Top 20 Weird Excuse for Skipping Work

There can be many a basis on which the world can be divided and there are so many distinctions that are present in the world that they are more than enough to divide the world in one or other way. And here we are not talking about division in a negative way but yeah there are things that differentiate one type of people from another, one set of things from another and even most closely related people and identical people in the world are different somehow. So not taking a lot of your time we just want to say that when it is work that is considered, there are 2 types of people; first being the bosses and the second being the employees. The work structure is made such that the employees are also provided with occasional holidays with salary. But like everything that is good; holidays also cannot be just enough. So the job listing site CareerBuilder is putting out a list since last 10 years mentioning such excuses. Here we would like to share Top 20 weird excuse that people make for skipping work:

20 Either Vet or Mechanic

cat is stuck inside the dashboard of my car

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Ok this one is hilarious, weird excuse and if something like this happens with a person; even you will find it quite hard for yourself not laughing at him. So this one excuse is somewhat like this, I actually have to get to a vet or a mechanic as my cat is stuck inside the dashboard of my car. And when someone makes an excuse like this in front of you; you just cannot deny the leave to him.

19 More Vitamin D Please

my doctor to have a Vitamin D deficiency and so I am heading now to a beach

Image Source: thenational

Most of the MNCs and large level companies want their employees to enjoy good health. And it is wise too as the men at the senior level understand that the company will yield more profit only in a condition when the people will be giving their best to the company. So, this funny but weird excuse emerged out which is; I have been informed by my doctor to have a Vitamin D deficiency and so I am heading now to a beach. Pills are bad and have side effects; so yeah you go and enjoy the sun at beach!

18 It is Just Embarrassment

Image Source: food52

You definitely feel sympathetic when people in front of you are suffering due to one or another cause. Sometimes when you put your efforts in something and the results don’t come out to be as good as you expected; you know you are embarrassed to admit it in front of other. So here comes the turn for this weird excuse; I decided to cook something for the department potluck and I did, but it turned out to become very bad and I am too embarrassed and that is why I’ll pass on coming. This guy put his efforts in one thing only and we all know what that is!

17 Wives! You Know

My wife put all my underwear in the washer

Image Source: heimhelden

There are many advantages of being married and sharing joys and grieves however being the best to be known, there are other perks of marriage too. Your boss can make you pay for your mistakes but what if the mistake is done by your better half. And thus, the one of the weird excuse emerged which is; My wife put all my underwear in the washer and I don’t want to go commando; hence I cannot come.

16 Eye is Close to Hairs

Image Source: hairfinder

It happens to all of us that even while doing some very normal and regular chores; we tend to hurt ourselves sometimes. Now with some people it happens regularly while some are rather cautious and save themselves from being hurt by their own mistakes. So this weird excuse is as simple and as convincing as it gets; I was combing my hairs and that is when I poked myself in the eye.

15 You cheated but the Office work Suffered

My wife found out that I was cheating on her and so she threw away

Image Source: positivemagicallife

Faith and trust is a necessary thing in relationships and it hurts like hell when one person cheats the other while being in a relationship. Now the reaction of the person being cheated varies from person to person. And to take advantage of this variation; the wired excuse that came out was, My wife found out that I was cheating on her and so she threw away all my stuffs and I’ll need to spend the dumpster diving. Again wives, they are Crazy; right!

14 The Indication of Universe

The Indication of Universe

Image Source: The Master Minds

Paulo Coelho when said in his novel that every single thing that is happening in the world is a result of the controversy of the universe; didn’t even know that people who want to take a day off from their work will also make use of this statement. And thus the wired excuse was made; The Universe has been telling me to take a day off. Now you just cannot be mad at the universe for doing something.

13 Rescuer of Sandwich

broke my arm while

Image Source: bachpeople

Every company loves some brave and multitalented workers and if they are brave too; then it is like an icing on the cake. Each and everything in the universe matters and it matters a lot if you are a reason that something is saved. So the boss didn’t even know whether to be mad or laugh when his employee came with such weird excuse; I broke my arm while I was reaching to grab a falling sandwich.

12 Windows and Doors are Glued

windows and doors of her house are glued

Image Source: blogspot

Glue is a crazy invention and when this thing is used for carrying out a mischievous activity; it sure becomes the most irritating. So this one employee made his boss burst into laughter when he was informed that she cannot come to work as the windows and doors of her house are glued. No comments for this weird excuse!!

11 Ghost Kept Him Up

Ghost Kept Him Up

Image Source: nymag

You don’t mess with the things you don’t understand and that is the right thing to do too. And when people say that there are things in this universe that are far beyond our understanding then we must understand that. But what should a Boss’s reaction be if his employee tells him that he cannot come to work as the ghost in his (employee’s) house kept him awake at night. Scary and weird excuse!! Even the bosses can’t mess with the ghosts.

10 Curse the Plane

Curse the Plane

Image Source: nyoobserver

It is one thing if you are in India and you came to see off a relative or a friend and you were talking to him in the coach and you didn’t even realize that the train has started. But it is completely another thing if you dial your phone to your boss and say the weird excuse; I will not be able to come at work today as I accidentally got on a plane. The most boss can do is warn employee that the next time he commits such a mistake; he better remembers to take a parachute with him, so he can jump off and come to work; the moment he realizes “his accidental boarding to plane”.

9 Microwave is Multifunctional They Say

Microwave is Multifunctional They Say

Image Source: cambridgephd

Microwave often comes with a big manual in which each and everything related to what one must and must not do with it is written. But I am keen to find a microwave in any portion of the world that suggests drying one’s clothes in the microphone. So, you can only imagine the reaction of the boss of this employee who called his boss and said this weird excuse; I caught my uniform on fire by putting it in the microwave to dry. What you could do; at the very first day of training of your employees; you might want to teach them that the uniforms cannot be dried in microwave.

8 Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

Image Source: peakperformancehealth

Everyone is entitled to his own faith and believes. It is not necessary that while you are advocating for one thing; the other one in front of you will also turn out to be a fan of that. So when this one worker wanted to skip work and called his boss and said; I had a gall stone and I wanted it to heal holistically. It is his body dude; you just can’t force him to take a treatment that you think is best for him.

7 Staying at Casino

Staying at Casino

Image Source: abouttimemagazine

At casinos; it is all about luck and feelings. You cannot be too skeptical when it comes to gambling. And there are countries in the world where casinos and gambling are legal. So there are slight chances that in such a country; a person will call his boss and says that he felt that he had to stay at a casino when he was left with the money after a gambling weekend. Weird excuse? Nooo… Like I said earlier; casinos and gambling are all about intuitions and feels; so, if you don’t feel like leaving the casino, don’t. Besides you are left with money and you might think that it is a bad omen to leave the casino with money.

6 False Teeth Flew

False Teeth Flew

Image Source: mirror

If you will imagine this one in your head; you might think of it as an event that is completely symbolical to errors turning into comedy. That is the exact same thing that happened; when an employee said that the reason he can’t come to work with this weird excuse; his false teeth flew out of his car window when he was driving through a highway. If something this weird happens with a person; you ought to allow him a day off.

5 Casserole in oven

Casserole in oven

Image Source: dietitianslife

It looks like either there is too much awareness required regarding the proper use of ovens amongst employees or people just need to improve their skill of making weird excuse. So surprise was this one senior at an office when he was informed by his employee that the reason he can’t come at work is because he just put a casserole in the oven. If you have done something that silly at home; maybe it is good if you take a day off from work.

4 Tweaking for Plastic Surgery

Tweaking for Plastic Surgery

Image Source: thedailybeast

If a surgery is what you are undergoing; you of course have the right to make it sure that everything goes exactly right. So a boss must understand enough if his employee says that the reason he (employee) wants a day off from work is because his plastic surgery needed some “tweaking” to get it just right. And Please don’t take this as a weird excuse, make sure that your employee’s plastic surgery has gone quite right otherwise it might turn out to be a scary thing for you guys in the office!

3 Grandma poisoned me

Grandma poisoned me

Image Source: TheCampingRusher – Rocket League & Minecraft

Old people are often considered to be most naïve and clean hearted people in the world. Anything stupid or any mistake done by them and even the people will not mind since it is the impact and the effect of the age that is making things go against them in form of their mistakes. So this might be the thought that had come in the mind of this one employee who thought of this unique but weird excuse for skipping work by saying that, my grandmother poisoned me with ham.

2 Straight in your face

Straight in your face

Image Source: thejerbeana

90% of the employees around the world would have thought for once in their lives that the place that where they work is a sucky one and they don’t want to work there. But not even 9% would have had the courage to let this thing out in a blunt way. So it was surprising for a senior at work when his employee called to skip a day at work and when asked for the reason; her weird excuse was that she had woken up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it. That is pretty bold huh.

1 Feet and legs fell asleep

my legs and feet fell asleep

Image Source: justthewayout

It has happened to many of us that if we spend a lot of our time in bathroom thinking over the commode; our legs fall asleep. It is quite a common phenomenon. Of course, that is the time when the Eureka moment came in the mind of this one employee who called his office to skip a day at work by saying, I was sitting in the bathroom and my legs and feet fell asleep. When I stood up I fell and broke my ankle. That might be an honest confession but it sure is a weird excuse to skip office.

So these were some of the few weird excuse that people make for skipping work. Of course there is nothing wrong with the classic and the good old I’m too sick to come at work or there have been some personal issues making me skip work but every now and then someone has to come up with something new and may be that was the task that these people were performing. But jokes apart; working without making an excuse, is not only good for the company but for you too, so try to avoid such weird excuse.

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