Top 20 Things You Must Do In Goa

Goa is our own beloved bachelor trip destination and also a place where people can go and relax taking a time from their lives. It is the Indian version of LA (Los Angeles); and you can bet if there is ever a Bollywood version of Hangover has to be made; the shooting will be done in Goa. Goa is one of the best holiday destinations in India and not only Indians but even the foreigners are fascinated by its beauty. The beaches, the yachts and the casinos remind you a lot of places that you have either seen in movies or are a part of the lives of the people living in the high societies.

It is not recently that this destination has become popular amongst youths and families and the number of tourists has increased there but it has been the people’s favorite since decades. So here is a list of things you must do once you step in Goa:

20. Paintball in Nuvem, Goa

Paintball in Nuvem, Goa

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This game however is not so popular in India; but metro cities are somehow attracting youths to get involved in this beautiful game. Nuvem is located 24 km away from Vasco Da Gama along NH17 and has a huge paintball arena. The game particularly has special gears and weapons made from which players can enjoy it; a non toxic paint that is used in place of bullet in the guns (of course!). The game can be played between groups and individuals but is rather preferred to be played amongst groups for greater fun. Enjoy the war’s ambience without any harm in this game and you will thank Goa for it.

19. Visiting Spice Plantation

Visiting Spice Plantation

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As is clear from the name; the spice plantations are located in various villages and farms and various kinds of spices are grown there. This would be quite an eye opener experience for you once you witness the aromatic environment of spice plantation. For a reference you can definitely visit Savoi plantation which is situated 25 km from Panaji and is amongst one of the oldest spice plantations in the state. Not just spices but coconut, betel nuts, pineapples and various other fruits are also grown here.

18. Going for Backwater Kayaking

Going for Backwater Kayaking

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We all are very much aware of the fact that Goa is famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful sun sets but you cannot doubt that there is more to it than that. Backwater kayaking for instance is a sport that is becoming rather famous in here. Various rivers like The Mandovi River, The Sal Backwaters, The Zuari River and Nerul River are various places where this sport can be enjoyed. However it is suggested that you are equipped with proper water repellent clothing so that you don’t lose grip on the oars of the kayak and also you can avoid slipping.

17. Bike Riding

Bike Riding

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It is not your holiday destination where you will be taken to a tour with your tour guide rather it is preferable you take a ride of the place with a bike. You can rent a bike easily if you have a driving license and international driving permit in case you are a foreigner. Wearing a helmet is a must and also it is preferred to raise your arm in the direction where you want to turn your vehicle rather than turning on the indicators. The safe driving will give you the best of the experience of this place and you might be tempted to visit this place again and again.

16. Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

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Go caveman style and catch your food yourself; this can be the theme for this activity. Those even remotely familiar with this practice of fishing will understand that though a silent activity; it is the one too that you will enjoy. There are a lot of fishing spots like Terekhol, Cabo de Rama, Madovi and Zuari Rivers etc. There has been however a moment now started that has been carried out to stop the depletion of the natural resources and has limited the fishing activities in the area.

15. Attending Cooking Classes in Siolim

Attending Cooking Classes in Siolim

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If you are even nearby to the term foodie; you would love this one. Goa food is awesome and if you want to not only cherish this taste while you are here but to take the recipes with you; we suggest you take a lesson in Siolim Cooking school which is also a part of the luxurious and famous heritage hotel Siolim House. The recipes taught here is a mix of Portuguese, Arabic and local cuisine and the classes are generally taken at mornings. Some of the famous dishes that are taught here are Chicken Guisado Bangde, Fish Caldinha, Chicken Xacuti, Ambot and many others.

14. Candle Light Dinner on Cruise

Candle Light Dinner on Cruise

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Though people in India prefer going to Goa as singles; but if you are amongst the lucky ones who are on a holiday with your soul mate; we advise you to have dinner at a yacht witnessing a beautiful sunset. Not only this will be a luxurious experience which is not a part of our everyday life; we can bet that this will sweep your love off her feet once you introduce her to this beautiful arrangement.

13. Parasailing


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Ever wondered how beautiful these things would look to the birds who take a view of these beautiful sightings from the sky. The answer lies in Goa; here you can engage in parasailing and get an answer for the above question yourself. So it happens like this; you are harnessed with a chute and with the help of a speedboat; you can enjoy this beautiful place even more. You can bet fortune that this will be a once in a lifetime experience for you and we suggest that the best place to carry on with this adventure is Arambol and Baga Beaches.

12. Dolphin Ride

Dolphin Ride

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Don’t get confused with the name as it is not an animated movie where you will be having the time of your life riding a dolphin like you ride a horse. However this particular thing means that there are beautiful dolphins that you can watch from your cruise ride while they are having fun in the waters. Dolphins are adorable and it would be awesome to watch their fun activities live. And if you are lucky enough; you can get the permission to take a dip in the water and enjoy their activities from a lot nearby considering you have adopted all the safety measures.

11. Snorkeling


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Don’t be disappointed if you are denied for taking a dip with the dolphins as this would cheer you up. If you are at the right time in the Goa (since this activity prevails in Goa for only a few months); you might enjoy Snorkeling. In it; you take a dive in deep sea waters with your face down while you are using a snorkel in the form of a tube for breathing or a diving mask. Once you are mentally prepared you are in for a treat witnessing an overwhelming beauty underwater for at least 3 hours under the guidance of experts. Bogmalo beach at southern coast of the Goa is famous for Snorkeling.

10. Visiting Anjuna Flea Market

Visiting Anjuna Flea Market

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If you are a shopaholic; there is no doubt that you can even consider not visiting this place. From tattoos, jewelry, mobile phones, second hand bikes, clothes, cameras and anything that can be found under the sun; you will find it here. Wednesdays are the most important when the place is lit up and other than things available for shopping; there are centuries old churches and chapels also at Anjuna that attract a lot of tourists.

9. Luxury Yacht Parties

Luxury Yacht Parties

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If you are a party animal and want to experience the parties that will make you forget all your worries; yacht parties are for you. And if you have enough money to spend you can always opt for celebrating the special occasions in your life by renting a yacht and witnessing the charm and beauty of Arabian Sea in your expedition. Renting gives you the authority of stopping it at the places like lighthouses, casino clubs and all. Plus it also gives you a chance to impress people in your social circle with your unique choice as a party venue.

8. Visiting Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda

Visiting Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda

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Goa is not all about making party noises and going to beaches only; consider visiting this conservatory for a change. This conservatory was initially started by a couple after they got worried about the future of this beautiful creature in the state. And the mission to save the beautiful butterflies that was started with 25 species of this beautiful creature has now reached to a whooping 133 species of butterflies. The whole set up has been given the look of a park. The butterflies are thriving here given the optimum temperature and the nature of the soil. If you love the beauty of the nature; this will definitely be a breathtaking experience.

7. Houseboat Tour

Houseboat Tour

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If you are willing to take full advantage of Goa; then you might be probably coming up with the thought of relaxing and may be sleeping on waters. Now yachts are sure one famous way to spend your night on waters but these houseboats are not in any way any less    beautiful. To start with; there are vast rooms, experienced culinary specialists on board with you and magnificent sit outs. Explore the lives of the natives and their relation with water from a closer angle and you will cherish these memories your whole life.

6. Going to the Silent Party

Going to the Silent Party

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Party animals now you needn’t have a conflict with the silent loving people around you; we have found just the solution. This is a recent trend that is catching the attention of more and more party lovers in this party destination; and it includes everyone enjoying music over their headphones. So gone are the days if you target a beautiful girl in party and have a difficulty having discussion with her; here just remove your headphones and you will not even realize you are at a party. The songs are however played by the DJ and the party organizers decide who they want to invite and where to organize the party; but yeah it is a must have experience while you are in Goa. Have a party like this and I am sure “Aunty Police NAHI Bulaegi”J!

5. Quad Biking

Quad Biking

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Boys have a relation with bikes that goes beyond understanding; it is kind of girls with their jewelries and may be more than that. Quad biking is new and is a high adrenaline sport where you will be having a bumpy ride over your quad bikes on the muddy roads where the roars of the engines will give you rushes of energy and finally you will get rid of being a beach bum in this beautiful place.

4. Getting a Massage

Getting a Massage

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You are no superhuman that will only be like party, party and only party! So when the thoughts of relaxing comes to your mind; you know you need a decent massage. The massage facilities here range from massages available right there at your beach chairs and if you are more of an indoor person when it comes to massage; you can have all full fledged Thai and Swedish massages at luxurious spas and hotels in Goa that will end up relaxing each and every muscle in your body.

3. Canyoning


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Now this one is not for all the people out there and is restricted to only some of the hardcore fun loving people who like to put adventures over their comforts and fears. This one is the most adventurous and is for adrenaline junkies out there. This one is a sport where one jumps into the gushing waterfalls and afterwards let himself flow with the currents of the water. This hardcore adventure event takes place in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in Palolem; the southernmost part in Goa. Not any lesser than the tasks given in game shows like Fear Factors etc; this one is only for those who are hardcore adventurers.

2. Dudhsagar and Tambdi Waterfalls

Dudhsagar and Tambdi Waterfalls

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The Tambdi waterfalls are 2 km away from the Tambdi Surla Waterfalls and can only be reached after completing a journey of a long inaccessible road. A guide is a must for this trip and other nearby places include Sunset Point where the view is just awesome. Dudhsagar falls is beautiful and as the name suggests it is like a flow of milk from a height of thousands of meters. These are located on Mandovi River at a height of 10 km upstream from Collem Village. The largest waterfall in Goa and the fifth largest in India; this waterfall is however restricted to access during the monsoons.

1. Goa Carnivals

Goa Carnivals

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Goa is famous for its carnivals. The actual Goa in its prime; this carnival presents that. No doubt that there are thousands of tourists every year just to witness this carnival which represents the reign of King Momo over the state for three consecutive days. The parades which have thousands of locals and tourists in it goes from the towns of Ponda, Vasco, Mapusa and Margao. Carnival time in Goa is no doubt the best time if you have to visit and enjoy Goa to its fullest.

So these were some of the must see places and must do things that you might not miss once you are in Goa. Other important things while you are in Goa include an experience of casinos, visiting various wildlife sanctuaries etc. but for all these things you will require a lot of time. But if you have a limited time in this beautiful state; you might prefer sticking to these points to make most out of your trip.

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