Top 20 Things that Girls Hate about Guys

Girls and Guys are like the 2 faces of a coin. An essential ingredient of all the stories that are ever made and especially the love stories type. These opposite sexes are made such that there grows an attraction towards each other after a certain age. For a while when we are toddlers doesn’t matter whatever we are boys or girls; other kids whether boys or girls are equally friendly and equally irritating to us. But then suddenly the nature decides that it is the time and the cupid hit us with his arrow and BAM! our world starts revolving around someone special.

Dating; which was only a west’s thing earlier has now become a part of Indian society too. Every guy wants to up his game to impress the girl of his dreams and every girl dreams for a prince charming. But things get a little messy sometimes and people end up with other people that they regret.  Therefore here is a list of top 20 things that girls hate about guys, for this reason guys must avoid these things in front of their girlfriends, so that they don’t end up.

20 Don’t “Like” Other Girls

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This is ambiguous as we are living in a world where virtual reality like social networking is equally important these days just like it is in the real world. Even if you are clever enough and never say to your girl that you like some other girl or any quality of some other girl, make sure that you never even “like” the girl on Facebook. You will not even realize that by pressing the like button on a trendy pic of your female friend will put your ass on fire. Take care of your likes in real and virtual life my friend if you want to keep dating.

19 No Drama on FB or Twitter

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So you are having a rough patch in your relationship and this phase is gonna pass if you two have a strong bond. But never take that out on FB or twitter. The old method that your grandpa used about criticizing her better half (and who knows even if their girlfriends) is best. Don’t still get it? Discuss it with your friend just for the sake of letting it out. And if you have made this mistake then you will be tagged as Drama Queen by your girl as long as you will keep dating.

18 Don’t Give Your Things to Other Girls

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Being soft hearted is a quality that girls like to see in their dates and in the guys that they are dating. But that doesn’t mean that you lend your possessions to some other girl. Suppose it is a snow storm and you just have offered your hoodie to a girl that has forgotten her sweater and is now feeling cold. Well don’t cross that boundary; everything and especially your clothes fall under the category of “all rights reserved” category so don’t even dare doing that. And if you are trying to understand the logic behind it; you may better try to solve the dark matter theory or the string theory and there are better chances you will find answers to them than this one. J

17 Don’t Be Clingy

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So you have to persuade her when she says I am fine but you also have to learn that you don’t get tagged and regarded as a clingy person. So sometimes it is fine if you leave them on their own and if they will need any help they will come to you and make sure you are giving her proper space for her life.

16 Try to Like Her Friends Too

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Your friends are cool as they have done some wild things that even you were a part of and you enjoyed that but that doesn’t mean that girls don’t have their own cool girl friends. Of course, girls don’t have the same definition of crazy as guys and theirs is a lot mild but try being a part of girls’ night out and trying to understand the mindset of other sex too. Of course, you may order your beer at the club when they all order a pink drink but paying attention and at least pretending to pay attention to things that they are talking will be a good thing to do.

15 Liking Her Folks

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So this girl has been dating you for some time now. It is your duty to take efforts to know about her family and where she has been brought up and how was that experience. Girls often like to share their every tiny detail with the guys that they are dating, and you must pay heed to that every tiny detail too coz anytime any question from the quiz may pop up and you will regret not paying attention to her back then. Try to mix with her folks and families in a way that shows her that you like and enjoy doing so and not in a way that shows like you are being tortured.

14 One Word Texts

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So, her question is answered by your one word while you are texting and you think that is fine coz that is how you have always texted. That is where you are wrong; a girl wants undivided attention and texting is no different. You don’t even know but your one word answers are making her think that she is not the only recipient of your attention and that other one in her head is a pretty girl that you are cheating her with. True Story!

13 Revealing Her Secrets

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We all have secrets and it might be something embarrassing or some mistake of ours that we don’t want to come in front of the world but that just doesn’t mean that others will think about that in the same way. So she told you a secret; keep it that way and take it to your grave coz no girl will ever like a guy who will not keep the secret of his girl to himself.

12 Kitchen Belongs to Her

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No way is that Kitchen her responsibility only. You don’t have to be a master chef but at least you have to try. Take a wrecked omelet to you girl in her bed as her breakfast and even if it tastes bad; she will preserve the memory of you doing something like this for girl. And if you excel in this along with your office work; definitely you are the “most wanted munda”.

11 Make Jokes About That Time

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Girls are biologically different than guys and that makes them have some complications every month at a certain day in their biological cycle. But making jokes about that like, “why you are so mad, is it that time of the month” is utterly insulting and you should never ever ever do that to your girl.

10 Making Fun of Their Likings

Making Fun of Their Likings

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So your girl likes to watch Vivah or daily soap operas of Saas Bahu and Nagin genre that makes you puke; so what! You are not wholesome responsible for changing her likes. She is a girl and she is supposed to like chick flicks and you are the one who is supposed to watch high adrenaline movies; but don’t make fun of her for these. It’s a girl’s choice if she reads a cosmo and wears excessive of pink and watches the bad TV, don’t change to your ways.

9 Make Fun of Others

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Girls are more sensitive than guys and that makes them less social awkward. Guys are born and brought up in the company of guys and that makes us willing to make fun of something that we find funny; like a fat guy. Girls don’t like that! Not just that they are sensitive themselves; they normally care for the sentiments of others too.

8 Complementing Curvy Women

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OK! This one is a brainer actually. Girls normally tend to think that the slim is the new sexy and they stick to this rule after so many hardships of dieting and all. So saying this in front of your girl that you like curves in a woman is like slapping her hard work. You can appraise curvy women for being comfortable under their skin and being confident with their curves in this judging world; but not in front of your girl.

7 Over Possessive

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A girl must always have the feeling that there is someone who will always wrong her rights and take her out of the bad situations. But at the same time she is also a confident woman of the modern world and at times can take care of herself. So take care of this thin line and always remember that you give her space rather than suffocating her with your over protectiveness and at the same time being there when she is in the need and don’t worry it will be other way around too.

6 Don’t Pick Up a Fight

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Fights used to resolve the conflicts in the time of a cave man and that was the reason that girls preferred only the muscular guys back then. If that were the case right now; the only chick magnet in the present time will be people like Sunny Deol with “Dhai kilo ka Hath” and charmers like SRK and Ranbir would spend their lives without a girl in it. Time has changed and so must you. If some guy is talking to your date, it doesn’t mean you to get insecure, there is no ring on that finger and she is free to at least talk to anyone. Remember that girls like confident guys.

5 Don’t Stare at Other Women

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The world is beautiful and it is only right to witness as much as you can. But it is not the same when you are dating with someone. If even girl worthy of the title of a beauty pageant passes from your side and you are on a date; try to control your instincts especially your eyes.

4 Not Answering Your Phone

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Remember when times were simple when there were “no last seen at” on WhatsApp. So you have your phone with you and your girl has called but you are not picking it up without any reason. As far as possible answer your calls even if it has to be with “busy right now, will call you later, love you”. Even in your day to day life making sure that you are answering the phone of your acquaintances is only right and that makes you more reliable amongst people.

3 Ignoring Her When With Your Pals

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So you have brought your girl on a chill out time you are having with your friends. There are surely dates of your friends too and of course they will try to bond too; but that doesn’t completely mean that you are completely blowing your girl off. That can be a serious mistake as it is no secret that girls like attentions. A simple wave even when you are talking to your friends and you are good to go.

 2 I’m Fine Signal

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OK so you are even prude to the language of girls. Just not down the most important lesson. Whenever your girl says, “I am fine” and you are having at least one percent doubt that she is upset. Give your attention to her. She is a girl and she will never confine her state of mind to her love in the form of fine; so better luck next time buddy.

1 Forgetting Important Dates

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 No offense but girls never tend to remember dates like national holidays and things that are of historic importance like guys do but they also never forget the dates that are important to you and her. So never ever dare to forget the dates that are important to her as you will never hear the end of it. Be tech savvy and make your gadget remind you of that but don’t let this condition arise as it is a level 3 dangerous condition.

So, these are the things that a guy must never do if he is trying to excel in his dating game and don’t want to fall under the list of the “guys I regretted dating”. Of course, many of the things in the list and things that will happen with your girl while you are dating will confuse you, but it is supposed to happen that way. This rulebook is something you must have by heart in order to be liked by a girl while you are dating her. Yeah, I know and they still say that it is a man’s world.

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