Top 12 Unknown Facts about Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle

There isn’t a single doubt about soon to be Mrs. Harry Meghan Markle about how grand her wedding is going to be next year. Since the declaration has been done by the couple about their wedding, the world has been going abuzz on how grand it will be. So in this sweet journey we have come out with some unknown facts about the Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle. If you adored Megan Markle you will surely like these facts.

The American Princess is a long-time humanitarian, women rights activist and actress. She has held a degree in International relations from Northwestern. The “Suits” actress has been dating Prince Harry since past few years and already started to make headlines since the duo made their public appearances frequent.

Speculations were already made about the duo’s wedding since the ever first PDAs they shared on different occasions.  No doubt, the to-be princess is having time of her life.

The news of their engagement appeared on 27th December when the duo shared a picture with a wedding ring on Meghan’s finger.

Today we have brought some amazing facts about American Actress Meghan Markle who is going to be the Princesses of Harry’s world.

These Top 12 Unknown Facts about Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle will blow your mind:

12. Meghan Markle isn’t her Full Name:

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The suit actress’s Meghan Markle full  name is Rachel Meghan Markle who got popularized with the show in which she had her name, Rachel. Hence people started to assume it as just a mere name of on screen rather than the real one.

11. Briefcase Model on Deal or No Deal:

Briefcase Model on Deal or No Deal

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Before getting the show “Suits” Meghan Markle was a bit popular for the show Deal or No Deal where she had to hold the mysterious suitcase.

10. Animal Right Activist:

Animal Right Activist

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Meghan Markle is also popular for her speeches and support for canines since the day she adopted Bogart and Guy (also her dogs) as per a request from Ellen DeGeneres.

No wonder this girl is super humanitarian.

9. Meghan Loves FLOWER:

Meghan Loves FLOWER

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Meghan Markle always had been a lover of flowers since her childhood. Even her mother who too once had a garden full of flowers yet sends her flowers on her big occasions. Her mother also kept Meghan’s name as “Little Flower” as per her liking.

8. Calligraphy Expert:

Calligraphy Expert

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Meghan always had an interest in the field of arts and literature. She always adored nature and the beauty that it has to offer. In her early teen years, Meghan used to earn money making with special Calligraphy Cards.

7. Meghan passion for Yoga since Childhood:

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As previously told, Meghan loves nature and everything that it has to offer. She started her Yoga sessions at 7 years old and yet practices it regularly.

6. Interned in US Embassy:

Meghan in her early years had been not a just beautiful explorer but also a studious and smart girl. Being a graduate in International Relations she also interned some time in US Embassy.

5. Fashion Designer:

Meghan Markle Fashion Designer

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Meghan always loved to engage and look fashionable. In her mid-20s Meghan collaborated with a Canadian Retail Company to couture fashion style to something classy and casual.

4. Bestie with Serena Williams:

Meghan Markle Bestie with Serena Williams

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During a charity athletic event that happened to took place couple of years ago, Meghan and Serena had few words where they started to adore each other’s friendship. They totally knocked it off and since call each other as their soul sisters.

3. Older than Prince Harry:

Older than Prince Harry

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Even though love has no bonds, it yet is a controversy in the United Kingdom. However, Meghan’s age doesn’t bother the royal family and the couple. No wonder, stereotypes had ended in the most amazing way.

2. MOST GOOGLED Actress in 2016:

Meghan Markle MOST GOOGLED Actress in 2016:

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Amid rumors of the couple dating, the world was blown when the duo was seen together in a public event. No wonder, many were keen to know who the person was yet everything and nothing was left to be searched. Rest is history.

1. Prince Harry ALWAYS Adored Meghan:

Prince Harry ALWAYS Adored Meghan


Now, this is super cute and adorable! Prince Harry had a crush on Meghan since he started watching “Suits“. In an interview, he was asked of whom he adores where he took Meghan’s name. Later during his friend’s marriage, Meghan too was present in the event where he officially met Meghan for the first time.


It won’t be wrong to say that there are perks of being a Prince. I mean, you got to marry the crush you always had on. Since the facts blow minds of many, it is yet one of the most awaited marriage. However the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be taking place in May 2018, I yet wonder what all things are yet to come from the most adorable couple of all time.

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