Top 20 Best Episodes of Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK)

For a span of almost 3 years; Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) has been the most awaited and loved television show in India. People finally got rid of the melodramatic serials that are shown on the TV and had their share of laughs with their families at the weekends. But there is an old saying that each and every good thing comes to an end and this show sadly could not make an exception. Due to reasons still unknown; it is heard that CNWK (Comedy Nights with Kapil) has reached an end. One thing we know for sure that this sudden ending will create a void in the hearts of the fans and some of them might cry their hearts out for making this show start again.

So here we bring to you 20 of the best episodes that CNWK has gifted us:

20. CNWK with Sonu Nigam

CNWK with Sonu Nigam

If Kapil is the king of comedy there is no doubt that Sonu is not only the owner of most sweet and enchanting voice in the Bollywood. What makes him even more special to the episode is the fact that he also has a great comic timing. His fans know that he not only sings way too perfectly but there is more like mimicry of singers and actors that he does which adds the trait of comedy in his personality. So this was no different; Sonu had a great time on the show and apart from the comedy elements how could we miss hearing his sweet voice for one more time and that too live; there is never enough and you ought to agree with that.

19. CNWK with Virat Kohli

CNWK with Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is presently the most popular sportsman in India. There is something to this young guy other than his sport skills that got him this huge popularity. So when this man came to CNWK; people welcomed him with loud cheers and there was even a moment when on the request of a fan; Virat sang the song of the movie of his lady love and popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Not only did he enjoyed the show; he also confessed that he has a habit of watching even repeat telecast of this show which have once charged him with huge mobile bill while he was on international roaming. It is good to know how it feels like to be a fan like Virat; isn’t it?

18. CNWK with Priyanka, Arjun and Ranveer

CNWK with Priyanka, Arjun and Ranveer

It was before the time when Priyanka had not been an international star through Quantico but still her fan following was enough to attract fans from miles away. Arjun and Ranveer’s bromance was sure a nice thing to watch but the good thing was that the trio showed a chemistry that was sure a clear hint to make the movie worth watch for the fans. The trio came to the show to promote their movie Gunday.

17. CNWK with Pinky Bua’s wedding

CNWK with Pinky Bua’s wedding

We have seen Pinky Bua aka Upasna Singh pounce on male guests like a hungry tigress so it was nice to watch her getting settled for once and all. But alas things could not turn out fine for her. Besides what we loved most in the show was the presence of the very versatile and multitalented Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan. Both of these great actor and actress showed their comic sides on the show and while Farhan has already been known for having a flair for on stage comedy; it was a bit new to see Vidya like this. The 2 were promoting their upcoming movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

16. CNWK with Ranveer and Deepika

CNWK with Ranveer and Deepika

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are known as a hit pair both on and off screen. So when the 2 decided to promote their movie Ramleela on the show and fans had the great time interviewing them and asking questions about their personal and professional lives. Ranveer’s energy on stage was seen here too and he for sure charmed his lady and guy fans.

15. CNWK with Akshay Kumar

CNWK with Akshay Kumar

To be a bit more clear; we are talking about the episode where Akshay appeared on the show for promoting his movie Holiday. Akshay like always was spontaneous and energetic and we all loved it when he taught Flying kick to Palak. Akshay not only showed his funny side but a few minutes later in the show; he got mixed up so well with the cast that it appeared like he was one of the regular cast of the show.

14. CNWK with SRK, Kajol and Varun

CNWK with SRK, Kajol and Varun

The show started with Varun misleading the cast of CNWK and making them all realize that how harsh Kapil has been with them (all scripted of course!); but later one, fans got to see the reunion of the most romantic couple of the Bollywood; Kajol and SRK. But what made the show epic and memorable was the enactment of Sunil Grover of Gerua song which was so good that all the stars and everyone in the crowd were giving a standing ovation for this comedy genius. Varun even called the moment as one of the greatest in the history of television. The star cast was of course promoting Dilwale.

13 CNWK with Salman and Nawajuddin

CNWK with Salman and Nawajuddin

Nawaj is one of the finest actors in the industry and it was no hidden fact even to Salman that even his glamorous and star presence didn’t overshadowed Nawaj’s fan following. The 2 had loads of fun on the set and the moment of watching them both rolling on floor laughing so hard was a great on especially when Dadi of Kapil was on stage. The 2 were promoting their highly successful movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan on the show.

12. CNWK with Govinda

CNWK with Govinda

Now this one was epic; Govinda was on the show to promote his new music album and it was an honor actually witnessing 2 people with great comic sense sharing the stage. The show was so awesome and Kapil even confessed that Govinda has been his role model always and you could tell that at the starting of the show he was even nervous working with Govinda. Whatever he might feel it was really an incredible watching the 2 comedy legends of different eras working at the same time.

11. CNWK with Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani

CNWK with Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani

This one was the best episode on the show for sure. The legend, the millennium star Amitabh Bachchan himself was the guest on the show and Kapil could not ask for anything more as his birthday gift. Kapil (and everyone on the show) was spell bounded and Kapil got so nervous that he even said on the show itself that he didn’t even know what else to speak in front of this megastar. Not only him but Sidhu also shared his first meeting with the legend and told that being nervous in front of such a great personality is nothing but obvious. Amitabh even enjoyed a lot on the show and the way he scared Raju on the show acting like he was pissed off with his comments; was shocking at first but lovely when the truth was revealed. Boman was also accompanying him in the show and the trio were promoting their movie Bhootnath Returns.

10. CNWK with Akshay, Imran and Sonakshi

CNWK with Akshay, Imran and Sonakshi

The title is enough to make you remember that we are talking about the episode in which the trio came to promote their movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara. It will not be wrong that people preferred more to watch the trio in this episode rather going and watching the movie in theaters. But for that the director of the movie are to be blamed; we enjoyed a lot watching the show.

9. CNWK with the Cast of Kill Dil

Govinda, Saif Ali Khan and Kapil shake a leg on Comedy Nights With Kapil

So here is the perfect recipe that one might need to get a nice episode prepared for a great comedy show. The show has all it takes; at first there were 2 legends of comedy on the show sharing stage. Yes Govinda and Kapil and the great similarity that both of them could sing equally great too. Later we had our down to earth and bubbly actress Parineeti Chopra who did a great job livening up the show. The new had 2 handsome hunks one of whom was a great entertainer Ranveer Singh and second a good singer from neighbor country Ali Zafar. The episode surely became a great hit with the fun the 4 actors had on the show.

8. CNWK with Yuvraj Singh & Harbhajan Singh

CNWK with Yuvraaj and Harbhajan

If there is anything that can beat the craze of Bollywood in India; then it is the craze for cricket and cricketers. Fans were too glad when Indian playboy Yuvi and Bhajji were on the show. The fans wanted to know about each and every moment of their lives and it was nice when Yuvraaj shared his great moments in the dressing room with the fans.

7. CNWK with Rekha

CNWK with Rekha

Rekha is known as the evergreen beauty in Bollywood and it was astonishing to see this beautiful woman having a great time on the show. Rekha not only made the host of the show and the other cast feel relaxed while they were nervous working with her; she also replied in a very jolly way to the fans. Rekha was on the show for promoting her movie Supernani and it was nice to see her celebrating her birthday on the set with the cast and the crew of the show. Also the moment was awesome when she sang her famous Holi song “Rang Barse”.

6. CNWK with Ranbir Kapoor

CNWK with Ranbir Kapoor

No we are not talking about the time when Ranbir came for the first time on the show. We are definitely talking about the second time when Ranbir came with the players of the football team that he owns to promote his team in the Hero football league. The episode was epic and we all laughed our asses off when we saw Gutthi holding up a fake baby and telling Ranbir that it was born as a result of the marriage between the 2 of them that they did on the last time Ranbir was on the show. How the players enjoyed the show and the foreign player got acquainted with the environment of India’s great laugh riot show was a nice thing to see.

5. CNWK with the Cast of DDLJ

CNWK with the Cast of DDLJ

A movie has got to be beyond special if it runs for more than 20 years in a theater and that is the charisma of DDLJ. So it was a reunion of the cast on the show and the cast celebrated the running of movie for more than 2 decades in the Maratha Talkies of Mumbai. It was nice seeing Farida Jalal, Mandira Bedi, Anupam Kher and Kajol’s little sister from the movie on the show. Amrish Puri was more than missed on the show and once again it was realized that the acting of this great actor still gets him a place in the hearts of his fans and fellow workers.

4. CNWK with Salman and Sohail

CNWK with Salman and Sohail

Sohail Khan has been the judge on the show Comedy Circus from where Kapil got most of his recognition. So it was nice to see once again watching the two bonding once again with the only difference that this time Kapil was not pulling Sohail’s leg at the show and instead was treating him with utmost respect which was fun to watch too. Salman appeared on the show for the first time and as usual answered questions about his friendship with SRK and some typical questions like that.

3. CNWK with the Team of Happy New Year

CNWK with the Team of Happy New Year

Happy New Year which was directed by Farah Khan was a multistarrer movie that was released on the Diwali of 2014. Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Deepika Padukone, Vivan Shah, Sonu Sood, Farah Khan and SRK himself were on the show. It was a star studded show and the first movie that was promoted on 3 episodes of CNWK. The epic moment of the show was the time when SRK scared Rajeev Thakur and Raju on the show by acting like he didn’t liked their comments. SRK however later hugged both the comedians and also confessed it that he loved watching the show and promoting his movies on the sets of CNWK is the best thing he likes about his movies.

2. CNWK with Yo Yo Honey Singh

CNWK with Yo Yo Honey Singh

Honey Singh is the beloved Indian Rapper whose magic is in the hearts of his young and teenager fans. The show was great and when little kids from the crowd danced on “Chaar Bottle Vodka”; it was a nice moment to watch. Honey’s confidence and attitude with which he appeared on the show was awesome and definitely it was the episode that the “young guns” of India liked the most.

1. CNWK with the Kapil Sharma

CNWK with the Kapil Sharma

Don’t get confused as we are talking about the episode where Kapil promoted his own movie Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. Kapil had loads of fun with his director duo Abbas and Mastan, Dr. Zeus, the very gorgeous Elli, the 3 actresses who played as the 3 wives of Kapil and Arbaaz Khan. Kapil left no stone unturned when it came to the promotion of his own movie but it was rather an emotional moment for him than commercial step as we all know how much he struggled to reach where he is today.

So these were the best episodes of CNWK that people love watching over and over again. Of course there were many other episodes that are favorites of his fans out there but selecting these episodes was also a tedious task since it was the task of selecting a few better ones from the best. With heavy hearts fans might want to bid goodbye to Kapil and his show but the one thing we know for sure that in a world like this where each and every industry is driven by the choice of the user and consumer; TV industry is no exception and we hope pretty soon; the show will be brought back again and if not on Colors but on some other channel but we care only to watch our beloved comedian irrespective of what channel he is having his show on.

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