Top 20 Interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler

Every person on earth who is aware of Hitler’s name and his evil deeds will agree that Adolf Hitler is the most abhorred person in the history of the world. He was the most notorious villain of the Modern History who has bloods of millions of people on his hands. If there were a machine to measure the hatred in the hearts of the people towards this Satan’s incarnate; it would have to update its maximum limit every single passing day for sure.
But as much he was hated; there are a lot of interesting facts about Adolf Hitler that are enlisted by numerous historians.

Adolf Hitler (2nd Aug 1934- 30th April 1945) was a German politician who was born in Australia. Along with being the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945; he was also the leader of the Nazi party and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. He is considered the most evil person in the history of mankind. A satan in the form of human; Hitler had an ego of the size of Mount Everest. Not much of the interesting facts about Adolf Hitler can be found out from his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle); but yet we bring 10 interesting facts about Adolf Hitler that were somehow lesser known about this evil personality.

20. Origin of ‘Hitler’
Hitler Name

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The word “Hitler” has become the synonym of evil and dictator; but this may surprise you that this could not have been the original last name of Adolf. In 1877, Hitler’s father changed his own lat name in 1877. If he would not have; Hitler’s name would have been ‘Adolf Schicklgruber’. Think about the consequences anyone had to face if he would have misspelled or mispronounced his name at that time!

19. Betrayal by Nephew

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Well; it can be a betrayal from the perspective of Hitler but it is quite hard sticking by the side of such an evil. Many say that the reason William Patrick Stuart Houston joined the US Navy was that Hitler bombed his house thus provoking the reaction of William to join US Navy. It has also been found that William was threatening and blackmailing Adolf of selling embarrassing stories about the family if he (Adolf) doesn’t help him by improving his “personal circumstances”. Quite amazing a fact it is about Hitler that even his family was conspiring against him.

18. Spared and Beloved Jews

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Hitler’s hatred towards Jews was well known. But there have been instances when Hitler didn’t show such hatred for them. It may come as a surprise but it is an interesting fact the first love of Hitler’s life was a Jewish girl named Stefanie Rabatsch. There were times when Hitler’s family was xtruggling economically. At that time; a Jewish Austrian doctor who didn’t charge them for treatment; Hitler not only protected him but also called him a “Noble Jew’. His chauffeur Maurice who was later found out to be Jewish was not only spared by Hitler along with his brothers but was also regarded as “Honorary Aryans”.

17. Hitler Ditching Death

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Hitler had a few instances of having brushed with death. The first one was when he was only 4 years old and he was drowning; at that time it was a priest who rescued him. Not just that; but later it was also found that a British soldier spared the life of a wounded German soldier who later turned out to be Hitler. This British soldier was Henry Tandey and he was also thanked by Hitler through Neville Chamberlain later. No hard feelings though for Henry and that priest; they didn’t knew they were rescuing Satan.

16. Disney Fan and Art WannabeDisney Fan and Art WannabeImage Source: artweekenders
One of the facts about Hitler that might suggest a soft spot in his heart (or whatever was pumping red liquid in that Satan!) is that he wanted to be an artist. In fact he applied for the admission in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for 2 times but was rejected both times. His art love can easily be reflected in his confession of being a Disney fan. Just imagine the world it would have been it he would have pursued his career in arts!

15. Ailurophobia and Love for Dogs

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One of the cruelest men in the world whose name terrified men worldwide was himself terrified of cats. He suffered from the fear of cats (Ailurophobia) but on the contrary was very fond of dogs. In fact he was even rumored to be building an army of Dogs who will help him winning the war. That set apart; his own dogs Bella and Blondi were his beloved and the later he killed just before he committed suicide.

14. Fascination to Automobile World

Automobile World Hitler
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One of the lesser known facts about Adolf Hitler is that; the man who wanted to be the sole driver of the world; didn’t even knew how to drive a car. But his fascination for automobile world was quite much. He even wrote a letter to Mercedes dealership while he was in prison in which he almost begged for a car loan. Hitler’s contribution towards the development of Volkswagen car is known to all. Hitler’s only source of inspiration as according to himself was Henry Ford.

13. Anti Smoking and Laws for Animals:

Anti Smoking and Laws for Animals
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This fact about Hitler would be hard to digest that a man with such cruel instincts had a soft corner towards animals. Hitler in his reign had regulated and passed many laws for benefiting the animals in which he advocated that the cruelty against animals should be stopped. Not only had this he also started the very first anti smoking campaign of the history. Yeah it is not the man but their lungs that Hitler cared about!

12. Big Spender

Big Spender
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According to some historians and his biographer Volker Ullrich; Hitler was an out of control spender. He loved spending on luxurious things or opulence (clothes, cars, champagne etc) while on the outside he portrayed himself as “a man of people”. And when he wasn’t stopped from sucking the blood of the people; no wonder he also started sucking their wealth. It is however odd considering that there were not many who liked seeing him let alone in new clothes. He was quite fond of sweets and also used to eat 2 pounds of chocolates daily along with other sweets. We wonder why Diabetes spared him!

11. Never Visiting Concentration Camps

egzekucja na Biskupiej Górce z 1946r. Fot. Muzeum Stutthof, z archiwum Okrêgowej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Gdañsku
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Hitler’s concentration camps can be counted amongst the most evil places in the society. The terror of the concentration camps run by Hitler is unexplainable. The ironic fact about Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps is that he never visited a single concentration camp ever. Reasons are unknown but one thing is sure that he could not have been baffled by his own idea.

10. Insomnia and Flatulence

Insomnia and Flatulence
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They say murders of innocents haunt the murderer. May be that was the reason behind Hitler being Insomniac. Well he might have terrified a lot of people but he was not strong enough to keep diseases at bay. Flatulence was also another disease that troubled Hitler. In fact it became so worse for him to fight it; that he had to take 28 drugs to fight this disease. But that pain was nothing to the excruciating pain that he had given to millions of people.

09. Hans Litten Vendetta

Hans Litten Vendetta
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Hans Litten was a Jewish lawyer and once circumstances turned out in such a way that he put Adolf Hitler who was a rising politician at that time in the Witness Box and cross questioned Hitler for about 3 hours. When Nazis later came to power; Hitler’s hurt ego wanted to hurt Hans in return. And thus Hans was arrested and tortured in captivity for 5 years. After realizing that this brutal torture is endless; Hans committed suicide.

08. D Day

D Day Hitler
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Hitler was a moody person and everyone can vouch with that. He was irrationally cynical and that led to his own loss. Even people working for him were so terrified of him that they didn’t even dared disturb him when D Day forces landed. Hitler was asleep at that time and no one dared waking him. Even his generals didn’t dare to send reinforcements without his permission.

07. Museum of Extinct Race

Museum of Extinct Race
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Hitler was so much adamant on wiping the traces of Jews off the earth; that he decided to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts. The thought of preserving them or any sort of fondness was not in his mind while doing so; but he was rather doing it as he wanted to build a museum with those artifacts naming it “the museum of extinct race”. It is an interesting fact considering that the one who wanted to end the entire Jewish race from earth himself got dead in his attempt of doing so.

06. Replacement of Nobel Prizes

Replacement of Nobel Prizes
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During his reign Hitler was so psyched out to end anything specific other than something started by him that he banned the Nobel Prizes in Germany. In replacement he started German National Prize for Art and Science and one was awarded to Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche was the first in the world to develop a hybrid car and also discovered Volkswagen Beetle.

05. One Testicle Man

One Testicle Man
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There is a saying in English ‘it takes balls to do so’. This saying is often used for any sort of daredevil act done by a person. Balls is a plural as one can see and that is what ironic about Hitler; one of the most notorious man in the history had only one testicle. No matter how much Theodor Morell; Hitler’s personal physician discard and tell it as a rumor; fact is that British Military even had a song on it titled “Hitler has only got one ball”. Well; it is sure that people would like to believe that Hitler suffered from Monorchism (condition of having only one ball).

04. Inventor of Sex Dolls

Whatever you just read is completely true; Hitler basically invented the blow up or the sex dolls. Out of the many character traits of Hitler; we don’t want you to think that he was a nymphomaniac. It is just that at that time disease of Syphilis was prevalent and Hitler feared that his soldiers might catch the disease in case they engage sexually with the French Prostitutes. Whatever the reason might be; it still counts as a mind blowing fact about Adolf Hitler.

03. Incestuous Relation with Niece

Incestuous Relation with Niece
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Like this was the flaw that was remaining to make him 100% evil! Angela Maria “Geli” Raubal who was practically the half niece of Hitler. She was Eldest daughter of Angela Raubal [Hitler’s half sister ] and Leo Raubal Sr. She was quite close to Hitler and lived with her from 1925 t0 1931 until she finally committed suicide . She committed suicide on 18th of September in 1931 in Hitler’s Munich apartment with his gun. Historians that Geli’s death sent Hitler in deep depression due to which he didn’t attend her funeral and visited her grave after 2 years.

02. ‘Feminine’ Hitler

‘Feminine’ Hitler
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British spies took a very strange step; they planned and plotted to feminize Hitler by mixing oestrogen in his food. Since Hitler had food testers as he was scared of getting dead if someone mixes poison in his food; oestrogen was chosen. It was also preferred Facts About Adolf Hitler since it was supposed to act slowly and also was tasteless. The whole plotting was done to make Hitler less aggressive.

01. Man of the Year and Nobel Prize Nominee

Man of the Year and Nobel Prize Nominee
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Yeah you read it right and don’t need to see it again. One of the most interesting facts about Hitler is that he was TIME magazine’s man of the year in 1938. Not only this; he was also nominated by E.G.C. Brandt for Nobel Peace Prize in 1939 where later the whole incident of nominating him was regarded as satire by Brandt. But it was too late and the worst mistake in the history of Nobel Prizes was made.

So these were some of the Interesting facts about Hitler. These are the facts that throw lights on some of the other traits of his personality. Though notorious; Hitler is still one of the most talked about men in the modern history and there are lot of things still now that are unknown to the modern world. ‘Criminal Psychology’ students and historians will definitely dig more about him from time to time.

So these were some more of the interesting facts about Adolf Hitler that came to be known over the years after his death. All these facts don’t collectively make him an interesting person or make any other opinion of his in our mind rather all these were just some of the other traits of his personality and no denying the fact that were interesting to be known about

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