestyle what we wish to live like is a constant topic of debate between the classes.

No wonder, why the west has been developed so rapidly over time and why they are even becoming independent fast. I am not comparing or telling of how regressed India is. But where a movie like Padmavati yet has an issue with release speaks enough about freedom of press and media.

We as a Nation are totally in development state, but with the mind, we are yet living in mid of 15th century where parents decide our future to our marriages been tied with the agreement of parents with gifts from Girls as a dowry. Congrats, we are developing with worst mindset.

Here are Top 12 Things which Make Indian Parents More Orthodox:

12. Contradictory Lifestyle with West:

India has always been a nation of restrictions and boundations. When it comes to a freer lifestyle which the World is living, Whereas, Indian Parents yet have the mindset of controlling their child and their lifestyle just like the past.

It is important for parents to understand the changes that the nations worldwide are going through. It is this change that the future will be shaped with because time changes and so does the society.

11. Narrow Mindset:

Narrow Mindset

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In India, children are yet told to choose a subject of what their parents dream about. I mean seriously? Is it your dreams or what the parents want you to be?

Many children who wish to pursue different fields like singing or acting yet are discouraged by their parents due to their stereotypical thoughts about the field. While many who wish to become doctor and professor are encouraged.
What do you want? Why so much ifs and buts?

10. Marriage a Business Proposal:

Marriage a Business Proposal

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While many in India dream to marry some prince or extraordinary man, yet it is a mere dream because what happens is entirely different.

We being Indian, date someone we wish to marry but that someone is not acceptable by our parents for so reasons and then we end up having an arranged marriage with someone who expects dowry.

Great mom and dad! You really found someone who will keep me happy.

9. Men are Heroes and Women need Heroes:

Men are Heroes and Women need Heroes

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So as the line says it all. Indian society is yet in the middle of the field where women have to prove her strong by being in the field of boxing and so.

Men in the street yet even tease her because they are manly and women need a man for survival. I mean really? FUNK IT!

8. Dressing Needs Perfection:

Dressing Needs Perfection

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Now India remains India. While women in the west are free to dress in whatever they want without a doubt of being teased (because they have all rights and all) women in India yet have to ask for permission of what they can buy because cleavage, strappy and tubes are not allowed.

7. Inter-Caste Not Allowed:

Inter-Caste Not Allowed

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So when it comes to love marriages which some of us manage to do. The ever first question of a parent while we introduce him to them is, “What caste do you belong?”. So yeah, maybe they are less human or less cultured. Really? No!

Where in the constitution of India, everyone is given “equality amongst all” status yet this question perceives between two families to decide whether the opposition party is eligible or not because our experience with them is not enough.

6. Our Mobiles are an Issue:

Our Mobiles are an Issue

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Now Indian parents are typical, I mean, we have to be all-time serious in front of them because if we laugh while looking in the phone, it is possible for them to go mad because according to them someone might have been flirting with us.

Thank You! Now, this makes me sick.

5. Queries Never Ends:

Giving Bio-Data of the Other

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Now even after we manage to survive all of it. We someday think of having some good time with pals outside and there comes the fountain of questions.

“Who is going with you?” “How many boys will be there?” “What is the ratio of boys and girls?” “Give me their numbers?” “What are their addresses?” “Where did you meet them?” “What does their parent do?” and ETC ETC ETC.

Even if we manage to answer all and survive through them without getting mad, another question pops out making us wonder why we are alive.

Seems Relatable? I know you do.

4. The Ever Lasting Taunts of not Being Perfect:

The Ever Lasting Taunts of not Being Perfect

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When we believe that our life cannot be more terrible than this, some aunties appears telling how perfect her daughter and son is to our mom making her look at us with that nasty face of why are we not like their children.

So you mean, they are perfect and do not meet their boyfriend hiding? I will prove you wrong mom, wait for it.

Revenge State Started.

3. Performing Rituals is must:

Performing Rituals is must

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So after all of it, when we manage to be sweet, there comes another command from her majesty of why we don’t follow our  rituals properly.

Really? Our beliefs and practices will be controlled by you now?

Thank You for So Much Love.

2. Always Judging You:

We are Always wrong

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When we get into a fight with someone on phone or at college, they have to know it all because personal space is nothing for them.

Even if we end up telling them, in place of giving some fat abusive words for the other party, we fall into the trap saying “Tumne hi Kuch Kiya Hoga”(You surely done something mischievous), “Tali dono hath se bajti hai”(It takes two hands to clap! ).

Yes, we are born imperfect. Why didn’t you abort me?

1. We are Forever Children:

We are Forever Children

Now even though we manage to be 25 with some experience and are already getting married and having an amazing business, we are yet immature little children because we can NEVER grow up.

Feels great? Haha, you know that best.


So here are the top 12 amazing yet frustration things which makes a child’s parents more orthodox because we are kids and we will forever be kids. FMA.

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