Top 13 Unknown Facts about Miss World India 2017 Manushi Chillar

On Saturday 18th, 2017, India once again got proud of her beauty and personality as Manushi Chillar won the crown of Miss World. Among 118 contestants from different countries, Manushi reached to Top 10 Contestants where she came in the first position as the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED personality among all the participants. It was hence after 17 years that after Priyanka Chopra, Manushi won back the title of Miss World for India. These are the 13 Unknown Facts about Manushi Chillar which will make you fall for the girl back to back. Here are the Top 13 Unknown Facts about Miss World India 2017 Manushi Chillar:

13. From a Doctor to Miss World:

From a Doctor to Miss World

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Manushi who made the whole country proud with her traits of beauty and brains has a lot more than just beauty. Manushi who has won the crown of Miss World is not just someone who managed to get a good career in the field of modeling but also is a successful science student. She has come from a family of Doctors where her father is a scientist and mother is a doctor of neurochemistry and applied science. Manushi too is a student Bharat Phool Singh Government College which is situated in Sonepat. She is a doing MBBS and wishes to be a gynecologist.

12. Dancer and Poet:

Dancer and Poet

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It seems like it wasn’t enough for her to be a beauty with brains but this girl is also outstanding in dance and poetry. She has also learned Kuchipudi dance from some popular names and also has a blog of her own poetry.

11. Painting Relaxes her:

Painting Relaxes her Manushi Chillar

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Some of her close friends, as well as her family members, have also told across different medias of how Manushi loved to paint while she felt distressed. Not just poetry and dancing but this girl is a painter too. Too much talent in one little cupcake.

10. A Nature Lover:

Manushi Chillar A Nature Lover

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While replying to some questions on Twitter, Manushi was asked about a perfect kind of holiday where she replied that she loves beaches and sunset on marine life.

9. Representations across the World for India:

Manushi Chillar - Representations across the World for India

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Manushi has been an active participant in various cultural festivals either by a college or by India. She has always managed to be on top and always have made her family and country proud.

8. Miss India 2017:

Miss India 2017 Manushi Chhillar

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Manushi always had a dream of winning Miss World Crown and she always wished to make her family proud. As she was close to her family members, she was always encouraged and was always supported by her parents. In 2017, Manushi managed to become Miss India 2017 which was her first step to Miss World crown. Thereafter, we know the story.

7. Miss Adventurer:

Miss Adventurer Manushi Chhillar

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Many of her pals and family friends confirmed that Manushi is a lover of nature as well as adventurous activities like scuba diving, parasailing, bungee jumping etc.

6. Beauty with Purpose:

Beauty with Purpose Manushi Chhillar

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Manushi was also crowned with the title of Beauty with Purpose as she belongs to a state like Haryana which is yet in the back years of society and does not allow women to take an active part in any other professional field. No Doubt it is the reason Haryana is yet a sector facing gender inequality.

5. Activist:

Activist Manushi Chhillar

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Manushi is also an activist who works with the Beauty of Purpose project with the name “Project Shakti” for women dealing with menstrual hazards and problems. She wishes to bring awareness among women of India from different backgrounds where they feel free from the stereotype and hygiene problems that a woman has to face being in India.

4. Actress! Is there something she cannot do?

Actress Manushi Chhillar

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Manushi loves acting. She took various participation in her school plays and dramas. She also participated in National School of Drama during her college days.

3. Topper in English:

Topper in English Manushi Chhillar

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While many are yet deciding which part is real, I am still buzzed about the fact that this girl is a bomb packet that is not just beautiful but loud and free. Manushi topped her CBSE 12th Board exam with 96% in ENGLISH and made her parents proud.

2. Hall of Fame is Hers:

Hall of Fame is Hers Manushi Chhillar

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It’s hard to digest with the facts about this little girl yet it makes everyone extremely astonished to know these facts. Not just all, Manushi is the sixth MISS WORLD who has managed to enter Hall of Fame Records in India.

1. Trained by Neha Dhupia:

Manushi Chhillar Mentor Neha Dhupia

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Manushi was trained for the pageant Miss World 2017 by Neha Dhupia who she believes is her true mentor.


So here are the Top 13 Unknown Facts about Miss World India 2017 Manushi Chillar which made us all gaga over this little princess.

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