Top 20 Most Common New Year Resolutions

New Year is a time of making some new additions to our lives. I remember a wise man once saying that the day of the New Year (1st January) is like the first page of a blank book of 365 pages. It is beautiful isn’t it? I am sure it simply means that we are supposed to fill up this book with something so meaningful that not only it can be easy to understand for others but it can also inspire others to do something good with their lives. New Year is the time when we have an experience of one more year in our lives.

We know it better than the previous year that what actually is our intention with life and how are we going to accomplish it. A new year is our chance to make ourselves a better person and that too not only in the eyes of others but in the eyes of ourselves too. So let us take a look at the Top 20 most common New Year Resolutions:

20. Losing Weight

Losing Weight

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That is the most common New Year resolution you might hear since we live in a world where most of the people have a tendency of loving their foods. It is okay to eat things you love once in a while (in case you have affection for foods that are non-healthy). But why actually do we need a doctor or someone else to tell us that we must take care of our increasing weight. This is something that I think we can analyze and observe everyday standing in front of mirror. Well this time if you have a resolution like this; I suggest you remember the saying “a moment on lips; forever on hips”.

19. Getting Fit

Getting Fit

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I know this one might sound similar to the one mentioned above; but yeah there is a difference. Often losing weight is the resolution of the people who have tires instead of tummies. But frankly speaking there are other people too who don’t have a fat tummy or a busty butt but still they want to make a physique that might attract the people looking at them. This one is quite common with teenagers, youngsters and also with some other people who might be having a taste of middle age crisis. But don’t mind as these are not the only people who take this as a New Year resolution.

18. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

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This one can be easily estimated taking it into account as to how many people are addicted to it. People are so addicted to smoking that they can’t just leave it even after knowing its consequences. Even after so much is done to aware people in this advanced technical age; people are still finding a stick to smoke in between their fingers every now and then. Well if you can’t just leave it for yourself then better leave it for those who are affected by the smoke you release after having your share of fun.

17. Quit Drinking Booze

time to quit drinking alcohol concept clock on white background with red and black words

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Booze; that may sound glamorous but believe me there is nothing glamorous about the effect that it causes on your lungs. Yeah you might have your reasons to drink it and there are too many of them but are any of them enough to deteriorate an important part of your body. After all it’s your lungs and your body; then why are you waiting for someone else to point out its bad effects on you?

16. Learn Something New

Learn Something New

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We all have things in our mind that we try to postpone and leave it on some other time. The most common excuse is that I will start doing this or that from the next year. It might be anything ranging from learning a new language or from learning something that has troubled you in the past. Like don’t be embarrassed if you have to ask someone to teach you how to drive a car, a bike and even if you have to learn how to change the tire of the car for that matter.

15. Eat Healthier

Eat Healthier

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The irony of the nature is that all the foods that are tasty and delicious are bound to leave a bad impact on health; if taken in excess. And all those who are either bitter or taste like some bad nightmare are supposed to benefit you in some or other way. We know that eating those kinds of foods will make you curse your taste buds but if it would have been that simple than everybody would have done that easily. Don’t be too hard on yourself first try and mix a bit of treat in your healthy foods and as soon as you start liking it; there is no issue then at all.

14. Dieting


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Dieting can be the most difficult thing for some people which make them feel like a failure on a daily basis. Of course it is not an easy thing and not everybody’s cup of tea but if it is giving you any sort of benefit then you know you ought to do it. While eating healthier is eating something after all; dieting in most scenarios is not eating anything at all.

13. Getting Out Of Debt

Getting Out Of Debt

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In the world of credit cards and debit cards we know that it is hard to escape debts. And to top it up there are companies that are making things and items that are usable to you deliver at your doorstep. Now with all these luring activities; we know it is hard to overcome the trap of debts. But even you know that debt is something that makes you stay awake at nights and snatches the peace from your life if it has crossed limits. So be debt free!

12. Save Money

Man planting Euro coins in soil

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Money is definitely accused of not buying you everything but it sure buys you things that matter. So why not put it in your New Year resolutions’ list to save the money that gives you security for your future. With money saved in your account; you know that you are ready for most of the circumstances in the future. And to save the money you can start by taking little steps like turning off electrical appliances when you are not using them, cutting on your internet bills, spending less on clothes etc.

11. Spend More Time with Family

Spend More Time with Family

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In a hectic life that people are living these days; the only thing that can make them realize the true meaning of peace is spending time with their families. But even after knowing so; we indulge in activities that deprive us of this incredible and precious joy. A family is the gift that has been given to us by the almighty and it is our turn now to cherish this gift.

10. I’m done with Her/him

I’m done with Her or him

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This one is specially the New Year resolution of the youngsters and teenagers and is dedicated to all those who have a bitter experience of a relationship with someone. It is hard to get over someone and the hardest part being not to be in touch with the person. And once you start being in touch again; it is the same old cycle where you taste the bitter experience once again, and then comes the resolution that with the beginning of this New Year ‘I am Done with Him/her.’ Relationships are for learning and understanding each other and if even after all your efforts; things are not going your way; it is the best thing to pack it up.

9. Watching Less TV

Watching Less TV

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Television is called an idiot box for a reason and no matter how smart you can make it; it will still be called that. Giving it a place in our houses is different thing but making it an important part of our lives is yet another. Of course the shows that are shown are great but is it necessary to be such a diehard fan of those shows that we can’t pass a single day without them. So this New Year let us skip these endless television serials and get a life of our own in case we are missing on that.

8. I Am Definitely Going To Study More

I Am Definitely Going To Study More

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This particular is actually like a catchphrase for all of the students out there since most of us know how much we study for our exams. And no matter how less the study timing has been in the previous year; we try to make it the maximum in the New Year and now that is a different thing that for most of us this resolution fails even before the completion of the January. It is a good deal if we invest 18 to 20 and get about 40 in return. That is the same with the education; these years that we invest in studies are going to yield us a comfortable and respectable life in the future. So you must better think about it.

7. Getting Organized

Getting Organized

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Ask most of the family members in the home and they would be found throwing wild guesses for the exact location of the most of the small things at home. So New Year is the time that they take a resolution to be organized and start paying attention at home. Being organized simply means that all your thoughts, your room, your cabinets, your bills and almost every single important thing in your life must be found easily in case you need something.

6. Getting New Job

AF6D8H British young graduate getting ready for first day new job and starting career in legal profession London UK

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Are you satisfied with your current job? Ask this question to 10 friends of yours and more than 80% will be giving answer in negation. Youngsters mostly plan on taking a risk and starting to look for a new and better job as a part of their New Year resolution but instead of doing the same; they keep postponing it and there are always reasons responsible for that postponement. But the fact is that it is time you live up to your New Year resolution and get out of your comfort zone. Who knows may be something better is waiting for you at the next turn!

5. Getting Rid Of Old Clothes

Getting Rid Of Old Clothes

Almost every cabinet and cupboard in the world has some unused set of clothes that have not been worn over years. Either they have become tight on us or they have become loose (that might be a good sign for your body btw); or it might be possible that we are not wearing them because that particular set of cloth has gone out of style. But there is no possibility that we are ever going to get rid of that. This New Year resolution becomes futile after you take out those clothes and go in flashback and remember how and where you bought those clothes.

4. To Travel More

To Travel More

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This is a huge world that we live in and this is the line that most of us have read or heard at least once or twice in our lives and thus begins our curiosity to know about places where we have not ever been to. Our almighty has created a beautiful world that even the artists say is a creation that is unparalleled to match even in imagination. So it of course is a good New Year Resolution that we get out of our shells every once in a while and go out to visit places that can bring to us peace of mind and a soothing change.

3. Volunteer


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If we start discussing the differences in the world and the people that live in it; I think the most apt differentiation would be the people who are fortunate and then there are people who are less fortunate. These less fortunate are humans so if we take a New Year resolution to volunteer for work that ultimately heads in the direction of their benefit; I don’t think we should leave this thought hanging in between. We can always donate into charity and help people by giving our time to those who might be benefitted from it emotionally and financially.

2. Don’t Be Addicted To Social Networking

Don’t Be Addicted To Social Networking

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Social networking is a great thing and it actually is a boon when it is used as a means of social welfare. Even when it is used as a medium of connectivity between friends and families that are either hundreds of miles apart or are no longer a part of our lives due to our busy and hectic schedule that we all have to keep. But if we let it interfere to our lives so much that our work, our food habits and even our relationships are affected due to it; then it sure becomes a curse. It will be a good New Year resolution if you can decide a specific time for this social networking “need” of yours and with the passage of time if you can just increase your time away from it.

1. Be Less Stressed

I love Spring

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Now you might think of it as a bit of a selfish New Year resolution but just imagine what use you can be to your friends and family or others if you yourself are too stressed from your life. Take out time to do things that relax you; learn to let go of things that are not important to you and are instead making your mind a container of steam only.

Meditation and yoga are best way to get yourself out of the stress in your life and if there is anything else also that takes the stress away from your life e.g. listening to music (but please don’t think of smoking and drinking as methods of stress busting); go with it. And once you are able to achieve a relaxed life as an outcome of this New Year resolution of yours; you know even your friends and families would be thankful to you for that.

So these were the most common type of the New Year resolutions that people all over the world take on the occasion of the New Year. Now as important it is to take this first step towards this self-improvement in your life; it is also most important that with the passage of time you still keep yourself pushing towards reaching your goals and fulfilling your resolutions.
“Happy New Year again to all our readers!”


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